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and we are again called on to give a connected account of the work done. The short and simple annals of the poor do not present much attraction except to those who love to trace the Master's hand and see souls awakening to new life under the influence of His grace. For such as those the record of the past twelve months will be full of interest, for abroad as at home the desire for simple Bible teaching is on the increase, and new fields are constantly opening up if only the labourers were at hand to go in and make ready the ground for the harvest; but what impression can even two or three hundred Bible-women make on the teeming masses of London, or the few native teachers scattered here and there on the millions of heathen India ? And yet that an impression, an abiding impression, is made, the record of their work does most surely testify.

May we not, then, gratefully recognise the blessing vouchsafed to us during the passing year, and take courage to go on rejoicing into the unknown future ?

The Revised Edition of the New Testament may require another and yet another revision before it can in any way

take the place of the time-honoured version so dear to every English heart; but the eagerness with which its publication was expected, and the absorbing interest with which it was read even in the public thoroughfares and at railway stations, may lead us to hope that many who then read it as a new book, may have found in it a new life reaching from time into eternity.

In the field of foreign work, we have to deplore the loss of a young and valuable life, whose labours among the female prisoners of Athens seemed so full of hope, and whose work must now, as far as we can see, be abandoned, while at Berlin the cabdrivers and their families are mourning the sudden death of their special friend, Mr. Palmer Davies. Under

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