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to his penalty: The Chorus briefly concludes. Compare this with the former draught.

Scotch stories, or rather British of the North parts.

Athrico Nain by Natholochus, whose daughter he had ravisht, and this Natholochus usurping thereon the kingdom, seeks to say the kindred of Athrico, who scape him and conspire against him. He fends to a witch to know the event. The witch tells the messenger, that he is the man fhall Nay Natholochus: he detests it, but in his Journey home changes his mind, and performs it. Scotch Chron. English, p. 68, 69.

DUFFEE and DONWALD, a strange story of witchcraft, and murder discover'd and reveng'd. Scotch Story, 149, &C.

HAIE, the Plowman, who with his two sons that were at plough running to the battel that was between the Scots and Danes in the next field, staid the flight of his countrymen, renew'd the battel, and caus’d the victory, &c. Scotch Story, p. 155.

KENNETH, who having privily poison’d Malcolm Duffee, that his own son might succeed, is lain by Fenella. Scotch Hift. p. 157, 158, &c.

MACBETH, beginning at the arrival of Malcolm at Mackduffe. The matter of Duncan may be express'd by the appearing of his ghost.

MO ABITIDES or PHINE AS. The Epitafis whereof may lie in the contention, first between the father of Zimri and Eleazer, whether he


(ought] to have slain his son without law. Next, the embassadors of the Moabites expoftulating about Colbi a stranger and a noble woman Nain by Phineas. It may be argued about reformation and punishment illegal, and, as it were by tumult, after all arguments driven home, then the word of the Lord may be brought, acquitting and approving Phineas.


CHRISTUS PATIENS. The scene in the garden beginning from the coming thither till Judas betrays, and the officers lead him away. The rest by message and Chorus. His agony may receive noble expressions,

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