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Wyth fwyppyng of swepyls :

Thay were so wery for-foght,
Thay myzt not fyzt mare oloft,
But creped about in the croft,'

As thay were croked crepyls.



Perkyn was fo wery, that he began to loute ;
Help, Hud, I am ded in thys ylk rowte :,
An hors for forty pens, a gode and a ftoate!
That I may lyztly come of my noye oute,
For no cost wyl I spare.

He ftyrt up as a snayle,
And hent a capul be the tayle,
And reft' Dawkin hys flayle,

And wan there a mare.

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Perkyn wan five, and Hud wan twa:
Glad and blythe thay ware, that thay had don sa ;
Thay wold have tham to Tyb, and present hur with tha:
The Capulls were so wery, that thay myzt not ga,
But ftyl gon thay stond.

Alas ! quoth Hudde, my joye I lese;
Mee had lever then a fton of chese,
That dere Tyb had al these,

And wyst it were my sond.

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Perkyn turnyd hyin about in that ych thrang, 199
Among thos wery boyes he-wrelt and he wrang;

He Ver. 163. The boyes were MS. V. 170. creped then about in the roft. MS.

V.179. razt. MS. V. 185. ftand. MS, 1.189. fand. MS.

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He threw tham doun to the erth, and thraft tham amang,
When he saw Tyrry away wyth Tyb fang,
And after hym ran ;
Of his horse he hym drogh,

And gaf hym of hys fayl inogh:
We te he! quoth Tyb, and lugh,

Ye er a dughty man.


• Thus' thay tugged, and rugged, tyl yt was nere nyat :
All the wyves of Tottenham came to se that syzt
Wyth wyspes, and kexis, and ryschys there lyzt,
To fetch hom ther husbandes, that were tham trouth plyzt;
And sum brozt gret harwos,

Ther husbandes hom to fetch,
Sum on dores, and sum on hech, 205
Sum on hyrdyllys, and som on crech,

And sum on whele-barows.


Thay gaderyd Perkyn about, 'on' everych fyde,
And grant hym ther the gre,' the more was hys pryde:
Tyb and he, wyth gret' mirth,' homward con thay ryde,
And were al nyzt togedyr, tyl the morn tyde ;
And thay' to church went:'

So wele hys nedys he has sped,
That dere Tyb he hath' wed ;
The prayse-folk, that hur led,

Were of the Turnament.

To Ver. 199. Thys. MS. V. 204. hom for to fetch. MS. V. 208. about everych side. MS. V.209. the gre, is wanting in MS. V. 210. mothe, MS. V. 212. And thay ifere affent. MS. V. 214. had wed. MS, V. 215. The cheefemen. PC.


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* At tha

To that ylk fest com many for the nones ;
Some come hyphalte, and some trippand 'thither on the

Sum a staf in hys hand, and sum two at anys ;
Of sum were the hedes broken, of some the schulder
bonys :

220 With forrow com thay thedyr.

Wo was Hawkyn, wo was Herry,
Wo was Tomkyn, wo was Terry,
And so was all the bachelary,
When thay met togedyr.

Every fyve

& fyve had a cokeney ;
And so thay fat in jollity all the long day;
Tyb at night, I trowe, had a simple aray:
Mickle mirth was them among ;

In every corner of the house
Was mélody delicious,
For to here precious
Of fix mens fong t:




Ver. 218. trippand on. MS.

Abertas para is het in MS bat given from-Boomvellstopy * Six-men's song, i.e. a song for fxx voices. So Shakespeare uses Three-inan fong-men, in bis Winter's Tale, A. 3. jc. 3. to denote men that coulú ling Catches composed for three Voices. Of this fort are bVeelkes's Madrigals mentioned below, Book II. Song 9. So again Shakesp. bas Three-men Beetle ; 1, 6. a) Beetle or Rammer worked by obrce men, 2 Hen. 4. A. I. SC. 3.

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