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York Jegal Record. .

A Record of Cases Decided in the Courts of York County, Pa.

With Reports of Important Cases in other Counties.

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PAGE Adoption of Evelyn Marion Waters 16 Becker, Merritt, et al., v.

147 Appeal, Alexander's Estate 76 Bell v. Parrell, et al. .

148 American Chain Co.

181 Bentz, et al., City Bank, Etc., v. 13 Kaufman's 161 Bernhard, Ditchfield v.

68 Miller's

202 Best, American Insulation Co., Inc., Application of J. L. Tressell for a

140 Detective License, In re 133 Blaebaum v. Julius

149 American Chain Co.'s Appeal 181 Boylan, Myers v. .

39 American Chain Co., Falker v. 53 Bright, et al., Hagen Lumber Co. v.

72 American Insulation Co., Inc.,

Brookline District No. 506, Etc., Best . .

Hulsman v.

64 American Lithuanian Political Club, Brownback's Estate

. 106 Incorporation of

Brubaker v. Koller

9 American Surety Company v. Mc

Bucher's Estate

17 Spadden

44 American Trust Co. v. Kaufman 160 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons Temple Association, In re

4 Anstine v. Wilt, et al.

· 165 Appeal in Alexander's Estate 76 Cardile, Sam., Chester Auto RadiAutomotive Stores Corporation v.

ator Company v.

24 Leachey

205 Cassone v. Winter

Caulk, Excelsior Express Co. v. 88

Chester Auto Radiator Company v.
52 Sam Cardile

24 Barry, Schuman v.

66 City Bank, etc., v. Bentz, et al. . 13 Bartol, et al., McBride v. 127 Commonwealth v. Dice.


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Bair v.



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