The Works of the English Poets: With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, Том 4

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Samuel Johnson
C. Bathurst, 1779
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Страница 109 - but now lead on, In me is no delay; with thee to go, 615 Is to ftay here; without thee here to ftay, Is to go hence unwilling; thou to me Art all things under Heav'n, all places thou, Who for my wilful crime art banifh'd hence. This further confolation yet fecure
Страница 8 - abftracled ftood From his own ev'il, and for the time remain'd Stupidly good, of enmity difarm'd, 465 Of guile, of hate, of envy, of revenge; But the hot Hell that always in him burns, Though in mid Heav'n, foon ended his delight, And tortures him now more, the more he fees Of pleafure not for him
Страница 53 - Fix'd on this day ? why do I overlive, Why am I mock'd with death, and lengthen'd out •To deathlefs pain ? how gladly would I meet 775 Mortality my fentence, and be earth Infenfible, how glad would lay me down As in my mother's lap ? there I mould reft And fleep fecure ; his dreadful voice no more
Страница 77 - fo violence Proceeded, and oppreffion, and fword-law Through all the plain, and refuge none was found. Adam was all in tears, and to his guide Lamenting turn'd full fad ; O what are thefe, 675 Death's minifters, not men, who thus deal death Inhumanly to men, and multiply Ten thoufand fold the
Страница 14 - far. So glifter'd the dire Snake, and into fraud Led Eve our credulous mother, to the tree Of prohibition, root of all our woe; 645 Which when fhe faw, thus to her guide me fpake. Serpent, we might have fpar'd our coming hither, Fruitlefs to me, though fruit be here to
Страница 14 - vapor, which the night 635 Condenfes, and the cold environs round, Kindled through agitation to a flame, Which oft, they fay, fome evil Spi'rit attends, Hovering and blazing with delufive light, Mifleads th' amaz'd night-wand'rer from his way 640 To bogs and mires, and oft through pond or pool, There fwallow'd up and loft, from fuccour far.
Страница 73 - And now prepare thee for another fight. 555 He look'd, and faw a fpacious plain, whereon Were tents of various hue; by fome were herds Of cattel grazing; others, whence the found Of inftruments that made melodious chime Was heard, of harp and organ ; and who mov'd 560 Their
Страница 90 - derive his name, Though of rebellion others he accufe. He with a crew, whom like ambition joins With him or under him to tyrannize, Marching from Eden tow'ards the weft, mall find 40 The plain, wherein a black bituminous gurge Boils out from under ground, the mouth of Hell; Of brick, and of that
Страница 59 - but a flow-pac'd evil, A long day's dying to augment our pain, And to our feed (O haplefs feed!) deriv'd. 965 To whom thus Eve, recovering heart, reply'd. Adam, by fad experiment I know How little weight my words with thee can find, Found fo erroneous, thence by juft event Found fo unfortunate; neverthelefs,
Страница 80 - fo numerous late, All left, in one fmall bottom fwum imbark'd. How didft thou grieve then, Adam, to behold The end of all thy offspring, end fo fad, 755 Depopulation ! thee another flood, Of tears and forrow' a flood thee alfo drown'd, And funk thee as thy fons; till gently rear'd By