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Muling, in sober mond, of time and life, With heaven-born beauty. O'er her ample breat, That fly with unrcturning wing away

O’er sea and shore, light fancy speeds along, To that dark world, untravell'd and unknown, Quick as the darted beam, from pole to pole, Eternity! through desert ways I walk;

Excursive traveller. Now beneath the north, Or to the cypress-grove, at twilight fhun'd Alone with winter in his inmott realm, By pafling swains. The chill breeze murmurs low, Region of horrors ! Here, amid the roar And the boughs ruffle round me where I stand, Of winds and waves, the drifted turbulence With fancy all-arous’d.-Far on the left,

Of hail-mix'd snows, resides th' ungenial power, Shoots up a shapeless rock of dusky height, For ever silent, shivering, and forlorn! The raven's haunt: and down its woody steep From Zembla's cliffs on to the straits furmis'd A dashing flood in headlong torrent huris Of Anian eastward, where both worlds oppose His founding waters; white on every cliff Their fhores contiguous, lies the polar sea, Hangs the light foam, and sparkles through the One glittering waite of ice, and on the morn

Behind me rises huge a reverend pile [gloom. Cafts cold a cheerless light. Lo, hills of snow, Sole on his blasted heath, a place of tombs, Hill behind hill, and Alp on Alp afcend, Waite, desolate, where ruin dreary dwells. Pil'd up from eldest age, and to the fun Brooding o'er fightless skulls, and crumbling Impenetrable; rising from afar bones,

In misty prospect dim, as if on air Ghaftful he fits, and eyes with stedfast glare. Each floating bill, an azure range of clouds. (Sad trophies of his power, where ivy twines Yet here, ev'n here, in this disastrous clime, Its fatal green around) the falling roof,

Horrid and harbourless, where all life dies, The time-Shook arch, the column gray with moss, Adventurous mortals, urg'd by thirst of gain, The leaning wall, the sculptur'd fone defac'd, Through floating illes of ice, and fighting storm, Whole monumental flattery, mix'd with dust, Roam the wild waves, in search of doub:ful for. Now hides the name it vainly meant to raise. By west or east; a path yet unexplor'd. All is dread filence here, and undisturb’d,

Hence eastward to the Tartar's cruel coal, Save what the wind sighs, and the wailing owl By utmost ocean wash'd, on whofe laft wave Screams folitary to the mournful moon,

The blue sky leans her breast, diffus'd immenke Glimmering her western ray through yonder ifle, in solitary length the desert lies, Where the lad spirit walks with shadowy foot Where desolation keeps his empty court. His wonted round, or lingers o'er his grave. No bloom of spring, o'er all the thirsty vast, |

Hail, midnight-hades ! hail, venerable dome! Nor spiry grass is found; but fands instead By age more venerable; sacred sbore,

In steril hills, and rough rocks riting gray. Beyond time's troubled sea, where never wave, A land of fears! where visionary forms, Where never wind of paflion, or of guilt, of griefly fpe&tres, from air, flood, and fire...] of suffering or of sorrow, shall invade

Swarm and before them speechless horror talk

: ! The calm found night of those who ret below. Here, night by night, beneath the Starless duk,

The weary are at peace: the small and great,
Life's voyage ended, meet and mingle here. Their

Sabbath hold, and potent fpells compose,
Here sleeps the prisoner safe, nor feels his chain, Spoils of the violated grave: and now,
Nor hears th' oppreflor's voice: The poor and old, Late, at the hour that severs night from morn,
With all the sons of mourning, fearless now When sleep has filenc'd every thought of man,
Of want or woe, find analarm'd repose.

