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measure. And any person who shall sell any nuts or shelled beans or any kind of berries by any measure other than dry measure shall be fined not exceeding $20.00, one-half thereof to the use of the town or city in which the offense shall have been committed and one-half thereof to the complainant. [1892] Sec. 10. Enforcement of chapter.

It shall be the duty of the chief of the division of foods and drugs to prosecute any person, firm or corporation violating any of the provisions of this chapter, and the chief of said division when making such complaint shall not be required to give surety for the payment of costs. [1916] General Laws 1938, Title XXXIV, Ch. 387—Business

Regulations, Sewing Thread. Sec. 1. Label.

Every manufacturer of sewing-thread or person engaged in putting up thread on spools or in pack ages intended for sale shall, before the same is offered for sale, affix to each spool or package a label or ticket designating the number of yards of thread which such spool or package contains. (1872]

General Laws 1938, Title XXXIV, Ch. 380—Business

Regulations, Pickled Fish_Continued. Sec. 17. Fees.

The packers of fish shall be paid for opening, assorting, inspecting, weighing, pickling, packing, or repacking, heading-up, nailing, and giving a certificate, if pickled codfish or mackerel, 20 cents for

every barrel and 15 cents for every half-barrel by the owner thereof: Provided, that for all pickled codfish or mackerel which have been inspected in some one of the United States and which shall not in the judgment of the packer require repacking, the said owner shall pay to the packer 20 cents only for unheading, inspecting, reheading, branding, nailing and giving a certificate thereof, and for ail other, except codfish and mackerel, the owner thereof shall pay the packer 25 cents for every cask. (1872] General Laws 1938, Title XXXIV, Ch. 383—Business

Regulations, Sale of Various Commodities. Sec. 1. Butter containers: Marking requirements.

Every person who shall make or bring into the state any butter firkins or tubs shall brand or mark each one of the same with the weight thereof and with the initial letters of his name, in a plain and durable manner, before he offers the same for sale. (1857] Sec. 2. Same: Marking required.

No person shall offer for sale any butter by the firkin or tub unless each firkin and tub shall be branded or marked as aforesaid. [1857] Sec. 3. Same: Penalty for violations; exception.

Every person who shall offer for sale any butter firkin or tub before the same shall be marked or branded as required in sec. 1 of this chapter, or any butter by the firkin or tub, in any firkin or tub not marked or branded as aforesaid, or in any firkin or tub which shall weigh more than the mark or brand on it, allowing 2 pounds additional for the brine absorbed by the same, shall forfeit $5.00, unless there shall be a special contract in relation to the kind, quantity and quality of the article sold. (1857] Sec. 6. Potatoes: Weight per bushel.

In the sale of potatoes by weight, the same shall be estimated at and after the rate of 60 pounds per bushel (1857] Sec. 7. Onions or root-crops: Weight per bushel.

In the sale of onions and of all other root-crops by weight, the same shall be estimated at and after the rate of 50 pounds per bushel. (1857] Sec. 8. Nuts, shelled beans and berries: Sale by dry measure; penalty.

Nuts and shelled beans and all kinds of berries, whenever sold by measure, shall be sold by dry

Sec. 2. Penalty for violations.

Every such person who shall purposely neglect to affix such label to each spool or package of thread or shall, with intent to deceive, affix or cause to suffer to be affixed a label or ticket to any spool or package of thread intended for sale specifying that such spool or package contains a greater number of yards of thread than such spool or package contains, shall forfeit the sum of $50.00 for each spool or package so without a label or falsely labeled which shall be sold or be delivered by him to any person to be sold, one-half thereof to the use of the state and one-half thereof to the use of the person who shall sue for the same. [1872] General Laws 1938, Title XXXIV, Ch. 388.Business

Regulations, Surveying of Lumber.
Sec. 1. Surveyor for Providence: Election; term of office.

There shall be a surveyor of lumber for the city of Providence, who shall be well skilled in the surveying and admeasurement of lumber; he shall be elected in the month of February annually, by the city council of said city, and shall hold his office for one year and until a successor be chosen, unless sooner removed. [1857]

Sec. 2. Same: Bond.

Such surveyor shall, before entering on the duties of his office, give bond with 2 sureties to the city treasurer, in the sum of $2,000.00, for the faithful discharge of his duties. [1857]

Sec. 3. Same: Appointment of deputy-surveyors.

Such surveyor may appoint, subject to the approval of the city council of said city, such number of deputy-surveyors, not less than 6, as he may judge sufficient, for whose official conduct he shall be answerable. [1857] Sec. 4. Same: Bond of deputies.

