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This little simple elegy is given, with some corrections, from two copies, one of which is irr" The golden garland of

princely delights."

The burthen of the song, Ding Dong, &c. is at present appropriated to burlesque subjects, and therefore may excite only ludicrous ideas in a modern reader; but in the time of our poet it usually accompanied the most folemn and mournful Arains. Of this kind is that fine aerial Dirge in Shake(pear's Tempeft,

Full fadom five thy father lies,

Of his bones are corrall made ;
Thoje are pearles that were his eyes ;

Nothing of him, that doth fade,
But doth Juffer a sea-change

Into something rich and strange :

Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell, " Harke now I heare them, Ding dong bell."

[Buriben, Ding dong."]

I make no doubt but the poet intended to conclude

the air in a manner the most folemn and expreffive of melancholy.

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