They to their revels fall, infernal throng! Proud greatness, too, the tyranny of power, And as they mix in circling dance, or turn The grace of beauty, and the force of youth, To the four winds of heavens with haggard gaze; And name and place, are here--for ever lost! Shot streaming from the bosom of the north,

But,' at near distance, on the mouldering wall Opening the hollow gloom, red meteors blaze, Behold a monument, with emblem grac'd, To lend them light, and diftant thunders roll, And fair inscription: where with head declin'd, Heard in low murniurs through the lowering fikri And folded açms, the virtues weeping round From these fad scenes, the waste abodes of death, Lean o'er a beauteous youth who dies below. With devions wing, to fairer climes remote Thyrfis'tis he! the wifest and the best! Southward I ffray; where Caucasus in view, Lamented shade! whom every gift of heaven Bulwark of nations, in broad eminence Profusely blett: all learning was his own. Upheaves from realm to realm a hundred hills, Pleasing his speech, by nature taught to flow, On from the Caspian to the Euxine stretch'd, Persuafive sense and trong, sincere and clear.' Pale.glittering with eternal (nows to heaven. His manners grcatly plain ; a noble grace, From this chill steep, which midnight's highe Self-taught, beyond the reach of mimic art,

shades Adorn'd him: his calm temper winning mild; Scarce climb to darken, rongh with muruum Nor pity softer, nor was truth more bright. Imagination travels with quick eye Constant in doing well, he neither fought Unbounded o'er the globe, and wondering views Nor funn'd applause. No bashful merit figh'd Her rolling seas and intermingled illes ; Near him neglected: fympathizing he

Her mighty continents out-stretch'd inimense, Wip'd off the tear from forrow's clouded eye Where Europe, Asia, Afric, of old fane, With kindly hand, and taught her heart to smile. Their regions numberless extend: and where

'Tis morning: and the fun, his welcome light, To farthest point of west, Columbus late, Swift, from beyond dark ocean's orient stream, Through untry'd oceans borne to shores unknown, Cafts through the air, renewing naure's face Moor'd his fira keel adventurous, and beheld


A new, a fair, a fertile world arise!

Screaming, whole crowds of every age and rank, But nearer scenes of happy rural view,

With hands to heaven rais'd high imploring aid, Green dale, and level down, and bloomy hill, Prone to th' abyss descend; and o'er their heads The Muse's walk, on which the sun's bright eye Earth shuts her ponderous jaws. Part lost in night Propitious looks, invite her willing step.

Return no more: part on the wafting wave, Here fee, around me smiling, myrtle groves, Borne thiough the darkness of th' infernal world, And mountains crown'd with aromatic woods Far distant rile, energing with the flood; Of vegetable gold, with vales amidit,

Pale as ascending gholts cast

back to day, Lavish of flowers and fragrance; where sóft A lauddering band! Difraction in each eye Lord of the year, indulges to each field [fpring, Stares wildly motionless: they pant, they catch The fanning breeze, live spring, and feltering A gulp of air, and grasp with dying aim grove.

The wreck that drives along, to gain from fate, In these blest plains, a spacious city spreads

Short interval! a moment's doubtful life. Its round extent magnificent, and seems

For now earth's solid sphere asunder rent The seat of empire. Dazzling in the sky, With final dissolution, the huge mass With far-seen blaze her towery structures ihine, Fails undermin'd-down, down th' extensive feat Ilaborate works of art! each opening gate Of this fair city, down her buildings sink! Sends forth its thousands : peace and plenty Sinks the full pride her ample walls enclos'd, Environ her. In cach frequented school (round In one wild havoc crafh'd, with burst beyond Learning exalts his head: and commerce pours Heaven's loudest thunder! Uproar unconceiv'd! Into her arms a thousand foreign realms. Image of nature's general frame destroy'd! How fair and fortunate! how worthy all

How greatly terrible, how dark and deep Of lasting bliss secure! Yet all must fail, [found. The purposes of Heaven! At once o'erthrown, O'erturn'd and lot-nor shall their place be White age and youth, the guilty and the juft, A sullen calm unusual, dark and dead,

O, seemingly levere! promiscuous fall. Arises inauspicious o'er the heavens.