Such surveyor shall take bonds from said deputies for the faithful discharge of their duties, in the sum of $500.00 each, with surety; and the deputies shall be sworn faithfully to perform the same, and shall be removable by the surveyor for neglect of duty. [1857] Sec. 6. Surveyor for Newport: Election; bond.

The representative council of the city of Newport shall annually, in the month of February, elect one or more surveyors and measurers of boards, planks, timber, joist and scantling, removable at the pleasure of said representative council, who shall each give bond, with surety, in the sum of $1,000.00, to the city treasurer, for the faithful discharge of the duties of said office. [1857] Sec. 7. Extent of provisions of chapter.

Every surveyor and measurer of boards, planks, timber, joist and scantling, appointed by the town council of any town or by the representative council of the city of Newport, shall be subject to all the duties, provisions and penalties contained in this chapter. [1857] Sec. 9. Lumber to be measured.

All lumber brought by water or imported, discharged or delivered in this state, whether on the land or into a boat or vessel, except as hereinafter provided, shall be surveyed and admeasured according to the provisions of this chapter. [1857] Sec. 11. Same: Manner.

All boards less than three-fourths of an inch thick shall be surveyed and measured in the same manner as to quality, quantity and numbers, as though they were of the thickness of one inch. (1857] Sec. 12. Same: Planks and joists.

All planks and joists shall be surveyed as to quality and numbers the same as boards and their contents measured and marked in board-measure. (1857] Sec. 15. Deputies appointed for certain purposes.

The surveyor of lumber for any city may appoint one or more deputy-surveyors, whose duty it shall be to survey mahogany, cedar and cherry-tree boards, planks, joists and timber, and other ornamental or hard wood lumber, and ship-timber, and such deputy shall give bond with surety, as is required in sec. 4 of this chapter. (1857; last amended 1872.]

Sec. 18. Board measure to be marked.

In the survey of all boards, planks, joists and timber the contents of the same in board-measure shall be truly marked thereon in plain and durable numbers, and all other marks if not correct shall be erased; and in marking the contents of any lumber the board-measure commonly used in marking boards shall be used and no other. [1857] Sec. 21. Fees for measuring.

There shall be paid for the survey of all lumber, excepting hard woods, 25 cents per 1,000 feet boardmeasure, for mahogany, cedar and cherry-tree timber, boards, planks and joists, 50 cents per 1,000 feet board-measure, for oak and other hard woods, for ship-building, 25 cents per ton, for ash, maple, birch and other hard wood, 40 cents per 1,000 feet board-measure, to be paid by the purchaser, and in case the purchaser shall require that a person should be employed to keep tally of the lumber, an additional fee of 5 cents per 1,000 feet shall be paid for such service. No stock lumber shall be surveyed unless requested by the purchaser. [1857; last amended 1882.] Sec. 22. Fee for surveyor's use.

There shall be paid to the surveyor, of the fees aforesaid, for his own use, 3 cents on every 1,000 feet of pine, spruce, hemlock and juniper boards, planks, joists and sawed timber, 4 cents on every ton of oak and other ship-timber, 6 cents on every 1,000 feet board-measure of mahogany, cedar and other ornamental lumber, ash, maple, birch and other hard wood. (1857] Sec. 23. Measurement on board vessel.

No lumber shall be surveyed on board a vessel when the same can be conveniently landed for the inspection of the surveyors. [1872] Sec. 25. Exemption from measuring provisions.

Every person importing or purchasing lumber for his own private use and benefit, upon giving a certificate to that effect to the surveyor, shall not be required to have the same surveyed and measured as aforesaid; but should he dispose of it in any other manner than is provided in this section, he shall be liable to the same penalties as though said certificate had not been given. (1857] Sec. 26. Exemption from measuring provisions during transportation,

No person purchasing lumber without the state and trans-shipping the same through this state to any other state shall be required to have the same surveyed and measured. (1857] Sec. 27. Penalty for violating chapter.

Every person who shall sell, purchase, deliver or take the delivery of any boards, planks, joists or timber, in violation of any of the provisions of this


General Laws 1938, Title XXXIV, Ch. 388—Business General Laws 1938, Title LXX, Ch. 605—Imperson

Regulations, Surveying of Lumber—Continued. ation of Weights and Measures Officials. chapter, shall forfeit for all boards, planks, joists Sec. 18. Penalty. and timber so sold, purchased or delivered, $1.00 per 1,000 feet board-measure, and the same for any

Every person who shall falsely assume or pretend less amount, one-half thereof to the use of the state,

to be a town sealer of weights and measures, aucand one-half thereof to the use of the surveyor of

tioneer, corder of wood or fence-viewer, and shall the town or city in which the same shall be taken act as such, shall be fined not less than $20.00 nor or delivered, who shall prosecute for all violations more than $100.00. [1872] of this chapter that come to his knowledge. [1857; last amended 1872.)

