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L E N T ,

Written in FRENCH by the
R. F. N. CAUSIN, S. 7.

Translated into ENGLISH

The Delight of Sin is momentary, the Torment



Printed by John SADLER, M.DCC.LY.

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MONGST all the public joys for your Majesty's happy return

I know not better how to express Al

my own particular, than by most humbly presenting to your Majesty my translation of this excellent

French book, in the solitude of a prison, which was made more easy by fome relation it had to your Majesty's service.

And I presume the mther upon this dedication, because all that good which is derived to us from France, whereof I conceive this may be a part, should receive konour and increase of value from your Majesty, that is


may so diffuse itself with more authority and profit as mongst those who may be capable to receive it Your Majesty, having read the original, doth well know that the principal scope of it is to teach the love of God and contempt of this world, with many other principal virtucs.

And for the pra&tice of them all, this age could not have hoped for so rare an example to inftru& all the great ladies of Christendom, as it hath found in your majesty, as well by your admirable fortitude and

perfe&t resignation to God's holy will in all your Majesty's cxtream affi&tions, dangers and preffures at sea and land, as also by your Majesty's


sacred retirements, in the most holy time of the year, to sprinkle your Plca• fures (voluntarily) with fome of that gall which was upon our Saviour's lips when he suffered his bitter paffion and death for our fins. Our great divines affirm, that the present sufferings of mount Calvary lead discatly to the future glories of mount Tabor,

And therefore, fince your Majesty hath patiently endured so many unjust and rigorous croffes in the mount Calvary of this world, we have reason to hope that our bleffed Saviour hath prepared for your Majesty a most glorious crown in the next, which will never have end. And this fhall ever be the inceffant, and fervent Prayer of,

Lost MAJESTY's poor and

Mojt humbly devoted beadsman,




Ν Τ.

For the first day, upon the confideration

of Ashes. Thou art dust, and to dust thou fhalt return.

Gen. 3.

T is an excellent way to begin Lent with the confi

deration of dust, whereby maa

nature gives us beginning;

and by the fame death fhall put an end to all our worldly vanities. There is no better way to abate and humble the proudest of all creatures, than to represent his beginning and end. The middle part of our life, like a kind of Proteus, takes upon it several shapes not understood by others; but the first and last parts of it deceive no man; for they do both begia and end in dust. It is a strange thing that man, knowA 3


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