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Lost in the brightness of returning day,
The gloomy terrors of the night decay ; .

When Jove commands the Sun of Joy to rise,
And opens into siniles the cloud-invelop'd skies.

Thy hapless, daughters' various fate
This moral truth, O Cadmus, hows;
Who vested now with gocd-like state

On heavenly thrones repose ;
And yet Affliction's thorny road
In bitter anguish once they trod.
But bliss superior hath eras'd

The memory of their woe;
While Semele, on high Olympus plac'u,
To heavenly zephyrs' bids her treffes flow,
Once by devouring lightnings all defac'd.

There, with immortal charms improv'd,
Inhabitant of Heaven's serene abodes

She dwells, by virgin Pallas lov'd,
Lov'd by Saturnius, father of the gods;

Lov'd by her youthful fon, whose brows divine, In twisting ivy bound, with joy eternal shine.

To Ino, Goddess of the Main,
The Fates an equal lot decree,
Rank'd with old Ocean's Nereid train,
Bright daughters of the fea.


Deep in the pearly realms below,
Immortal happiness to know.
But here our day's appointed end

To mortals is unknown;
Whether distress our period fall attend,
And in tumultuous storms our sun go down,
Or to the fades in peaceful calms descend.

For various flows the tide of life,
Obnoxious still to Fortune's veering gale ;

Now rough with anguish, care, and strife, · O’erwhelining waves the shatter'd bark assail :

Now glide serene and smooth the limpid streams';
And on the surface play Apollo's golden beams.

Thus, Fate, o Theron, that with bliss divine :
And glory once enrich'd thy ancient line,
Again reversing every gracious deed,
Woe to thy wretched fires and shame decreed;
What time, encountering on the Phocian plain,
By luckless Oedipus was Laius slain.
To parricide by Fortune blindly led,
His father's precious life the hero shed;

Doom'd to fulfill the oracles of heaven,
To Thebes’ ill-deftin'd king by Pythian Phoebus given.

But with a fierce avenging eye'
Erinnys the foul murder view'd,
And bade his warring offspring die,
By mutual
rage subdued.


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Pierc'd by his brother's hateful steel
Thus haughty Polynices fell.
Therfander, born to calmer days,

Surviv'd his falling fire,
In youthful games to win immortal praise ;
Renown in martial combats to acquire,
And high in power

th' Adrastian house to raise.
Forth from this venerable root
Ænefidamus and his Theron spring i
For wliom I touch my Dorian fute,
For whom triamphant strike my founding string.

Due to his glory is th’ Aonian strain,
Whose virtue gain’d the prize in fam’d Olympia's plain.

Alone in fam'd Olympià's sand
The victor's chaplet Theron wore ;
But with him on the Isthmian Rrand

On sweet Caftalia's Thore,
The verdant crowns, the proud reward
Of victory, his brother shar’d,
Copartner in immortal praise,

As warm’d with equal zeal.
The light-foot courser's generous breed te raiso
And whirl around the goal the fervid wheel.
The painful strife Olympia's wreath repays :

But wealth with nobler virtue join'd
The means and fair occafions must procure ;

In glory's chace must aid the mind,
Expence, and foil, and danger to endure ;

With mingling rays they feed each other's flame, And shine the brightest lamp in all the sphere of fame.

EPO DE III. The happy mortal, who these treasures shares, Well knows what fate attends his generous cares; Knows, that beyond the verge of life and light, In the fad regions of infernal night, The fierce, impracticable, churlifh mind Avenging gods and penal woes thall find; Where strict inquiring justice shall bewray The crimes committed in the realms of day.

Th’ impartial Judge the rigid law declares,
No more to be revers'd by penitence or prayers.

But in the happy fields of light,
Where Phæbus with an equal ray
Illuminates the balmy night,

And gilds the cloudless day,
In peaceful, unmolested joy,
The good their smiling hours employ.
Them no uneasy wants.constrain

To vex th’ ungrateful foil,
To tempt the dangers of the billowy main,
And break their strength with unabating toil,
A frail disastrous being to maintain.

But in their joyous calm abodes,
The recompence of justice they receive ;

And in the fellowship of gods
Without a tear eternal ages live.


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While, banish'd by the Fates from joy and rest, Intolerable woes the impious soul infeft.


But they who, in true virtue strong,
The third purgation can endure ;
And keep their minds from fraudful wrong

And guilt's contagion pure ;
They through the starry paths of Jove
To Saturn's blissful feat remove;
Where fragrant breezes, vernal airs,

Sweet children of the main,
Purge the blest island from corroding cares,
And fan the bosom of each verdant plain :
Whose fertiie foil immortal fruitage bears ;

rees, from whose flaming branches flow
Array'd in golden bloom refulgent beams;

And flowers of golden hue, that blow
On the fresh borders of their parent streams.

Tlicse, by the blest in solemn triumph worn,
Their unpolluted hands and clustering locks adorn


Such is the righteous will, tie high beheit,
Of Rhadamanthus, ruler of the bleft;
The just afeffor of the throne divine,
On which, high rais'd above all gods, recline,
Link'd in the golden bands of wedded love,
The great progenitors of thundering Jove.


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