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ADMIRALTY, Nov. 23. Shepheard to be retired viceThe following flag promotions, admiral. dated the 17th instant, consequent Retired Captains William Clark, on the death, on the 16th instant, Thomas Lewis Gooch, George of Vice-Admiral Sir Horatio Tho- Anthony Halsted, and Robert mas Austin, K.C.B., have this day Sharpe to be retired rear-admirals, taken place:

under the provisions of her Rear-Admiral Sir Sydney Col. Majesty's Order in Council of poys Dacres, K.C.B., to be Vice- 1851. Admiral. Captain Cospatrick Baillie Ha

APPOINTMENTS. miltan to be rear-admiral on, the Admiral Henry Smith, C.B., to reserved list.

receive the service pension vacant Capt. Thomas Fisher to be rear- by the decease of Admiral William admiral.

James Mingaye. Retired Capt. William Louis Captains, Michael De Courcy Sheringham to be retired rear- to the Royal Adelaide (additional). admiral, under the provisions of for service in the Topaze; Thomas the Orders in Council of Aug 1, B. Lethbridge to the Victory 1860, and July 9, 1864.

(additional) for service in the

Simoom. ADMIRALTY, Dec. 11. Commanders--Francis G. Suttie The following flag promotions, to be re-appointed to the Salamis, dated the 2nd instant, have been when re-commissioned. made in consequence of the re- Lieutenants-Swinton C. Holmoval of the name of Admiral land, lately, promoted from the Henry Smith, C.B., from the Marlborough, to the Malacca at active to the reserved flag list, Portsmouth; Francis G. Shaw, on his being granted a service late of the Weser, to the Cumpension :

berland, guard ship of reserve, at Vice-Admiral Sir Stephen Lush- Sheerness: Thomas W. Simeon to ington, K.C.B., on the reserved the Octavia, for disposal; George list, to be admiral on the same W. J. Aldham to the Dauntless. list.

Masters-John P. Hitchfield to Vice-Admiral John Alexander the Cumberland, for service in Duntze to be admiral in her the Pallas; W. E. M'Grath to the Majesty's fleet.

Archer; Stopford C. Tracey to Rear-Admirals Francis Decimus the Malacca, vice E. Hinvest; Hastings and George Hathorn, on Edward Hinvest to the Malacca; the reserved list, to be vice- William B. Goldsmith to the admirals on the same list.

Asia, for the Simoom. Rear-Admiral Sir Lewis Tobias George Mackay, deputy inspect.Jones, K.C.B., to be vice-admiral gen. of_hospitals and fleets, to in her Majesty's fleet.

Haslar Hospitals. Captains James Crawford Caf- Surgeons—W. J. Roche to the fin, C.B., and Robert Tryon to be Highflyer; Dr. Duncan Hilston rear-admirals on the reserved list. to the Spiteful.

Captain Thomas Harvey to be Assistant-Surgeons-Dr. Tho. rear-admiral in her Majesty's fleet. mas Cann to the Cumberland, for

Retired Rear-Admiral William service in the steam reserve

Samuel Bamfield to the Malacca; to the Spiteful; Francis Chalmers John S. Arnott to the St. George, to the Malacca. vice Bamfield ; James Trimble to Masters' Assistants—Charles N. the Oberon; William Inman to White to the Tamar; William the Donnegal; Abraham Hogg to Stainer to the Spiteful; Charles the Oberon; Dr. Edward Dann H. S. Douglas to the Oberon, to the Medusa ; William D. Long- iron paddle vessel, at Woolwich. field from the Styx to the Spiteful Naval Cadet Harry C. Kenyon at Greenhithe.

Slaney to the Malacca. Acting Assistant Surgeons Naval Cadets (nominated)— Charles B. Greenfield (additional), Richard J. Lucas, Baldwin H. to the Royal Adelaide ; Thomas Wake, W. A. H. Thorold, Henry Conry to the Victory.

C. G. Harstone, Arthur E. Ed. Mr. John S. Harper to be paval ridge, Charles A. F. Waters, and victualling_storekeeper and Henry J. May, Leycester Shadaccountant at Trincomalee, vice well, Charles B. Boileau, Hugh Astley Paston Cooper, to Chat- Evans, Baron Beaumont, Peter ham.

