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circumstance is mentioned, lest such accidental coincidences of opinion, as may be discovered hereafter, should be interpreted into plagiarism.

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It may occasionally happen, that some of the remarks long ago produced by others may have been offered again as recent discoveries. It is likewise absolutely impossible to pronounce with any degree of certainty, whence all the hints, which furnih matter for a commentary, have been collected, as they lic fcattered in many books and papers, which were probably never read but once, or the particulars which they contain received only in the course of common conversation; nay, what is called plagiarism, is often no more than the result of having thought alike with others on the same subject.

The dispute about the learning of Shakespeare being now finally settled, a catalogue is added of those transated authors, whom Mr. Pope has thought proper to call

The classics of an age that heard of none.

The reader may not be displeased to have the Greek and Roman poets, orators, &c. who had been rendered accessible to our author, exposed at one view; especially as the list has received the advantage of being corrected and amplified by the Reverend Mr. Farmer, the. substance of whose very decisive pamphlet is interspersed through the notes which are added in this revisal of Dr. Johnson's Shakespeare.



To those who have advanced the reputation of our Poet, it has been endeavoured, by Dr. Johnson, in the foregoing preface, impartially to allot their dividend of fame ; and it is with great regret that we now add to the catalogue, another, the, consequence of whose death will perhaps affect not only the works of Shakespeare, but of many other writers. Soon after the first appearance of this edition, a disease, rapid in its progress, deprived the world of Mr. Jacob TONSON ; a man, whosè zeal for the improvement of English literature, and whose liberality to men of learning, gave him a just title to all the honours which men of learning can bestow. To suppose that a man employed in an extensive trade, lived in a state of indifference to loss and gain, would be to conceive a character incredible and romantic; but it may be justly said of Mr. Tons son, that he had enlarged his mind beyond folicitude about petty losses, and refined it from the desire of unreasonable profit. He was willing to admit those with whom he contracted, to the just advantage of their own labours; and had never learned to consider the author as an under agent to the bookseller. The wealth which he inherited or acquired, he enjoyed like a man conscious of the dignity of a profession subfervient to learning. His domestic life was elegant, and his charity was liberal. His manners were soft, and his conversation delicate : nor is, perhaps, any quality in him more to be censured, than that reserve which confined his acquaintance to a sinall number, and made his example less useful, as it was less extensive. He was the last commercial name of a family which will be long remembered ; and if Horace



thought it not improper to convey the Sosii to pofterity; if rhetoric suffered no dishonour from Quin- ' tilian's dedication to TRYPHO; let it not be thought that we difgrace Shakespeare, by joining to his works the name of Tonson.





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HOMER. M EN Bookes of the Iliades into English out

of French, by A. H. Lond. by Ralph Newberie, 4to.

- 1581 The Shield of Achilles from the 18th Book of Homer,

by Geo. Chapman, 4to. Lond. .. 1596 Seven Books of the Iliades, by ditto, 4to. Lond. 1596

- 1598 Fifteen Books of ditto, thin folio -. '1600 The whole Works of Homer, by do. printed for Nath. Butter

- no date The Crowne of all Homer's Workes, Batrachomyo

machịa, &c. thin fol. printed by John Bill no date


MUSÆUS. Marloe's Hero and Leander, with the first Book of Lucan, 4t0,

- - - 1600 There must have been a former Edition, as a second

Part was published by Henry Petowe 1598 Mufæus's Poem of Hero and Leander, imitated by

Christopher Marlow, and finished by Geo. Chapman, 8vo. Lond.


EURIPIDES. Jocasta, a Tragedy, from the Phæniffa of Euripides, · by Geo. Gascoigne, and Mr. Francis Kinwelmershe, 4to. Lond.

- 1556

APOLLONIUS RHODIUS. The Historie of Jason ; touching the Conqueste of

the Golden Fleece.- Printed by Caxton. This .Work (like Caxton's Buke of Eney.dos) was translated from the French of Raoul Le Feure*.

PLATO. Axiochus, a Dialogue, attributed to Plato, by. Edm. Spenser, 4to.

- 1592

DEMOSTHENES.» . The Three Orations of Demosthenes, chiefe Orator

among the Grecians, in Favour of the Olynthians,

with those his fower against Philip of Macedon, : &c. by Tho. Wylson, Doctor of theCivill Lawes, Ö : 4to. - - 1 - 12. , 1570 ..!!

ISOCRATES Svii Hocrates's sage Admonition to Demonicus, by R. NuitSiis hall, 8vo. Lond. - 41, 1557, 12mo, and 1585 Isocrates's Doctrinal of Princes, by Syr Tho. Elliot,

1534 Isocrates's Orat. įntitled Evagoras, by Jer. Wolfe, 8 yo. Three Orations of moral Instructionis, 'one to Demo& " ! ;- nicus, and two to Nicocles, King of Salamis,

translated from Isocrates, by Tho. Forrest, 4to. - wyn intrinsulin .;?500 Ö* Not having seen this Book, I am by no means certain that it is an absolute Translation of the Greck Author.'


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es, by Syr Tho.

Ilocrates's Oran U

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