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Look to the weather bow,

Breakers are round thee; Let fall the plummet now,

Shallows may ground thee.
Reef in the foresail, there!

Hold the helm fast!
So, let the vessel wear,-

There swept the blast.

What of the night, watchman?

What of the night? “Cloudy, all quiet,

No land yet,—all's right.”
Be wakeful, be vigilant,

Danger may be
At an hour when all seemeth

Securest to thee.

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Howl gains the leak so fast?

Clear out the hold,Hoist up thy merchandise,

Heave out thy gold;There, let the ingots go;

Now the ship rights; Hurra! the harbor's near,

Lo! the red lights.

Slacken not sail yet

At inlet or island;
Straight for the beacon steer,

Straight for the high land;
Crowd all thy canvass on,

Cut through the foam;-
Christian! cast anchor now,-

Heaven is thy home!



The Water Gabies in a row
Sat looking at the stream below,
The day was hot, the water cool,
And they had just come out of school;
Oh, how they longed to swim and float,
And make the lily-leaves a boat
But did not dare, because, you know,
Such little sense have Gabies-oh!

The bough gave way with sudden crash, The elves fell in with cry and splash; And then, to their delight, they found That fairies float and don't get drowned.

It was such fun that since that day
They haunt the stream to swim and play;
But now their name is changed, you know,
They're called the Water Babies-oh!


“My dear friends, there are three things I very much wonder at. The first is, that children should throw stones, clubs, and brickbats up into fruit trees to knock down fruit; if they would let it alone it would fall itself. The second is, that men should be so foolish, and so wicked, as to go to war and kill each other; if let alone they would die themselves. And the third and last thing that I wonder at, is that young men should be so unwise as to go after the young women; if they would stay at home the young women would come after them.”

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