Beaumont, Peter James Duff Chaplains- The Rev. Robert Hawker, Percy Henry Bridson, Picton of the Edgar, to be chaplain William George Courtenay Hodgof Bermuda Dockyard, vice Rev. son, Henry Pearson, Clement George Jackson, M.A., to Haslar; Swetenham, Edward F. Tyaske, the Rev. John W. L. Bampfield, and J. B. Bennett. M.A , late of the Cambridge, to Chief Engineers—Charles Real the Victory, as additional, for from the Arrogant to the Indus, service at Haslar Hospital, until guard-ship of reserve at DevonMr. Jackson returns to England; port, for service in the Vestal, the Rev. Henry Glasson to the screw sloop; Joseph Lovering to St. George.

the Asia, for service in the ArroPaymaster-George Love to be gant, screw-ship, at Portsmouth. secretary to Commodore Hornby. Engineers-William Castle to

Paymasters' Assistant-C. R. the Tamar, troopship, at PortsWatson to the Malacca; Norcut mouth; Thomas E. Buckle to the D. E. Roberts to the Hastings. Dauntless, for service in Tenders;

Assistant Paymaster-- Valentine Robert Dillon to the Oberon; D. J. Rickcord (in charge) to the John Mather to the Fisgard, for Supply, at Woolwich.

service in the Vixen. Assistant Clerk-Arthur W. First Class Assistant Engineers Pearson to the Spiteful.

-Frank S. Scott to the Oberon ; Sub-Lieutenants-Nelson Byng, Robert Macaulay to the Dauntless; from the Racoon, to the Malacca, Grenville Fordham to the Tamar; screw-corvette, at Portsmouth; James Melrose to the Gleaner; Francis F. Liardet to the Defence; Michael J. Shannon to the TriRaymond B. Needham, from the ton; William J. Hancock to the Edgar, to the Malacca; William Fisgard, for the Prince Albert. Neilson, late of the Warrior, to Second Class Assistant Engithe Victoria; James Llewellyn neer-Richard J. Butler to the Heane, from the Gladiator to the Oberon. Oberon; William R. Clutterbuck Acting Second Class Assistant to the Malacca.

Engineer-Henry M. G. Bellew to Second Masters-George Alex. the Cumberland, for the Wildfire. Broad and Robert William Stephens, additional, to the Victory;

PROMOTIONS. Robert H. C. Hebden to the Commander Charles James Bal. Victory; A. Allen C. Dennys to four promoted to the rank of the Oberon.

retired captain, under the proMidshipmen-William L. H. visions of the Orders in Council Browne and William S. P. Graves of August 1, 1860, and July 9, to the Malacca; Henry A. Dyke 1864.

Master George Reid promoted mander George Poole, from Kilto the rank of staff commander. rush to Bangor, vice Helby, period

Mr. Henry William Masterman, of service expired. promoted to the rank of first- Chief Officer--Mr. Thomas R. class assistant engineer in her Woodrow, from North Berwick, to Majesty's fleet, with seniority of be inspecting officer at Elie, vice November 23.

Lieut. Bainbridge, appointed to The undermentioned assistant Geenwich Hospital. surgeons promoted to the rank of surgeon in her Majesty's fleet :William Tait Carr, Esq., John

ROYAL MARINES. Frederick Mitchell, Esq., James

ADMIRALTY, Nov. 17. Nicholass Joseph O'Mallcy, Esq., Royal Marine Light InfantryDr. Duncan Hilston.

First Lieut. Alfred Fonblanque to Dr. Duncan Hilston, having now be adjt, Nov 16; Commander passed for surgeon, has been pro

James Simpson to be capt. moted for service in New Zealand. Mr. Robert Young, promoted to

ADMIRALTY, Nov. 27. the rank of first-class assistant

Royal Marine Light Infantryengineer in her Majesty's fleet,

Col. Second-Commandant Hayes

Marriott to be Col.-Commandant with seniority of Oct. 16 Mr. Thomas Bray Jordan, pro

vice March, retired; Lieut -Col. moted to the rank of first-class

Augustus Dover Lyddon Farrant, assistant engineer in her Majesty's

to be Col. Sec.-Commandant, vice fleet, with seniority of Nov. 16.

Marriott; Capt. Fleetwood John Mr. William Henry Roberts,

Richards to be lieut. col., vice promoted to the rank of engineer

Farrant; First Lieut. John Cairn. in her Majesty's fleet, with se

cross to be capt., vice Richards; niority of Nov. 16.

Sec. Lieut. Osborn Tracy to be

first lieut., vice Cairncross, Nov. COASTGUARD.


Capt. and Brev. Major E. L. Commander George Poole to be

Pym to musketry nstructor at inspecting commander in the

the Plymouth division of Royal Coastguard, vice Stone, whose

Marines, vice Richards, promoted. period of service has expired; Albert H. W. Rattiscombe to be

ADMIRALTY, Dec. 12. inspecting commander at Grimsby,

Royal Marine Light Infantryvice Francis Hewton, to Brighton, Major-Gen. John Tatton Brown to vice J. P. Thurburd, whose period

be lieut.-gen. vice Philips, deceased, of service has expired; J. E. M.

