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When such men as Virgil, Galileo, Bacon, and Fauftus, to whose memory so much justice has been done by pofterity, could not efcape the shafts of ignorance and envy, it would have been folly in the extreme for fo humble an individual as, I am, to hope that I should escape unnoticed by the ignorant and envious. The progress that I have made in improving a new difcovery in the art of printing, and which is now practised at my Logographic-press, has been ridiculed and decried by those, who understood not what they condemned, or who fickened at its superior merits and success. No one has yentured to stand forward


and attack the plan openly, though by a pamphlet which was published on the occasion, manly and candid criticism was courted: what flanderers of the improvement, did not dare to do publicly, and by fair argument, they have endeavoured to effe&t by private whispers, false insinuations, and significant nods and shrugs, which were calculated to convey an idea of the profound sagacity of those who made them. I could easily bear this species of attack from certain Printers to whom I have been able to trace it; it is natural to men of grovelling minds, that they should envy a person who was likely to obtain a share of


public favour; but I feel myself hurt indeed at finding, that among those who strive to injure me in my arduous undertaking, there are some whom I once reckoned my friends: but I now plainly see they were mere funshine friends, who courted my acquaintance in the day of my prosperity, but fled from me as from a pestilence; when the clouds of adversity were gathered over me; the loss of such friends ought rather to be matter of fatisfaction, than concern: indeed to have lost the friendship of worthy men, whose attachment to me was founded in disinterestedness, would be a shock too violent to be borne: but it is my pride to say that my


real friends did not desert me; they stood by me in the day of trial, because my condu& was marked with integrity, and fan&tioned by honour. My misfortunes were not imputed to me as faults, they were the natural consequences of the calamities that befel the empire at large, during the course of an exhausting and unfortunate war, the effects of which were felt even by the greatest commercial houses in the nation: it was not surprising that a storm which shook the kingdom to its center, should overset my little bark : that my reputation however did not perish with my fortune, I have the happiness to experience by the

very liberal sup



port and encouragement I have already received from a most refpe&able body of friends, in the great undertaking in which I have embarked. The countenance of

of worth and character, greatly overbalances any anxiety that the attacks of the envious could possibly occasion in my mind: indeed I should not expect that envy would remain quiet when such a plan was about to be brought forward into the world; for as envy is the constant attendant upon merit, so it would have been fair to conclude, that what did not excite the former did not possess the lat

The envious therefore may rail on; their attacks will prove



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