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Turners Falls Paper Company.
V. K. & A. H. Jones Company.
W. L. Douglass Shoe Company.
W. S. Reed Toy Company.
W. S. Swett Company.
West Stockbridge Lime Company.
Westborough Factory Building Association.
Westfield Gas Light Company.
Whitman Paper Box Company.
William F. Morgan Company.
Wm. G. Rogers Company.
Williamstown Electric Light Company.
Woburn Power Company.


The following corporations, reported to this department by the Tax Commissioner for delinquency in making their tax returns under R. L., c. 14, § 37, have been compelled, without the necessity of a suit at law, to comply with the statute :

Agawam Ice Company,
Andover Press, Limited.
Arion Manufacturing Company (enjoined on tax suit).
Arthur C. Harvey Company.
Athol Water Company.
Atlantic Lumber Company..
Barnstable County Street Railway Company.
Bay State Bottling Company.
Beacon Manufacturing Company.
Bemis & Diamond Company, Incorporated.
Block Plant Electric Light Company.
Bon Marché Dry Goods Company.
Boston Book Binding Company.
Boston Machine Company.
Boston Trading and Export Company.
Bristol & Norfolk Street Railway Company.
Brockton Industrial Corporation.
Burbank Produce Company.
Bush Market Company.
Caloric Transfer Company.
Cambridge Baking Company.
Cantello Manufacturing Company.
Cape Cod Street Railway Company.
Carlow & Putnam Company.
Carter Clothing Company.
Charles A. Eaton Company.
Charles H. Dodge Construction Company.
Charles P. Kearns Company.
Charles S. Brown Company.
Chelmsford Foundry Company.

Chelmsford Gas Light Company. Child Acme Cutter and Press Company. Cochrane Manufacturing Company. Cold Spring Grocery Company. Connecticut Steam Stone Company. Craig & Craig Company. Crescent Worsted Company. Crocker Drug Company. Dane & Washburn Company. Davis & Buxton Stamping Company. Dickerman Company. Dillon Machine Company. Doctor Ray Medicine Company. Donahoes Magazine Company. E. W. Noyes Company. Eastern Electric Company. Eastern Printing and Engraving Company. Emery Bemis Company. Evans Stamping and Plaiting Company, Fall River Public Market, Incorporated. Fisk Rubber Company. Fitchburg Manufacturing Company. Fox, Feuerherm & Mentz Leather Company. Franklin Educational Company. Gardner Gas Fuel and Light Company. Garratt-Ford Company. George D. Emerson Company. George H. Wood Company. Goldena Manufacturing Company. Greenfield Recorder Company. H. A. Lothrop Manufacturing Company. H. L. Aldrich Company. Haverhill Illuminating Company. Hill & Proctor Company. Hinckley Rendering Company. Holyoke Provision and Cold Storage Company. Hudson Gas Light Company. Hunt Spiller Manufacturing Company. J. A. Glass Company. J. H. Williams Wall Paper Company. J. P. Jordan Paper Company. Kimball & Cary Company. Kimball Brothers Company. Kuro Medicine Company.

L. Sprague Company.
L. V. Colahan Shoe Company.
Lamprey Boiler Furnace Mouth Protector Company.
Lovett Company.
Lyons & Alexander Company.
Marlier & Co., Limited.
Massachusetts Chemical and Bacteriological Laboratory,

Massachusetts Contracting Company.
Massachusetts Investment Company.
Massasoit Whip Company.
Medfield & Medway Street Railway Company.
Metrick Granule and Tablet Company.
Metropolitan Bolt Company.
Middleborough Co-operative Association.
Monarch Horse Nail Company.
Morning Mail Corporation.
Morrill Brothers Company.
Morrison Coal Company.
Murray Cone Shoe Company.
Musgrove Knitting Company.
Mutual District Messenger Company.
Natick & Needham Street Railway Company.
New Bedford Co-operative Coal Company.
New England Dredging Company.
Nine Mile Pond Fishing Company.
Norcross Brothers Company.
Norcross Brown Stone Company.
Norfolk Western Street Railway Company.
Nute-Hallett Company.
P. P. Emory Manufacturing Company.
People's Coal, Ice and Lumber Company.
People's Ice Company of Worcester.
Persons Manufacturing Company.
Phillipston Street Railway Company.
Pickering Manufacturing Company.
Pigeon Hill Granite Company.
Pond Machine Tool Company.
R. Butler Company.
Randall Faichney Company.
Revere Roller Coaster Company.
Roeder & Keene Company.
S. A. Ryan Company.
Salisbury Beach Aqueduct Company.

Sanitary Manufacturing Company.
Shady Hill Nursery Company.
Smith-Warren Company.
South Bay Improvement Company.
Springfield Construction Company.
Springfield Elevator and Pump Company.
Springfield Union Publishing Company.
Stoughton Gas and Electric Company.
Suffolk Brewing Company.
Taunton Dye Works and Bleaching Company.
Taunton Evening News.
Telegram Publishing Company.
Templeton Street Railway Company.
Thomas & Pike Company.
Traveller Publishing Company.
Troy White Granite Company.
Union Hall Association.
W. C. Young Manufacturing Company.
W. D. Wilmarth & Son Corporation.
Wachusett Mills.
Waltham Watch Tool Company of Springfield.
Warren & Brookfield Electric Street Railway Company.
Westport Harbor Aqueduct Company.
Weymouth Light and Power Company.
Weymoutb Seam Face Granite Company.
William N. Flynt Granite Company.
Worcester Automobile Company.
Ziegler Electric Company.

The following corporations, reported to this department by the Commissioner of Corporations for delinquency in filing the certificate of condition for 1902 and 1903, required by R. L., c. 110, $ 51, have been compelled, without the necessity of suit, to comply with the statute. Returns for 1902 :

Amesbury & Salisbury Gas Company.
Boston Advertising Company.
Boston Machine Company.
Boston Printing Company.
Bridgewater Water Company.
Cantelo Manufacturing Company.
Clarendon Counter Company.
Co-operative Printing Society.
Daily News Company.
Essex Leather Company.

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