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Feb. 3, 1680. "You will by this time have received the* news that four Privy Councillors, Lord Russell, Lord Cavendish, Sir H. Capell, and Mr. Powle, came in a body to the King, to desire to be dismissed from that employment. Their intrat and exit have been both very remarkable, and neither wail comprehended by men of my small talent."

Feb. 22.

Persons accused of assisting French invasion not to be bailed.

Letters to Sir T. Higgins, at Venice.

Windsor, August 9, 1675. "The death of Monsieur de Turenne; the retreat of that army; the ill success of the Swedes; and the defeat of the Marshal de Crequi, seemeth to put the Confederates in a much better posture than they were. Some think into too good a one to be fond of an equitable peace."

To Mr. Soames, Envoy Extraordinary to Savoy.

Jan. 44, 1679The Plot.—" I hope we shall come at last to a perfect discovery, though it be somewhat chf

ficult; yet I doubt not it will sufficiently appear, tHht there hath not only been a plot, but the most bloody, treacherous, and ungrateful one, that hath been any where practised by men of so considerable quality."

June 16, 1679. Recalled.—Envoy Extraordinary reduced.


Sir Patrick Hume to Lord Russell.

Noble Sir, Edr. 21 Septr. 1675.

In case my letter sent ten dayes agoe have miscaried, I forward it this way, which I hope will not faile. The honor I have of beeing both related to you and acquainted with you give mee great freedome to write and plead yr friendship. I am a prisoner of state, but truly not in state, for the Counsell have confined mee in a common uglie tolbooth, which, whatever my restraint abstractly bee, I looke upon as malicious, & flowing from some enemies of that board -y the reason whereof you will bee best informed in by perusing the sentense, bill, petition to the Counsell, and petition to his Majesty, alreadie sent. My Lord Secretary has a signed copie of itt for the King, but I am not very hopefull of the good success of .that; but I think one will bee with the Erie of Bedford, which may doe good, if hee and you think fitt. I have writt to my Lord and his Lady, and must intreat you to render


mee gracious with them; and, according to your noble frendship, to doe mee what favor you think sutes yr conveniencie and my circumstances. Mr. Eleis, a pretty gentleman and lawyer, I hope, has been with you: he is my friend, and I must recommend him to y' favor. So now I shall trouble you no further; but indeed it will bee ever a trouble to mee, till I have some occasion to serve you, and give ane evidence that I am, with all my heart, Noble Sir,

Your veiy affectionate & most humble servant,

P. Hume.

I have written to the Erie of Suffblke, my noble kinsman, whose mother was cussen germane to my grandfather.

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From the County of Bedford to Lord Russell, inviting him to standfor the County. My Lord,

Wee have imparted your letter to all those your Lordshipp's servants whome wee could in soe short a time gett togeather, and wee humbly offer our opinions, (with submission to your better judgment,) that it is heigly conducing to the interest of our country to begg the honor to be represented by a person who bares soe great figure both in the publique aftares, and in your present station here amungst us; and wee cannot but believe it must be some litle advantage to your future securing of the affections of this whole county, which you have soe well ingaged by your meritts. Wee neede not hint to your Lordshipp how ready some persons may be to make use of all ocasions to spread jealosys amongst the people to advance there owne intrest,

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