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Nor yet unrecompens'd are virtue's pains; Good Allen lives, and bounteous Brunswick reigns. On each condition disappointments wait, Enter the hut, and force the guarded gate. Nor dare repine, though early friendship bleed, From love, the world, and all its cares, he's freed. But know, adversity's the child of God: Whom Heaven approves of most, must feel her rod. When smooth old Ocean, and each storm's asleep, Then ignorance may plough the watery deep; But when the demons of the tempest rave, Skill must conduct the vessel through the wave. 14 Sidney, what good man envies not thy blow? Who would not wish Anytus* for a foe? Intrepid virtue triumphs over fate; The good can never be unfértunate. And be this maxim graven in thy mind; The height of virtue is, to serve mankind. But when old age has silver'd o'er thy head, When memory fails, and all thy vigour's fled, Then mayst thou seek the stillness of retreat,. Then hear aloof the human tempest beat; Then will I greet thee to my woodland cave, Allay the pangs of age, and smooth thy grave.


* One of the accusers of Socrates,

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