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Anti-Slavery Convention, The..

Starr Cadwallader, '93, 250
Armada, The Spanish

Frederick Perkins, '89,
Blessings of an Untimely Death, The...

Walstein Root, '90, 336
Bible and the Testimony of the Monuments, The -- Frederick Perkins, '89. 95
Campus, The....

-J. M. C., '92, 325
Clytemnestra of Aeschylus and the Lady Macbeth
of Shakspeare, The

D. DeW. Smyth, '90, 85
College Education for the Man of Business, A William M. Collier, '89, 53
College Sports, ..

Prof. A. S. Hoyt, '72, 179
Colonial Scenes, Longfellow and Hawthorne,
in their Use of....

Carl H. Dudley, '92, 283
Cooper and Parkman, The N. A. Indian in the
Works of....

.A. E. Stuart, '91, 207
Creeds, The Future of the.

- Jos. D. Ibbotson, '90, 249
Clark Prize Oration, Successful,

Frederick Perkins, '89,
Clark Prize Oration, -

Charles W. E, Chapin, '89, 57
Daniel Defoe and Robert Louis Stevenson, Geo. H. Harkness, '91, 169
Daniel Defoe and Robert Louis Stevenson, Sam. H. Adams, '91, 133
Democratic Movement, The......

L. A. Groat, '90, 260
Divorce Detrimental to Good Morals ? Is.-Affirm., Philip M. Ward, '91,

Neg., --- Albert E. Stuart, '91, 216
Does the Present Government of France Give Promise of
Stability ?

Affirm., Lincoln A. Groat, '90, 5

Neg.,.-- Charles 0. Gray, '90, 8
Education for the Man of Business, A College.. William M. Collier, '89, 53
Effects of the Physical Features of Palestine on the
Jews and Their Literature, The

.D. DeWolf Smyth, '90, 321
Evolution, A Practical Side to....

William D. Crockett, '90, 127
Federalist, The Influence of the

James D. Rogers, '89, 129
Fiction, Realism in...

W. P. Shepard, '92,
Frederick II and Frederick III,

Charles W. E. Chapin, '89, 57
Freshman Prize Essay, Successful.

Thos. L. Coventry, '91, II
Future of the Creeds, The..

Jos. D. Ibbotson, '90, 249
Hamilton, Webster, Seward,

Walstein Root, '90, 286
Head Prize Oration,-

James D. Rogers, '89, 129
Head Prize Oration,

Walstein Root, '90, 286
History and Romance of the Nile, The...

Walstein Root, '90, 37
Hopeful View of our National Destiny, A.. Edward N. Smith, '90 125
Hawthorne and Longfellow in Their Use of Colonial
Scenes, -

Carl H. Dudley, '92, 283


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