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clearing the inscription of apparent discrepancies and obscurations, bringing to light its true reading. It was a pursuit of knowledge under great difficulties, with great perseverance, learning, and skill, and it brings out conclusive results. The obelisk was erected in the eighth year of the reign of Augustus, under Barbarus, Prefect of Egypt, by the hand of Pontius, the architect. Barbarus and Pontius are identified in history with thorough research and complete success. Easy Lessons in Vegetable Biology; or, Outlines of Plant Life. By Rev. J. H.

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the Centennial Commencement of the College, Wednesday, July 27, 1883, at 8 P. M. By the Rev. GEO. R. CROOKS, D.D., LL D., Professor of Church His

tory in Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, New Jersey. Dickinson's century of history is given in Dr. Crook's best style. Liquordom in New York City. By ROBERT GRAHAM, Secretary of C. T. S. New

York: No. 47 Lafayette Place. 1883. An appalling picture of grog-shop rule in our great metropolis. University of Michigan. A Memorial Discourse on the Life and Services of Rev.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN COCKER, D.D., LL.D., Professor in the University from 1869 to 1883. Delivered in University Hall, by request of the Senate, June

24, 1883, by ALEXANDER WINCHELL, LL.D. Published by the University, 1883. An eloquent memorial of a brilliant career. HARPER'S FRANKLIN SQUARE LIBRARY.-By the Gate of the Sea. A Novel. By

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," "His Majesty, Myself," etc. 8vo, pp. 71. The Romantic Adventures of a Milk-maid. A Novel. By Thomas HARDY, author of “A Laodicean," " Far From the Madding Crowd," " The Return of the Native." Illustrated. 8vo,

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TAs well and favorably known New York layman, whose portrait accompanies this sketch, was born in Stamford, Conn., in 1823. His ancestors belonged to the sturdy yeomanry developed in the early history of New England, which gave Connecticut its positive and energetic character. The family had physical and intellectual vigor, and a strong moral and religious sense. Mr. Hoyt is one of seven sons, of whom six survive; all but one weighing not far from two hundred pounds and averaging nearly six feet in height. He was apprenticed to the trade of tanner, and went into business for himself, in New York, before he was twenty-two years old. To his own business, which he understands from the rudiments to the most complex mechanical and the most far-reaching financial operation, he has steadfastly adhered, having been connected with the firm of Hoyt Brothers from its origin. In this business he has accumulated a large fortune, the result of integ. rity, fidelity, and legitimate manufacture of goods necessary to civilization. Large as his fortune is, if his gifts to the Church, the cause of education, the poor, to his friends, his country, and his native town were added to it, they would vastly increase, if they did not double, its volume.

The great event of his life was his conversion. Though trained Calvinistically he was converted under the preaching of “Father Oldin," when the convert was a boy and the preacher in the prime of life. Since that period he has been devoted to the Methodist Episcopal Church. For twenty-five years he has been superintendent of the Sunday-school; his place in the prayer-meeting is rarely vacant, and his voice in prayer and exhortation in revival services is heard with moral power among those who have known him from his childhood. His interest in Lay Representation is too well known to need more than mention.

Both the Church and the State have recognised and worthily honored his integrity and ability: the Church, by electing him a Lay Delegate of the General Conferences of 1872 and 1876; the State, by electing him for several successive terms as a member of its Senate.

Stained by no excesses in youth, by no moral irregularities in manhood; his wealth accumulated by no doubtful transactions; the same honest man in public and in private; he has just passed his sixtieth birthday in the esteem of his acquaintances and the affections of his friends.

He has been for many years a Director of the National Park Bank; and for a quarter of a century one of the Managers of the Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He has been the Treasurer and an active trustee of the Educational Fund from its origin in 1868.

J. M. B.



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739, 740

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tian Exploration Association and Riggs: Suggested modifications of the
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Henry VI..


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ety, Proceedings of..

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New Englander..... 137, 356, 542, 728 antism


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