Reason, whose daring eye in vain explores The beamless sun looks wan; a fighing cold The fearful providence, confus'd, subdu'd Winters the shadowed air ; the birds on high, To silence and amazement, with due praise Shrieking, give sign of fearful change at hand: Acknowledges th’ Almighty, and adores And now, within the bofom of the globe, His will unerring, wisest, justest, best! Where sulphur lor'd, and nitre peaceful slept, The country mourns around with alter'd look. For ages, in their subterranean bed, (streams, Fields, where but late the many-colour'd spring Ferments th' approaching tempeft. Vapoury Sat gaily drest, amid the vernal breath Inflammable, perhaps by winds sublim'd, Of roses, and the song of nightingales, Their deadly breath apply. Th' cnkindled mass, Soft-warbled, filent languish now and die. Mine fir’d by mine in train, with boundless rage, Rivers inzulf'd their ample channels leave With horror unconceiv'd, disploded bursts A sandy tract; and goodly mountains, hurl'd Its central prison-Shook from shore to fhore, In whirlwind from their leat, obstruct the plain Reels the broad continent with all its load, With rough encumbrance; or through depths of Hills, forests, cities. The lone defert quakes : Her savage fons howl to the thunder's groan, Fall ruinous, with all their woods immers'd. And lightning's ruddy glare: while from beneath, Sulphureous damps of dark and deadly power, Deaf diftant roarings, through the wide profound, Steam'd from th' abyss, fly secret over-head, Rueful are heard, as when despair complains. Wounding the healthful air; whence foul disease,

Gather'd in air, o'er that proud capital, Murrain and rot, in tainted herds and flocks:
Frowns an involving cloud of gloomy depth, In man sore sickness, and the lamp of life
Casting dun night and terror o'er the heads Dimm'd and diminish'd; or more fatal ill
Of her inhabitants. Aghast they stand,

Of mind, unsettling reason overturn'd.
Sad-gazing on the mournful skies around; Here into madness work’d, and boiling o'er
A moment's dreadful silence! Then loud screams Outrageous fancies, like the troubled sea
And eager fupplications rend the skies.

Foaming out mud and filth: here downward funk
Lo, crowds on crowds, in hurry'd stream along, To foliy, and in idly musing wrapt;
From Itreet to street, from gate to gate rollid on, Now chasing with fond aim the flying cloud:
'I his, that way burst in waves, by horror wing'd Now numbering up the drops of falling rain.
To distant hill or cave: while half the globe, A while the fiery spirit in its cell
Her frame convulsive rocking to and fro,

Insidious flumbers, till some chance unknown, Trembles with second agony. Upheav'd Perhaps some rocky fragment from the roof In surges, her vext surface rolls a lea.

Detach'd, and rollid with rough collusion down Ruin ensues: towers, temples, palaces,

Its echoing vault, frikes out the fatal spark F!vag from their deep foundations, roof on roof That blows it into rage. Shakes earth again, Crush'd horrible, and pile on pile o’erturn'd, Wide through her entrails torn. To all sides Fall total-In that universal groan,

flash'd, Sounding to heaven, expir'd a thousand lives, The flames bear downward on the central deep, O'erwhelm'd at once, one undistinguish'd wreck! Imineasurable fource, whencé oceau fills (globe,

Sighe full of fate! up from the centre torn, His numerous seas, and pours them round the 'The ground yawns horrible a hundred mouths, The liquid orb, through all its dark expanse, Flafuing pale filame down through the gulfs in dire commotion boils; and bursting way profound,

Up through th' unfounded bottoms of the main.'