Nov 28; Col.-Commandant Henry Wilson to the Wellesley, for Carr Tatc to be major-gen. vice service in the Bellerophon; J. S.

Brown, Nov 28. Hudson to be inspecting com

Royal Marine Artillery - Col. mander at Fleetwood, vice Lewis

Sec. Commandant George AlexanBarstow, whese period of service

der, C.B., to be col.-commandant has expired.

vice Tate, Nov 28; Lieut.-Col. Lieutenants-William H. Wright George Augustus Schomberg, to to be chief officer of the first

be col. sec.-commandant, vice Alexbattery, Ramsgate Coastguard ander, Nov 28; Capt. Henry Adair station.

to be lieut.-col. vice Schomberg, Chief Officer-Mr. Edward Mou

Nov 28; First Lieut. Henry Brasrilyan (Master) to Portobello, vice

nell Tuson to be capt., vice Adair, Jordan.

Nov 28.


Inspecting Commander-Com

U.S. Mag. No. 446, Jan. 1566.



THE ARMY GAZETTE. chase, vice George Nunn Thomas,

Where not otherwise specifiea transferred to the 28th Foot. the following Commissions bear 13th Foot-Staff Assist.-Surg. the current date.

Charles Henry Leet to be assist.WAR OFFICE, PALL Mall, Nov. 21. surg. vice Nicholas Loftus Gray,

7th Regiment of Dragoon Guards deceased. -Staff Surg-Maj.John Mure, M.D. 16th Foot-Nicholas Winsland to be surg. vice Surg. E. J. Frank- Patrick Brophy, gent., to be ens. lyn, M.D., appointed to the staff. by purchase, vice Roberts, trans

4th Hussars-Lieut. Henry Tho- ferred to the 78th Foot. mas Butler to be capt. by purchase, 17th Foot-Albert Llewellen vice John Warden McFarlan, who Creasy, gent, to be ens. by purretires ; Cor. David Longfield chase, vice Henry Maxwell Newell, Beatty to be lieut. by purchase, who retires. vice Butler; Lawrence Hesketh 18th Foot-Ens. Bernard Gilpin Palk, gent., to be cor. by purchase, Haines to be lieut. without purvice Collings, promoted.

chase, vice Henry Gordon Heath, 7th Hussars — Lieut. Lachlan deceased, Oct 23; Gent.-Cadet EdFoster Jamieson, from the 79th ward Champneys Milner from the Foot, to be lieut. vice A. L'E. H. Royal Military College to be ens. Holmes, who exchanges, Sept 18. without purchase, vice Haines.

20th Hussars-Lieut. Arthur 19th Foot-William Alexander Westby Brodhurst to be adjt. vice Curtis, gent., to be ens. by purLieut. Lockwood, promoted, Jan 28. chase, vice Thomas Perceval Pal.

Royal Artillery-Lieut.-Col. and mer, who retires. Brev. Col. Edwin Wodehouse, C.B. 22nd Foot-Ens. Robert James to be col. vice Henderson, retired Dallin to be lieut. by purchase, upon full pay, Nov 1; Capt. and vice George Robert Henry DauBrev. Major Richard King Freeth, beney, who retires; Sir George on the Supernumerary List, to be Albert de Hochepied-Larpent, lieut.-col., Nov 1; Capt. and Brev. Bart., to be ens. by purchase, vice Major Francis Montague Maxwell Dallin; Gent -Cadet William Key Ommanney, to be lieut. col. vice Maturin, from the Royal Military Brev.-Col. Wodehouse, Nov 1; Sec. College, to be ens. without purCapt. Frederick Nurse Cromartie chase, vice Sir G. A. de Hochepiedto be capt. vice Brev.-Major Om- Larpent, transferred to the 88th manney, Nov 1; Lieut. the Hon. Foot Ralph Hare to be sec.-capt. vice 23rd Foot-Lieut. Annesley Cary Comartie, Nov 1.

to be capt. without purchase, vice Coast Brigade of Artillery- William Munnings Lees, transMast.-Gunner William Swanston ferred to the Bengal Staff Corps; Sprent to be lieut. vice Ramsay, Lieut. Archibald Young Leslie, placed upon half pay.

from the Bengal General List to Grenadier Guards - Ens. and be lieut. vice Cary. Lieut. Lord George Murray Pratt 24th Foot-Gent. Cadet Arthur to be lient. and capt. by purchase, Edwards Simmonds Roberts, from vice William Ulick O'Connor, Earl the Royal Military College, to be of Desart, who retires ; Albert Syl- ens. without purchase, vice A. C. vain Bates Van de Weyer, gent., French, transferred to the 43rd to be ens. and lieut. by purchase, Foot; Gent.-Cadet John Grant vice Lord G. M. Pratt.

