State Trials: Or, A Collection of the Most Interesting Trials, Prior to the Revolution of 1688, Том 2

Предна корица
Samuel March Phillipps
W. Walker, 1826

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Страница 340 - That privilege of Parliament does not extend to the case of writing and publishing seditious libels...
Страница 112 - Hill, on the single witness of that monster of a man, Lord Howard of Escrick, and some sheets of paper taken in Mr. Sidney's study, pretended to be written by him, but not fully proved...
Страница 181 - But I will tell you. There is not one of those lying, snivelling, canting Presbyterians but, one way or another, had a hand in the rebellion. Presbytery has all manner of villany in it. Nothing but Presbytery could have made Dunne such a rogue. Show me a Presbyterian ; and I'll show thee a lying knave.
Страница 261 - God has given me this dispensing power, and I will maintain it. I tell you, there are seven thousand men, and of the Church of England too, that have not bowed the knee to Baal.
Страница 167 - Know, friend, there is no religion that any man can pretend to can give a countenance to lying, or can dispense with telling the truth. Thou hast a precious, immortal soul, and there is nothing in the world equal to it in value.
Страница 168 - For I tell thee God is not to be mocked, and thou can'st not deceive him though thou may'st us. But I assure you, if I catch you prevaricating in any the least tittle (and perhaps I know more than you think I do ; no", none of your saints can save your soul, nor shall they save your body neither) I will be sure to punish every variation from the truth that you are guilty of.
Страница 350 - A fact must not be inferred without premises that will warrant the inference; but if no fact could thus be ascertained, by inference in a court of law, very few offenders could be brought to punishment. In a great portion of trials as they occur in practice, no direct proof that the party accused actually committed the crime, is or can be given; the man who is charged with theft is rarely seen to...
Страница 262 - Sir, I am called hither as a criminal, which I never was before in my life; and little thought I ever should be, especially before your Majesty ; but, since it is my unhappiness to be so at this time, I hope your Majesty will not be offended, that I am cautious of answering questions. No man is obliged to answer questions, that may tend to the accusing of himself.
Страница 258 - But among many other considerations, from this especially, because that declaration is founded upon such a dispensing power, as hath been often declared illegal in Parliament, and particularly in the years 1662 and 1672, and the beginning of your Majesty's reign...
Страница 112 - Jefferies, newly made Lord Chief Justice of England, with Mr. Justice Withings, danced with the bride, and were exceeding merry. These great men spent the rest of the afternoon, till eleven at night, in drinking healths, taking tobacco, and talking much beneath the gravity of Judges, who had but a day or two before condemned Mr.