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Where never tempeít rufied, lifts the deeps, Of winds and seas; or engines big with death,
At once, in billowy mountains to the sky, That, planted by the wonderous hand of war
With raving violence. And now their shores, To shake the round of some proud capital,
Rebellowing to the surge, they swallow fierce, Al once disploded, in one buriting peal
O'erswelling mound and cliff: now swift and Their mortul thunders mix. Along the sky,

From east to south, a ruddy hill of Imoke
With refluent wave retreating, leave the beach Extends its ridge, with dismal light infiam'd.
A naked waste of sands---Meantime, behold! Meanwhile, the fluid lake that works below,

Yon neighbouring mountain riling bleak and Bitumen, sulphur, salt, and iron-fcum,
Its double top in fteril afhes hid, [bare, Heaves up its boiling tide. The labouring moun:
But green around its base with oil and wine, Is torn with agonizing thro-s-at once,
Gives sign of storm and desolation near :

Forth from its fide di parted, blazing pours
Storehouse of fate! from whose infernal womb, A mighty river, burning in prone waves,
With fiery minerals and metallic ore

That glimmer through the night, to yonder plais

Pernicious fraught, ascends eternal fioke : Divided theri, a hundred torrent-streams,
Now wavering loose in air; now borne on high, Each ploughing up its bed, roll dreadful on,
A dusky column heightening to the fun!

Refifless. Villages, and woods, and rocks,
Imagnation's eye looks down dismay'd

Fall flat before their sweep. The region round,
The steepy gulf, palc-flaming and profourd, Where myrtle walks and groves of golden fruit
With hourly tumult vext, but now incens'd Rose fair, where harvest wav'd in all its pride,
To sevenfold fury. First, discordant sounds, And where the vineyard spread her purple store,
As of a clamouring multitude enrag'd,

Maturing into Nectar, now despoild
The dash of floods and hollow howl of winds Of herb, leaf, fruit, and flower, from end to end
Through wintery woods or cavern'd ruins heard, Lies buried under fire, a glowing sta!
Rise from the distant depth where uproar reigns. Thus roaming with adventurous wing ta
Anon, with black eruption, from its jaws,

A night of smoke, thick-driving, wave on wave, Froni scene to scene excursive, I behold
In stormy fow, and cloud involving cloud, In all her workings, beauteous, great, or new,
Rolls surging forth, extinguithing the day; Fair nature, and in all with wonder trace
With vollied sparkles mix'd, and whirling drifts The sovereign Maker, first, fupreme, and beft

, Of stones and cinders rattling up the air.

Who actuates the whole : at whose command,
Inilant, in one broad burst, a stream of fire, Obedient fire a flood tremendous rise,
Red-issuing, floods the hemisphere around. His ministers of vengeance, to reprove,
Nor pause, nor reft; again the mountain groans. And scourge the nations. Holy are his ways,
Amazing, from its innost cavern shook:

His works unnumber'd, and to all proclaim
Again, with loudening rage, intensely fierce, Unfathom'd wisdom, goodness unconfin'd.
Disgorges pyramids of quivering flame,
Spire after spire enormous, and torn rocks,

Flung out in thundering ruins to the sky.
But see, in second rangs, the roaring hill

ENDLESS the wonders of creating power,
From forth its depth a cloudy pillar shoots, On earth, but chief on high through heaven dil-
Gradual and vast, in one ascending trunk

Of lingih immense, heav'd by the force of fire, There ihines the full magnificence unveil'd
On its own base direct, aloft in air,

Of majcity divine : resuigen: there
Beyond the soaring eagle's sunward fight. Ten thousand suns blaze forth, with cach lis
Still as it swells, through all the dark extent,

With wonder seen! ten thoufand lightnings play of worlds dependent, all beneath the eye
In falh'd vibrations; and from height to height And equal rule of one eternal Lord.
Inceffant thunders roar. No longer now

To those bright climes, awakening all her powers,
Protruded by the explosive breath bclow, And spreading her unbounded wing, the use
At once the shadow funimit breaks away

Afcending foars on, through the fluid space,
To all sides round, in biliows broad and black, The buoyant atmosphere; whose vivid breath,
As of a turbid ocean stirr'd by winds,

Soul of all sublunary life, pervades
A vapory deluge hiding earin and heaven, The realms of nature, to her inmost depths