General Laws 1938, Title LXX, Ch. 612—False Adver

tising. Sec. 29. Fraud in office; penalty.

Sec. 54. Unlawful acts; penalty. Every person appointed to office under this chapter, or his deputy, who shall connive at any fraud No person, firm, corporation or association, with or deception in surveying, marking or numbering intent to sell, or in anywise dispose of merchandise, the contents of any boards, planks, joists or timber, securities, service or anything offered by such pershall be fined for each offense not less than $50.00.

son, firm, corporation or association, directly or (1857; last amended 1872.]

indirectly, to the public for sale or distribution, or Sec. 30. Neglect of duty; penalty.

with intent to increase the consumption thereof, or Every surveyor or his deputy who, on due notice

to induce the public in any manner to enter into and request, shall wilfully neglect or refuse to per

any obligation therefor or to acquire title thereto, form the duties enjoined by this chapter, shall be

or any interest therein, shall make, publish, dissemfined for each offense not less than $10.00 nor more

inate, circulate, or place before the public, or cause, than $50.00. [1857; last amended 1872.]

directly or indirectly, to be made, published, disseminated, circulated or placed before the public

, Sec. 31. Reinspection upon demand.

in this state, in a newspaper or other publication, Any person who shall be dissatisfied with the or in the form of a book, notice, handbill, poster, survey and admeasurement of any lumber pur- bill, circular, pamphlet, letter, or in any other way, chased or sold by him, by any deputy appointed an advertisement of any sort regarding merchandise, by the surveyor, may require the surveyor, with securties, service, or anything so offered to the pubone or more deputies, at the option of the sur

lic, which advertisement contains any assertion, veyor, to reinspect the same. [1857; last amended

representation, or statement of fact, which is untrue, 1872.]

deceptive or misleading,

*. No person, Sec. 32. Fees in case of error in measurement.

firm, corporation or association, with intent to If, upon reinspection, an error shall be found in

profit, directly or indirectly thereby, shall place, or the survey above the amount of $5.00, the person

cause or produce an advertisement to be placed in who surveyed the lumber shall receive no compen- or affixed to a newspaper, without the consent of sation for his services, and shall be fined not less the publisher of said newspaper; and in any way than $10.00 nor more than $20.00; and the surveyor

calculated to lead the readers thereof to believe that and his deputy or deputies in other cases shall such advertisement was circulated by such pubreceive for their compensation 25 cents per 1,000 lisher. The placing of an advertisement, notice, feet, to be paid by the purchaser. [1857; last circular, pamphlet, card, handbill, printed notice amended 1872.]

of any kind in or the affixing thereof to a newsSec. 33. Reinspection; expenses.

paper is presumptive evidence that the person or

persons, or corporation or corporations, whose name The expense of overhauling lumber for the pur

or names appear therein as proprietor, advertiser, pose of reinspection and of the reinspection, shall

vendor, or exhibitor, or whose goods, wares and be paid by the person requiring the same; and in

merchandise are advertised therein, caused or proall such cases the compensation therefor shall be equally divided among the surveyor and his deputy

cured the same to be so placed or affixed with intent or deputies. [1857; last amended 1872.]

to profit thereby. Any person, firm, corporation

or association who shall violate any of the proSec. 34. Construction of chapter.

visions of this section shall be fined not less than This chapter shall not be so construed as to $50.00 nor more than $300.00, or be imprisoned require the survey or admeasurement of any lum- not more than 90 days or shall suffer both such ber made in any town in this state. [1857]

fine and imprisonment. [1914; last amended 1928.)

[blocks in formation]

Code of Laws 1942, Vol. 3, Title 34, Ch. 139, Art. 1-
Weights and Measures

Page Sec. 6645 Standard weights and measures: Commodi. ties

912 6646 Same: United States commodity measures adopted

913 6647 Same: Offenses

913 6648 Same: Offenses in docking

913 6649 Flour, corn meal, hominy and hominy grits:

Standard weight containers; exceptions;
penalty for violations

913 6650 Inspection of scales, measures, etc.; right of entry

913 6651 Seizure and condemnation of incorrect equipment; rules and regulations

913 6652 Possession of false weights, etc., as evidence; seizure

914 6653 Refusal to allow inspection; interference with inspector; offense

914 6654 Packaged commodities: Marking requirements

914 6655 Same: Terms in which contents shall be stated; exceptions

914 6656 Same: Exemptions of retailer who relies on package labels; provisions thereof

