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For Plumpton-parke I will give thee,

With tenements faire beside :
'Tis worth three hundred markes by the yeare,

To maintaine thy good cowe-hide." 180

Gramercye, my liege, the tanner replyde,

For the favour thou haft me showne;
If ever thou 'comest to merry Tamworth,

Neates leather shall clout thy shoen.

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Asier was, I beliene, ancienily used in the ceremony y conferrte Knighihood. perhaps the king used the pench word Acader, Jig na sing to give the colade, or blogu that was to Hub bim a kniga This ibA Tanner ignorany mistakes for collar,


Gwerthe hoti

opposite mi Jalil,

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The scene of this song is the same, as in Num. XIV. The pilgrimage to Walfingham suggested the plan of many popular pieces. In the Pepys collection, Vol. I. p. 226, is a kind of Interlude in the old ballad style, of which the firs] jianza alone is worth reprinting.

As I went to Walfingham,

To the shring, with speede,
Met I with a jolly palmer

In a pilgrimes weede.
Now God you save, you jolly palmer!

- Welcome, lady gay,
“ Oft have I sued to thee for love."

-Oft have I said you nay.
The pilgrimages undertaken on pretence of religion, were
often productive of affairs of gallantry, and led the votaries
to no other forine than that of Venus *.

The following ballad was once very popular; it is quoted
in Fletcher's Knt. of the burning peftle,Act 2. Jc. ult.
and in another old play, called, Hans Beer-pot, his in-
visible Comedy, &c.410, 1618; Aft 1.-The copy below
was communicated to the Editor by the late Mr. Shenstone
as corrected by him from an ancient MS, and supplied with a
concluding fianza.


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Even in the time of Langland, pilgrimages to Walfingham were not
unfavourable to the rites of Venus. Tbus in bis Vifions of Pierce
Plowman, fo. I.

Hermets on a heape, with hoked staves,
Wenten to Walsingham, and her I wenches after.

I in eo their.

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We have placed this, and Gentle HERDSMAN, &c. thus early in the volume, upon a presumption that they must bave been written, if not before the dissolution of the monafteries, yet while the remembran

rance of them was fresh in the minds of the people.

S ye came from the holy land

Of blessed' Walsingham,
O met you not with my true love

As by the way ye came?

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