Thus all day long: and now the beamless sun Diffus'd with quickening energy. Now still,
Sets as in blood. A dreadful pause cafues; From pole to pole th' aerial ocean sleeps
Deceitful calm, portending fiercer form. One limpid vacancy: now rous'd to rage
Sad-night at once, with all her deep-dy'd shades, By blustering meteors, wind, hail, rain, or cloud
Falls back and bourdless o'er the scene. Suspense With thunderous fury charg'd, its billows rise,
And terror rule the hour. Behold, from far, And shake the nether orb. Still as I mount,
Imploring heaven with supplicating hands A path the vulture's eye hath not obfervid,
And itreaming, eyes, in niute amazement fx'd, Nor foot of eagle trod, th' ethereal sphere
Yon peopled city stands; each fadden'd face Receding sies arpicach ; its circling arch
Turn'd toward the hill of fears: and hark! once Alike reinote, translucent, and ferene.

Glorious expansion! by th' Almighty spread,
The rising tempest hakes its founding vaults, Whofe limits who hath feen! or who with him
Noir faint in dinant murmurs, now more rear Hath walk'd the fun-pav'd circuit from old time;
Rebounding horrible, with all the tour

Aud visited the loft of heaven around!

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Chaming a bortcw'd light, whence how small That leads on dawning dảy to yonder world, The speck of earth, and dim air circumfus'd ! The seat of man hung in the heavens remote; Mutable region, vext with hourly change. Whose northern hemisphere, descending, sees But here, unruffled calm her even reign

The sun arise; as through the zodiac rollid, Maintains external: here the lord of day, Full in the middle path oblique the winds The neighbouring sun, ihines out in all its strength, Her annual orb : and by her lide the moon, Noon without night. Attracted by his beam, Companion of her flight, whose solemn beams, I thither bend my flight, tracing the fource Nocturnal, to her darken’d globe supply Where morning springs; whence her innume- A fofter day-light; whole attractive power rous streams

Swells all her seas and oceans into tides, Flow lucid forth, and roll through trackless ways From the mid-deeps o'erflowing to th-ir fhores. pike Their white waves o'er the sky. The fountain-orb, Beyond the sphere of Mars, in distant ikies, Dilating as I rise, beyond the ken

Revolves the mighty magnitude of jove, Of mortal eye, to which earth, ocean, air, With kingly ilate, the rival of the fun. Are but a central point, expands immense, About him round, four planetary moons, A Moreless fea of ductuating fire,

On earth with wonder all night long beheld, des That deluges all ether with its tide.

Moon above moon, his fair attendants, dance, What power is that, which to its circle bounds These, in ch' horizon, flow-afcending climb The violence of flame! in rapid whirls

The steep of heaven, and mingling in soft flow Confitting, floods with floods, as if to leave Their silver radiance, brigh: en as they rise. Their place, and, bursting, overwhelm the world! Those opposite roll downward from their noon Motion incredible! to which the ra e

To where the shade of Jove, outstretch'd in length Oi océans, when whole winter blows at once A dusky cone immense, darkens the sky In hurricane, is peace. But who fall tell Through many a region To these bounds arriv'd; That radiance beyond measure, on the sun A gradual pale crceps dim siz each fad orb, Pour'd out transcendant! those keen-fialhing rays Fading their luftre; till they link involv'd Thrown round his state, and to yon worlds afar In total night, and disappear reli, d. Supplying days, and seasons, life and joy! By this, the lage, who, itu dious of the skies; Such virtue he, the majeliy of heaven,

Hecdful explores these late-discover'd worlds, Brightness original, all-bounteous king,

By this obferv'd the rapid progress finds Hath to his creature lent, and crown'd his sphere of light itself: how swift the headlong ray With matchless glory Yet not all alike

