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The following cases have been brought for alleged land damages incurred in the alteration of grade crossings. The Commonwealth, being obliged under the statutes to pay at least twenty-five per cent. of the expenses incurred in the alteration of all grade crossings, has in all cases been made a party thereto.

Ballentine et al. v. Town of Gardner. Superior Court, Worcester

County. Pending. Boston et als. v. Boston Wharf Company. Superior Court,

Suffolk County. Pending. Codman et als. v. New England Railroad Company et als. Superior

Court, Suffolk County. Pending. Connell v. Boston & Maine Railroad Company et al. Superior

Court, Middlesex County. Pending. Dickinson et al. v. Fitchburg. Superior Court, Worcester County.

Pending. Malden v. Boston & Maine Railroad Company. Superior Court,

Middlesex County. Pending. McKenna v. Boston et als. Superior Court, Suffolk County.

Pending. Phelps v. Fitchburg Railroad. Superior Court, Middlesex County.

Pending. Putnam Machine Company v. Fitchburg. Superior Court, Worces

ter County. Pending. Sprague v. Fitchburg. Superior Court, Worcester County. Pend

ing. Stack v. New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad et al.

Superior Court, Hampshire County. Pending.


The following corporations having made voluntary application to the Supreme Judicial Court for dissolution, and having given the Attorney-General due notice of the petition, and the Tax Commissioner having certified that they were not indebted to the Commonwealth for taxes, the Attorney-General waived right to be heard :

A. W. Strauss Paint and Varnish Company.
Adams Electric Light and Power Company.
Agawam Paper Company.
Albermarle Slate Company.
Albert & J. M. Ardison Manufacturing Company.
American Steam Gauge and Valve Company.
Bay State Ice Company.
Bell Telephone Company.
Blair Manufacturing Company.
Boston & Worcester Railroad Mutual Benefit Association.
Boston Coffer Dam Company.
Boylston Insurance Company.
Bradley & Sayward Shoe Company.
C. L. Grieves Paint Company.
C. S. Hoar Company.
Cape Ann Printing Company.
Charles River Ice Company.
Chase & Co. Corporation.
Christian Witness Company.
Clark & Chapman Machine Company,
Dunbar Wood Heel Company.
East Wareham, Onset Bay & Point Independence Street

Railway Company.
F. A. Clapp Horn Company.
F. L. Hewes Paint Company.
Fall River Machine Company.
Falmouth Heights Water Company.
Fiske Wharf and Warehouse Company.

Franklin Osborn Company.
Frankton Mills.
Fred T. Prior Company.
Frederick Kendall Company.
Fuller Company.
George E. Keith Company.
Golden Spring Hook and Eye Company.
Hagop Bogigian Company.
Hampden Cancelling Machine Company.
Hetherington Textile Machinery Company.
John C. Trott Company.
John 0. Smith Company.
L. V. Colaban Shoe Company.
Lincoln & Wood Company.
Lowell Wadding and Paper Company.
Mansfield Factory and Power Company.
Massachusetts Fireproof Storage and Warehouse Com-

pany. Massachusetts Society for Promotion of Temperance and

Inebriates Home.
Merrett Express Company.
Metacomet Manufacturing Company.
Middlesex Coal Company of Lowell.
Moore & Bennett Coal Company.
Morgan Company.
National Bell Telephone Company.
New England Telephone Company.
Nonotuck Paper Company.
Northampton Paper Company.
Oran McCormack Company.
Orange Furniture Company.
Parlor Pride Manufacturing Company.
Perkins Machine Company.
Phillips Manufacturing Company.
Pickering Metcalf Company.
Putnam & Sprague Company.
R. C. Inslee Company.
Robbins-Paine Drug Company.
Roxbury Bottle Company.
Simonds Rolling Machine Company.
Springdale Paper Company.
Springfield Supply Company.
Stevens & Willis Company.
Swett & Lewis Company.

Turners Falls Paper Company.
V. K. & A. H. Jones Company.
W. L. Douglass Shoe Company.
W. S. Reed Toy Company.
W. S. Swett Company.
West Stockbridge Lime Company.
Westborough Factory Building Association.
Westfield Gas Light Company.
Whitman Paper Box Company.
William F. Morgan Company.
Wm. G. Rogers Company.
Williamstown Electric Light Company.
Woburn Power Company.


The following corporations, reported to this department by the Tax Commissioner for delinquency in making their tax returns under R. L., c. 14, § 37, have been compelled, without the necessity of a suit at law, to comply with the statute :

Agawam Ice Company.
Andover Press, Limited.
Arion Manufacturing Company (enjoined on tax suit).
Arthur C. Harvey Company.
Athol Water Company.
Atlantic Lumber Company..
Barnstable County Street Railway Company.
Bay State Bottling Company.
Beacon Manufacturing Company.
Bemis & Diamond Company, Incorporated.
Block Plant Electric Light Company.
Bon Marché Dry Goods Company.
Boston Book Binding Company.
Boston Machine Company.
Boston Trading and Export Company.
Bristol & Norfolk Street Railway Company.
Brockton Industrial Corporation.
Burbank Produce Company.
Bush Market Company.
Caloric Transfer Company.
Cambridge Baking Company.
Cantello Manufacturing Company.
Cape Cod Street Railway Company.
Carlow & Putnam Company.
Carter Clothing Company.
Charles A. Eaton Company.
Charles H. Dodge Construction Company.
Charles P. Kearns Company.
Charles S. Brown Company.
Chelmsford Foundry Company.

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