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Jer. Sir, you're a Gentleman, and probably un derstand this fine Feeding: but, if you please, I had rather been at Board - Wages. Does your Epictetus, or your Seneca here, or any of these poor rich Rogues, teach you how to pay your debts without money? Will they shut up the mouths of your creditors ? Will Plato be Bail for you? Or Diogenes, because he understands Confinement, and liv'd in a Tub, go to Prison for you? 'Slife, Sir, what do you mean, to mew yourself up here with three or four musty Books, in Commendation of Starving and Poverty?

Val. Why, Sirrah, I have no inoney, you know it; and therefore resolve to rail at all that havez, and in that I but follow the examples of the wisest and wittiest Philosophers, whom you naturally hate, for just fuch another reason, because they abound in Sense, and you are a Fool.

7 Jer. Ay, Sir, I am a Fool, I know it; and yet, Heav'n help me, I'm poor enouigh to be a Wit. But I was always a Fool, when I told you, what your ExRences would bring you to:; your coaches and your liveries; your Treats and your Balls; your being in love with a Lady, that did not care a Farthing for you in your Prosperity; and keeping company with Wits, that card for nothing but your Prosperity; and now when you are poor, hate you as much as they do one another.

Val. Well; and now I ain poor, I have an onportunity to be reveng'd on thein all;, I'll pursue Angelica with more love than ever, and appear inore notoriously, her Admirer in this Restraint, than when I openly rival'd the rich Fops, that made Court to her; so shall my Poverty be a Mortification to her Pride, and perhaps make her compailionate the Love, which


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has principally reduc'd me to this Lownels of Fortune. And for the Wits, l'un sure I am in a Condition to be even with them

Jer.' Nay, your Condition is pretty even with theirs; that's the truth on't.

Val. I'll take some of their Trade out of their hands.

Jer. Now Heav'n of Mercy continue the Tax wpon Paper; you don't mind to write!

Val. Yes, I do, I'll write a Play.

Jer. Hem! Şir, if you please to give me a small Certificate of three lines — only to certify those whom it may concern; that the Bearer hereof, Jeremy Fetch by Name, has for the space of seven years truly and faithfully served Valentine Legend Esq; and that he is not now turn'd away for Misdemeanour; but does voluntarily dismiss his Master from any future Authority over him

Val. No, Sirrah, you shall live with me still.

Jer. Sir, it's impossible I may die with you, starve with you, or be damn'd with your works: but to live, even three days, the Life of a Piay, I no more expect it, than to be canoniz'd for a Muse, after my decease.

Val. You are witty, you Rogue, I shall want your help — I'll have you learn to make Coupleis, to tag the ends of Acts. D'ye snear, get the Maids to Crambo in an Evening, and learn the knack of Rhine ing; you may arrive at the height of a Song, Tent by an únknown Hand, or the Chocolate - House Lampoon.

Jer. But, Sir, is this the way to recover your Father's favour? Why Sir Samson will be irreconcihable. If your younger brother shou'd come from the



Sea, he'd never look upon you again. You're undone, Sir, you're ruind; you won't have a Friend left in the World, if you turn Poet.

Ah Pox consorind that Will's Coffee - House, it has ruin'd more young Men than the Royal Oak Lottery. Nothing thrives that belongs to't. Tlie Man of the House would have been an Alderman by this time with half the Trade, if he had set up in the City, - For iny part, I never fit at the Door, that I don't get double the Stomach that I do at a Horse - Race. The air upon Banstead Downs is nothing to it for a Whetter; yet I never see it, but the Spirit of Famine appears to me, sometimes like a decay'd Porter, worn out with Pimping, and carrying Billets-doux and Songs; not like other Porters for Hire, but for Jest's sake. Now like a thin Chairman, melted down to half his Proportion, will carrying a Poet upon Tick, to visit some great Fortune; and his Fare to be paid hini'like the Wages of Şin, either at the day of Marriage, or the day of Death:

Val. Very well, Sir; can you proceed?

Jer. Sometimes like a bilk'd Bookseller, with a meagre terrify'd Countenance, that looks as if he had written for himself; or were resolv’d to turn Author, and bring the Rest of his Brethren into the same Condition. And lastly in the Form of a worn-out Punk, with Verses in her Hand, which her Vanity had preferr'd to Settlements, without a whole Tatter to her Tail, but as ragged as one of the Muses; or as if the were carrying her Linnen to the Paper - Mill, to be converted into Folio-Books, of warning to all yoting Maids, no to prefer poetry to good Sense, or lying in the Armıs of a needy Wit, before the enabraces of a wealthy Fool.



