British Theatre, Том 19

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Страница 55 - Cler. You may leave the ordering of the supper to me, Sir ; I will take care of that. Love. Do so ; see and provide something to cloy...
Страница 9 - This makes one almost afraid of one's own shadow. As I was walking from the stable t'other night without my lanthorn, I fell across a beam, that lay in my way, and faith my heart was in my mouth I thought I had stumbled over a spirit.
Страница 108 - I am the person you sent for — the laceman will be here immediately. Will your honour be pleased to be taken measure of first, or look over the patterns ? — if you please, we will take measure first. I do not know, sir, who was so kind as to recommend me to you, but I believe I shall give you entire satisfaction. I may defy any tailor in England to understand the fashion better than myself; the thing is impossible, sir. I always visit France twice a year ; and though I say it, that should not...
Страница 74 - I'll make him believe just the contrary of every word she has told him. Fred. Can you do that? Ram. Never fear it, sir ; I'll warrant my lies keep even pace with hers. But, sir, I have another plot; I don't question but before you sleep I shall put you in possession of some thousands of your father's money. Fred. He has done all in his power to provoke me to it ; but I am afraid that will be carrying the jest too far.
Страница 98 - I was signing that damned contract. I will go to a justice, and have all my house put to their oaths, my servants, my children, my mistress, and myself, too ; all the people in the house, and in the street, and in the town, I will have them all executed ; I will hang all the world, and if I don't find my money, I will hang myself afterwards ! \_Exit, R.
Страница 11 - Do but hear me, madam. Lap. If thou wouldst have neglected me, was there nobody else to dance a minuet with but Mrs Susan Cross-stitch, whom you know to be my utter aversion ? Ram.
Страница 46 - Tolerable! you are ravishing! if your picture were drawn by a good hand, Sir, it would be invaluable ! " Turn about a little if you please : there,
Страница 31 - ... his life for the sum lent : if he be an officer in the army he is to make over his whole pay for the payment of both principal and interest, which, that the lender may not burden his conscience with any scruples, is to be no more than thirty per cent, Fred.
Страница 60 - My father has indeed, Madam, much reason to be vain of his choice : you will be doubtless a very great honour to our family; notwithstanding which I cannot dissemble my real sentiments so far as to counterfeit any joy I shall have in...
Страница 47 - I am on the very brink of losing for want of a little money — [He looks gravely] — and you could easily procure my success, if you had the least friendship for me. You can't imagine, sir, the pleasure she takes in talking of you. [He looks pleased.] Ah!