Shoots from the sun's height through unbounded Resplendent : in these liquid regions pure,

fpace, Thick mists, condensing, darken into spots, At once enlightening air, and earth, and heaven. And dim the day. Whence that malignant light, Laft, outmost Saturn waiks his frontier-round, When Cæfar bled, which sadden'd all the year The boundary of worlds; with his pale moons, With long eclipse. Some at the centre rise Faint-glimmering through the darkness night has In shady circles, like the moon beheld

thrown, From earth, when she her unenlighten'd face Deep-dy'd and dead, o'er this chill globe forlorn : Turns thitherward opaque : a space they brood An endless defert, where extreme of cold In congregated clouds; then breaking float Eternal fits, as in his native feat, To all sides round. Dilated Tome and dense, On wintry hills of never-thawing ice ! Broad as earth's surface cach, by flow degrees Such Saturn's earth; and yet ev'n here the sight, Spread from the confines of the light along, Amid theke dolcful feenes, new matrer finds Ufurping half the sphere, and swim obscure Of wonder and delignt! a mighty ring, On to its adverse coaft; till there they set, On each side rising from th' horizon's verge Or vanish scatter'd: measuring thus the time, Self-pois'd in air, with its brighe circle round That round its axle whirls the radiant orb. Encompasseth his orb. As night comes on, Faireit of beings! first-created light!

Saturn's broad fhade, cast on its eastern arch, Prime cause of beauty! for from thee alone, Climbs fowly to its height: and at th' approach The sparkling gem, the vegetable race, (charms, Of morn returning, with like ftcalthy pace The nobler worlds that live and breathe, their Draws westward off; till through the lucid rourid, The lovely hues pecular to each tribe,

In diltant view th' illumin'd skies are seen. From thy unfailing source of splendour draw! Beauteous appearance ! by th' Almighty's hand In thy pure shine, with transport 1 survey

Peculiar fafion'd.Trine these roble works, This firmament, and these her rolling worlds, Great, universal ruler! earth and heaven Their maynitudes, and motions: those how vast ! Are thine, spontaneous offspring of thy will, Flow rapid these! with swiftness unconceiv'd, Seen with transcendent ravilhnient sublime, From west to east in folemn pomp, revolv'd, That lifts the soul to thee! a hely joy, Uberring, undisturb’d; the fun's bright train, By reafon prompted and by re:fon swellid Progressive through the sky's light fluent borne Beyond all height--for thou art infinite! Around their centre, Mercury the firit, Thy virtual energy the frame of things Near bordering on the day, with speedy wheel Pervading actuates: as at first thy hand Flies swifteft on, inflaming where he comes, Diffus’d through endless space this limpid sky, With fevenfold fplendour, all his azure road. Vart ocean without form, where there huge Next Venus to the westward of the fun,

globes Full orbid her face, a golden plain of light, Sail undilurb d, a rounding voyage cach; Circles her larger round. Fair morning-star! Observant all of one unchanging law.

Simplicity divine ! by this sole rule,

Are almost lost to thought. The sun himself, The Maker's great establishment, these worlds Ocean of flame, but twinkles from afar, Revolve harmonious, world attracting world A glimmering ftar amid the train of night! With rutual love, and to their central fun While in thele deep abyfles of the sky, All gravitating : now with quicken'd pace Spaces incomprehensible, new suns, Descending tow'rd the primal orb, and now Crown'd with unborrow'd beams, illustrious shine; Receding slow, excursive from his bounds.

Arcturus here, and here the Pleiades, This spring of motion, this hid power infus'd Amid the northern hoft: nor with less ftate, Through universal nature, first was known At fumless distance, huge Orion's orbs, To thee, great Newton! Britain's jufteft pride, Each in his sphere refulgent, and the noon The boast of human race; whose towering of Syrius, burning through the south of heaven. thought,

Myriads beyond, with blended rays, inflame In her amazing progress unconfin'd,

The milky way, whose stream of vivid light, From truth to truth ascending, gain'd the height Pour'd from innumerable fountains round, Of science, whither mankind from afar:

Flows trembling, wave on wave, from sun to fun, Gaze up astonish'd. Now beyond that height, And whitens the long path to heaven's estreme: By death from frail mortality let free,

Distinguish'd tract! But as with upward flight, A pure intelligence, he wings his way

Soaring, I gain th' immenfurable steep, Through wondrousscenes, new-open'd in the world Contiguous stars, in bright profusion sown Invisible, amid the general quire

Through these wide fields, all broaden ipto suns, Of saints and angels, rapt with joy divine, Amazing, sever'd each by gulfs of air, Which fills, o'erflows, and ravithes the foul !