..? Va nb rug h.

4.140 Sir John Vanbrugb, aus einem alten, ursprünglich französischen, oder vielleicht flandrifdhen, Geschlechtesin Cher shtre. Sein Geburtsjahr ist nicht genau anzugeben; vers muthlid aber fiel es um die Mitte der Regierungszeit KarlsII. Er starb zu: London, 1726. Auch in der Bautunjt besaß er vorzügliche Geschicklichkeiten ; und als Dichter wetteiferte er mit Congreve, seinem Zeitgenoffen und Freunde. Der Beta fall, den fein erstes Lustspiel, The Relapse, or Virtue in Danger, gleich bei der ersten Aufführung, im 3. 1697, fand, eruunterte ihn; mehrere zu liefern; und diese find: The Provoked Wife in Aesop The Pilgrim - The False Friend The Cons federacy — The Mistake The Cuckold in Conceito Squire Trelooby The Country - Houfe.- A Jour: ney to London. Einige diefer. Stüde blieben ungebrudt. an Wiß und Erfindungsgabe mangelte es diesem Dichter ges wiß nicht; auch, besaß er fruchtbare Einbildumgstraft und Welttunde genug, um mandjen cenen und Charafteren Neuheit, Mannichfaltigteit, Wahrheit und Leben zu erthets len; aber die Sdranten der Sittlichteit überschritt er zu Fehr, und noch ausgelassener, als die übrigen tomischen Dichs ter seiner Zeit. Auch muß man in diesen Stüden so wenig, wie in den meisten Lustspielen der Englånder, trine strenge Regelmåsigteit, und am wenigsten Einheit und Einfachheit der Handlung erwarten. Danbrugb's Stücke haben såmts lich ein zwiefaches Subjete zur Grundlage; und eins hat mit dem andern nicht gar viel gemein; indeß ist dte Berflechtung metsteds glüdlich genug, und die Svuppirung der Charat: tere, in deren Zeichnung dieser Dichter vorzüglich geschickt war, ift oft sehr unterhaltenb. The Relapse, or, Virtue in Danger, verdient wohl unstreitig den Borzug vor den übrigen, und ift eigentlich eine Fortsegung von Cibber'a



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Love's Last Shift, woraus hier alle die Sauptrollen beiber halten sind. Ein junges Ehepaar, weldes einander zärtlich liebt, geråth durch einen Besuch der Stadt, und den långern Aufenthalt daselbst, in nachtheilige Verbindungen, die ihre Kers zen einander abwendig machen. Berinthia, eine junge Witwe, zieht den Loveleß durch ihre Reize and Eroberungssucht an sich, und macht seine Gattin, Amanda, felbst gegen ihn eifersüchs tig, indem sie thr von seinem geheimen Verständnisse Nachricht giebt, ohne ihr den Gegenstand seiner Liebe zu nennen, und ihr auf einem mastirten Balle Gelegenheit schafft, Augenzeugin seis per Bertraulichkeiten zu werden. Eben ist sie noch in der ersten Aufwallung ihres hieburd erregten Unwidens, als worthy, der die Liebe der Amanda zu gewinnen sucht, and in seinen Bewerbungen um dieselbe von der Berinthia untersiust wird, zu jener tommt. Und nun folgt zwischen ihnen beis den nachstehende Scene :

Worthy. You seem disorder'd, Madam; I hope there's no Misfortune happen'd to you.

Amanda. None that will long disorder me, I hope.

Worthy. ;. Whate'er it be disturbs you, I wou'd to Heaven 'twere in my power to bear the Pain, till I were able to remove the Caufe.. :

Amanda. I hope ere, long it will remove itself, At least I have given it warning to be gone.

W. Wou'd I durft afk, where 'tis the Thorn torments you?

Forgive me, if I grow inquisitive; ;

"Tis only with desire to give me ease. . A. Alas! 'tis in a tender part. It can't be drawn without a World of Pain; yet out it must; for it begins to fester in my heart.

W. If 'tis the sting of unrequited Love, remove at instantly."

ins! I have a Balny will quickly heal the Wound,


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