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APR 20 1941





English Travellers and Italian Brigands. A Narrative of

Capture and Captivity. By W. J. C. MOENS. 2 vols., with Illustrations. 21s. From Cadet to Colonel : the Record of a Life of Active Service. By

MAJOR GENERAL SIR THOMAS SEATON, K.C.B. 2 vols. with Illustrations. 21s. The Hon. Grantley Berkeley's Life and Recollections. Vols.

III. and IV. completing the work. (In January.) Lodge's Peerage and Baronetage for 1866. Under the Especial

Patronage of Her MAJESTY, and Corrected by the Nobility. 35th Edition I vol. With the Arms beautifully engraved, handsomely bound, gilt edges. 31s. 6d.

"A work of great value. It is the most faithful record we possess of the aristocracy of the day.''-- Post. “The best existing and, we believe, the best possible Peerage. It is the standard authority on the subject."--Herald The Life and Letters of Lady Arabella Stuart: Including

Numerous Original and Unpublished Documents. By Elizabeth Cooper.

2 vols., with Hlustrations. 21s. (Just Ready.) The Life of Josiah Wedgwood; from his Private Correspondence and Family Papers in the possession of' Joseph Mayer, Esq., F.S.A., FRANCIS Wedgwood, Esq., C. Darwin, Esq., M.A., F.R.S, Miss Wedgwood, and other Original Sources. With an Introductory Sketch of the Art of Pottery in England. By Eliza METEYARD. Dedicated, by permission, to the Right Hon. W. E. GLAD.

Vol. 1, 8vo. with Portrait and upwards of 100 Ilustrations, price 21s. elegantly boun, is now ready. The work will be completed in one more volume. A very beautiful, accurate, and valuable work."--Examiner. Adventures among the Dyaks of Borneo. By F. Boyle Esq.

F.R.G.S. 8vo. with Illustrations. 15s. “Mr. Boyle's ' Adventures' are very pleasant reading, smart, lively, and indicative of no slight amount of bonhomie in the writer."-Athenæum. Historic Pictures. By A. Baillie COCHRANE, M.P. 2 vols. 21s.

“Two entertaining volumes. They are lively reading.”—Times. Impressions of Life at Home and Abroad. By Lord Eustace

CECIL, M.P. 8vo. 14s. Yachting Round the West of England. By the Rev. A. G.

L'ESTRANGE, M.A., R.T.Y.C. 8vo. Illustrated. 158.


THE NEW AND POPULAR NOVELS. A Noble Life. By the Author of “John Halifax Gentleman,"

“Christian's Mistake," &c. 2 vols. Milly's Hero. By the Author of “Grandmother's Money,” 3 v. Agnes. By Mrs. OLIPHANT. Author of “ The Life of Edward Irving.'

Agnes’ is a novel superior to any of Mrs. Oliphant's former works."- Athenæum. "'Agnes' is a story whose pathetic and refined beauty will appeal irresistably to all readers."-Post. The Clyffards of Clyffe. By the Author of “Lost Sir Massingberd.”

“• The Clyffards of Clyffe' has very considerable merit. It is a very readable novel, written in a good style. The author can give excellent descriptions both of scenery and character." --Saturday Review. “The author displays imaginative faculties of a higher order than in his previous works. Throughout the whole book there is a pervading sense of power and finish."-Post. Falkner Lyle. By MARK LEMON, Author of “Wait for the End,”

&c. 3 vols. (In January.) Chronicles of Dartmoor. By Mrs. Marsh. 3 vols. Doctor Harold. By Mrs. GASCOGNE. Author of "Temptation." 3 v. Fides. By Sir LASCELLES Wraxall. Bart, 3 v Cheap Fdition of St. Olave's. Illustrated by J. E. MILLAIS, R.A. forming the New Volumeigiu Hurst and Blackett's Standard Library." 5s bound.

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