In circuit ample as the folar heavens. His mind's clear vision from all darkness purg'd, From this dread eminence, where endless day, For God himself thines forth immediate there, Day without cloud abides, alone and fill'd Through those eternal climes, the frame of things, with holy horror, trenbling I survey In its ideal harmony, to him

Now downward througb the universal sphere Stands all reveal'd....

Already past; now up to the heights untry'd, But how fall mortal wing And of th' enlarging prospect find no bound! Attempt this blue profundity of heaven,

About me on cach hand new wonders rise Unfathomable, endless of extent!

In long succesion; here pare scenes of light, Where unknown suns to unknown systems rise, Dazzling the view; here nameless worlds afar, Whole numbers who shall tell? stupenduous host : Yet undiscover'd : there a dying sun, Io flaming millions through the vacant hung, Grown dim with age, whose orb of flame extinct, Sun beyond sun, and world to world upseen, Incredible to tell thick, vapoury milts, Measureless distance, unconceiv'd by thought! From every More exhaling, mix obscure Awful their order; each the central fire

Innumerable clouds, dispreading Now, Of his surrounding stars, whose whirling speed, And deepening. Thade on Thade; till the fair: Solemn and silent, through the pathless void,

globe, Nor change, nor error knows. But, their ways, Mournful of aspect, calls in all his beams. By reason, bold adventurer, unexplord,

Millions of lives, that live but in his light, Instructed can declare! What search shall find With horror fee, from diftant spheres around, Their times and seasons ! their appointed laws, The source of day expire, and all his worlds Peculiar! their inhabitants of life,

At once involv'd in everlasting night! And of intelligence, from scale to scale

Such this dread revolution : heaven itself, Harmonious rising and in fix'd degree;

Subject to change, to feels the waste of years. Numberless orders, each resembling each,

So this cerulian round, the work divine Yet all diverse!...Tremendous depth and height Of God's own hand, shall fade; and empty night Of wisdom and of power, that this great whole Reign solitary, where these stars now roll Fram'd inexpressible, and fill preserves,

From west to eart their periods : where the traia An infinite of wonders !..-Thou, supreme,

Of comets wander their eccentric ways, First, Independent Cause, whose presence fills With infinite excursion, through th' immense Nature's vaft circle, and whose pleasure moves, Of ether, traversing from iky to lky Father of human kind! the Muse's wing

Ten thousand regions in their winding road, Sultaining guide, while to the heights of heaven, Whose length tu trace imagination fails ! Roaming th' interminable valt of space,

Various their paths; without resistance all She rises, tracing thy almighty hand

Through these free spaces borne: of various face; In its dread operations. Where is now

Enkindled this with beams of angry light, The seat of mankind, earth? where her great scenes Shot circling from its orb in sanguine thowers: Of wars and triumphs? empires fam'd of old, That, through the Thade of night, projecting huge, Allyrian, Roman? or of later name,

In horrid trail, a spire of dusky flame, Peruvian, Mexican, in that new world,

Embody'd mists and vapours, whose fir'd mass Beyond the wide Atlantic, late disclos'd ? Keen vibrates, streaming a red length of air. Where is their place ---Let proud Ambition pause, While distant orbs with wonder and amaze, And ficken at the vanity that prompts

Mark its approach, and night by night alarm d His little deeds---With earth, those nearer orbs, Its dreaded progress watch, as of a toe Surrounding planets, late so glorious seen, Whose march is ever fatal; in whose train And gach a world, are now for fight too small; Famine, and war, and desolating plague,

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