915 6657 “Person" defined

915 6658 “Container" defined

915 6659 Selling less than quantity represented; prima facie evidence; violation

915 6660 Penalties or violation

915 6661 State standards; custody; tolerances

915 Code of Laws 1942, Vol. 2, Title 28, Ch. 115, Art. 3—

County Standards of Weights and Measures Sec. 3608 Procurement and custody

915 Code of Laws 1942, Vol. 1, Title 21, Ch. 70—False

Weighing, Measuring and Packing Sec. 1279–1 Fraudulently increasing weight of salt pork; penalty

915 1280 Fraudulent packing of cotton; penalty 916 1281 Charge of "breakage" on weighing of cotton; penalty

916 1286 Deduction sale of cotton; offense; penalty

916 1287 Weight of bales of cotton deemed mer. chantable

916 1288 Cotton factors to furnish statements on demand; offense; penalty

916 1323 Liquid fuels, lubricating oils, greases; offenses; penalty

916 Code of Laws 1942, Vol. 2, Title 28, Ch. 114, Art. 10%

State lodine Label
Sec. 3272 Selection; conditions of use


Code of Laws 1942, Vol. 3, Title 34, Ch. 138, Art. 2–

Weighing of Cotton Sec. 6386 Standard tare

919 6387 Charges for weighing; penalty

920 6398 Record of public ginner

920 6399 Acceptance of bales; offense

920 6402 Public weighers: Election

920 6403 Same: Oath; bond; compensation

920 6404 Same: Duties; removal upon cause

920 6404–1 Same: Weighing regulated

921 6405 Same: Exceptions to weighing laws

921 6406 Same: Duties; requirements for scales;

monthly reports of weighers; payment for
use of platform

6407 Same: Counties may contract for platforms 921
6456 Same: Specific legislation

922 6458 Regulation of cotton weighing in cities over

20,000 and less than 50,000: Platforms;
weighers; penalties for violations; enforce-



[blocks in formation]

Code of Laws 1942, Vol. 2, Title 28, Ch. 114, Art 13

Shellfish Sec. 3308 Enforcement

917 3370 Standard measures for shellfish; non-standard measures to be destroyed

917 3371 Use of non-standard measures; penalty 917 3372 Package label; stamps

917 3418 Crab meat: Pounds to a gallon

917 Code of Laws 1942, Vol. 3, Title 30, Ch. 121, Art. 4

"Uniform Narcotic Drug Act” Sec. 5128–9 Marking requirements

917 5128_18 Enforcement

917 5128_19 Penalties for violations


Code of Laws 1942, Vol. 3, Title 34, Ch. 138, Art. 10%

Commercial Feeding Stuffs Sec. 6587 Marking requirements; standard weight packages

923 6588 Definition

924 6593 Seizure

924 6597-4 Penalty for violations

924 6598 Notification of violation

924 6600 Inspectors


[blocks in formation]

Code of Laws 1942, Vol. 3, Title 34, Ch. 139, Art. 1—

Weights and Measures. Sec. 6645. Standard weights and measures: Commodities.

The following shall be the legal and uniform standard weights and measures in this State for the sale and purchase of the following named products of the farm, orchard or garden, and articles of merchandise, to wit: 1




per barrel



Apples, green
Beans, green, in pods
Corn, green, with shucks
Corn, matured, with shucks
Melon, cantaloupe
Peas, green in hull
Potatoes, Irish
Potatoes, sweet

Corn meal, bolted

Peas, green

per buskel

48 30 50 25 23 36 26 64 50 60 50 48 50 48 44 14 60 20 50 56



21/2 21/2 21/2

50 50 48 12 12 50 48 50

Apples, green
Apples, dried
Apples, seed
Blue grass, seed
Beans, dried
Beans, green, in pods
Beans, castor
Blackberries, dried
Broom-corn seed
Cane seed
Cherries, with stems
Cherries, without stems
Corn, shelled
Corn, in the ear, shucked
Corn, in the ear, with shucks
Corn, green, with shucks
Corn, pop, shelled
Corn meal, unbolted

Peaches, matured
Peaches, dried
Pears, matured
Pears, dried
Pie plant
Potatoes, Irish
Potatoes, sweet
Quinces, matured
Rape seed
Rice, rough
Rye grass, Italian, seed
Rye meal
Rye seed
Sorghum seed
Salads, turnips, kale
Salads, mustard, spinach
Coal, stone
Canary seed
Clover seed, red and white
Cottonseed, long staple
Grapes, with stems
Grapes, without stems
Hickory nuts
Hair, plastering
Hungarian seed
Hemp seed


per bushel

50 24 40 14 60 30 46 50 48 28 20 42 50 48 50 50 50 56 64 56 70 74 100 56 48

40 22 80 60 60 30 30 32 40 56 48 48 60 50 50

8 62 48

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