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O'er mines and caves of death provokes the fight,
And learns to conquer in the hero's sight.

The British chief, for mighty toils renown’d,
Increas'd in titles, and with conquests crown'd,
To Belgian coasts his tedious march renews,
And the long windings of the Rhine pursues,
Clearing its borders from usurping foes,
And blest by rescued nations as he goes.
Treves fears no more, freed from its dire alarms;
And Traerbach feels the terror of his arms :
Seated on rocks her proud foundations fhake,
While Marlboro ugh prefles to the bold attack,
Plants all his batteries, bids his cannon roar,
And shows how Landau might have fall’n before.
Scar'd at his near approach, great Louis fears
Vengeance reservd for his declining years,
Forgets his thirst of universal sway,
And scarce can teach his subjects to obey;
His arms he finds on vain attempts employ'd,
Th' ambitious projects for his race destroy'd,
The works of ages funk in one campaign,
And lives of millions sacrific'd in vain.

Such are th' effects of Anna's royal cares :
By her, Britannia, great in foreign war's,
Ranges through nations, wheresoe’er disjoin'd,
Without the wonted aid of sea and wind.
By her th' unfetter'd Ister's states are free,
And taste the sweets of English liberty :
But who can tell the joys of those that lie
Beneath the constant influence of her eye !


Whilst in diffusive showers her bounties fall
Like heaven's indulgence, and descend on all,
Secure the happy, succour the distrest,
Make every subject glad, and a whole people blest.

Thus would I fain Britannia's wars rehearse,
In the smooth records of a faithful verse ;
That, if fuch numbers can o'er time prevail,
May tell pofterity the wondrous tale.
When actions, 'unadorn'd, are faint and weak,
Cities and countries must be taught to speak;
Gods may descend in factions from the skies,
And rivers from their oozy beds arise;
Fiction may deck the truth with spurious rays,
And round the hero cast a borrow'd blaze.
Marlborough's exploits appear divinely bright,
And proudly shine in their own native light;
Rais'd of themselves, their genuine charms they boast,
And those who paint them truest praise them molt.

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FROM life's superfluous cares enlarg’d,,,

His debt of human toil discharg'd,
Here Cowley lies! beneath this shed,
To every worldly interest dead;
With decent poverty content,
His hours of ease not idly spent;
To fortune's goods a foe profest,
And hating wealth by all carelt.
'Tis true he's dead; for oh! how small
A spot of earth is now his all :
Oh! wish that carth may lightly lay,
And every care be far away ;
Bring flowers; the short-liv'd roses bring,
To life deceas’d, fit offering :
And sweets around the poet strow,


with life his ashes glow.


Ρ Ο Ε Μ Α Τ Α.


Tijrus. H' denfas,

IC inter corylos, umbrosa cacumina,

Nos cantare pares quoniam convenimus ambo,
Dicamus laudes heroum (ut, Mopse, folemus)
Tempora transibunt fic læta canentibus, & nunc
Dic age, quos nostro celebrari carmine fumes.
Mopfus. Tityre, nunc reddantur eis pia munera

Otia qui dederint nobis placidamque quietem ;
Scilicet illorum resonent encomia sylvä,
Qui dignabantur regni fulcire ruinas.

T. Tanta haud conveniunt humili tenuique cicutæ zi
Sed quoniam in magnis, dicunt, voluisse sat esse;
Ipfe tuas, Gulielme, canam laudefque Mariæ ;
Nam, quos junxit amor, nemo fejungere debet.

M. Tunc mihi Phæbe fave, Mufæque favete canenti, Ne culpa ingenii illorum minuantur honores.

T. Aft ego nec Phoebum curo, Phæbive forores, Carmina namque mihi cedit nunc lemma canenti.


F 3

* These verses occafioned Mr. Addison's being elated into Magdalen Coliege.

M. Sint licet illustri proavorum stemmate clari, Sunt magis ornati propriis virtutibus ambo.

T. Si Rex est regit immanes qui pectoris æstus ; Tum quot Regna tenet Gulielmus I quotque Maria !

M. Inclytus hic Mavors, sapiens hæc altera Pallas, Vulnerat ille armis, forma sed vulnerat illa.

T. Quando vias Pelagi tentârunt, mole fuperbum Suftulit ad nubes mare fe, faftuque tumebat.

M. Quando tellurem tetigerunt, Arcades omnes Pani Deo Arcadiæ tenerum mactavimus agnum.

T. Tunc iterum totus resonat modulamine campus, Miscent pastores iterum nymphæque choreas.

M. Lætus gramineis lusit tunc agnus in agris, Floribus atque novis hædi infilueve petulci.

T. Quantus erat victor Gulielmus, quando popelli Vicit corda, hostes vicit, vicitque feipfum !

M. Participat sponsi virtutem & regna Maria, Digna tribus Regnis, & tanto digna Marito.

T. Primus hic imperio, nulli est virtute fecundus, Sic fol, quam ftellæ, majori luce refulget.

M. Sed qualis ftellas micat inter luna minores, Talis, cum cincta est fociis, Regina videtur.

T. At quæ nos illis nunc, Tityre, digna precemur, Ludere qui pecori, pecorisque dedere magistris ?

M. Æternam inveniam, quam donavere, quietem ! 7. Et fero cælos exornet fidus utrumque


JOSEPHUS ADDISON, Commensalis è Coll. Reg.


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