Anderson, from the Royal Military 11th Regiment of Foot-Gent.- College, to be ens. without purCadet Harry George Wakelyn chase, vice Roberts, transferred to Ford, from the Royal Military the 82nd Foot. College, to be ens. without pur- 28th Foot-Ens. George Nunn

Thomas, from the 11th Foot, to be ens. vice Cecil Lloyd, transferred to the 91st Foot.

30th Foot-Lieut. Frederick Harcourt Williamson to be capt. by purchase, vice Edward N. Hill, who retires; Ens. Frederick Clowes to be lieut. by purchase, vice Williamson; William Hanning Lee, gent., to be ens, by purchase, vice Clowes.

40th Foot-Charles Linton, gent., to be ens. by purchase, vice Edward Burnet Robinson, who retires.

42nd Foot-Ens. Alan John Colquhon to be lieut. by purchase, vice Edward Orlando Van Haldane who retires; Andrew Cilbert Wauchope, gent., to be ens. vice Colquhon. The promotion of Lieut. G. A. Furse and of Ens. E. P. Hicks, in succession to Capt. A. Ferguson, deceased, bears date

Sept 12.

43rd Foot-Ens. Alfred Crofton French, from the 24th Foot, to be ens. vice J. Bromfield, transferred to the 50th Foot.

46th Foot-Capt. and Brev.Major James Burnie Lind, from the Bengal Staff Corps to be capt. vice Brev.-Major John James Hood Gordon, transferred to the Bengal Staff Corps.

51st Foot-Lieut. Cobb bas, with her Majesty's approval, assumed the surname of “Cartwright” instead of " Cobb."

52nd Foot Lieut. Howard Kingscote, from the Bengal General List, to be lieut. vice Charles O'Loughlin L. Prendergast, transferred to the Bengal Staff Corps.

56th Foot-Ens. Donald J. Gordon Stewart to be lieut. without purchase, vice John William Huskisson, promoted to a half pay company, without purchase.

60th Foot-Staff-Surg. Adam Graham Young to be surg. vice Richard Edward Fitz-Gibbon, who resigns.

66th Foot-Gent.-Cadet Henry Herbert Smallpiece, from the Royal Military College, to be ens. without purchase, vice John Patrickson, whose appointment on

the 12th Sept. last has been cancelled, Sept 21.

70th Foot-Ens. Edward Pearson to be lieut. without purchase, vice Henry Bally, killed, Aug 3; Ens. Thomas George Barrett Lennard to be lieut. by purchase, vice Pearson, whose promotion on the 22nd Sept has been cancelled; Gent.-Cadet Arthur Edward Ward from the Royal Military College, to be ens. without purchase, vice Lennard.

71st Foot-Capt. John Ignatius Macdonell to major, without purchase, vice Brev. Lieut.-Colonel Arthur Charles Parker, deceased, Oct 21; Lieut. Le Marchant James Carey to be capt. without purchase, vice Macdonnell, Oct 21; Ens. Felix James Taylor Brown to be lieut. without purchase, vice Barey, Oct 21; Ens. Francis Arkwright, from the 100th Foot, to be ens. vice Brown.

78th Foot-Lieut. John Nathaniel Gower to be capt. without purchase, vice Alexander Balfour Ker Williamson, deceased, Oct 26; Ens. Hugh Gough Grant to be lieut, without purchase, vice Gower Oct 26; Ens. John Fielding Willis Cane, from the Ceylon Rifle Regiment to be lieut. by purchase, vice Grant, whose promotion by purchase on Nov 10 has been cancelled; Ens. Nicholl McAdam to be lieut. by purchase, vice Richard Pierce Butler, who retires; Ens. Charles Roberts, from the 16th Foot, to be ens. vicc McAdam; Lieut. George Eardley Leeky to be adjt. vice Lieut. Butler, who retires.

79th Foot-Lieut. Arthur L'Estrange H. Holmes, from the 7th Hussars, to be lieut. vice L. F. Jamieson, who excbanges, Sept 18.

82nd Foot-Lieut. Charles Spencer to be capt. without purchase, vice John Fred. Pilkington, decased, Aug 29; Ensign Henry Whalley Nicholson to be lieut. without purchase, vice Spencer, Aug 29; Ens. Arthur Edward Simmonds Robert, from the 24th Foot, to be ens. vice Nicholson.

88th Foot-Ens. Sir George Albert de Hochepied-Larpent,

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