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/ Looks


I took

“ That short brown shaft sae meanly trim'd, 265
Hokid like poor Scotlands gear,

But dreidfull seems the rusty point!"

And loud he leugh in jex:
" @ft Britons Hudy has dimd its fhäne ;
This point cut short their vaunt:'

Syne pierc'd the Koifterio bairded chreik;
Nae time he Lukeed to taunt.

sthort while he in his feelill swang,

His ftirrup was nae ftay,
Sae feable hang his unbent knee

Sure taken he was fey :
Swith on the hardengtclay he fell,

Garden't was :

lay All waltering in his bludf/

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/look't nae Jevreless xxxvi Wich mit geftare, mind and theris mort

forot yet

he north the plain
His ferm in thræng of fiercest strife,

When winner ay the same:
Mobile his heart dames simpelt sheik

Could meste soft love to bruik,
Till vengefu? Ann return this fcorn,

Then languid grew his Kikey lik.


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May lang hike ow'r Her Shipley

Befor her

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In thrawfs of death, with walfowit cheik

All panting on the plain,
The fainting corps of warriours lay,

Dei to arjise again ;
stoir to return to native land,

Nae mair with bløthsom Founds
To bojlt the glories of the day,
And Shaw their shining wounds.

On Norways coast the widowit dame
May wash the rocks with tejrs,

Befort hé mate appears

Ceife, Emma, ceife to hope in vain ;

Thy lord lyx in the clay ;
The valfiant Scots nae revers thole
To carry life away.

Here on a Mast tuhair stands a cross

Set up for monument,
Thousands fú fierce that summers day

Filla keng waris black intent:
Let Scots, yuzle Scots, praise Hardyknute,

Let Norse the name ay drejd,

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I lee, where


keen war's

310 dread

Ay how he forget, aft how he fraint, /fanght Ispard
Bablatest ages feil.
Ishall Iriad



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frowe/used moi?

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There's There's

Now Loud and chill

blew th 'westlin wind, th? Sair beat the heavy, show

lere Mirk grew the nightlife Hardyknute,

Wan neft his stately toward
Id wi2 His

/ blaze
His powvid that ffel wish torches habito

To fhäne fae far at night,

now as black as mourning
Nae marvel fair he figha.
Thais nae light in my lady's bowe,

Thains nae light in my Hally; Tha'
Nae blink Thönes round my Fairly fair,

Nor ward stands on my wall. wa'
What bodes it? Robert, Thomas, fay;"-325

Nae answer fit their dreid, dread,
“ Stand back

, my fons, l'le beigour feelf :"/guide But by they past with speza.

ve XLI.. As fast I brif fped owre Scotlands faes,". Jeasd There daily his brag of weir, Isham'd Sair fhamid to mind boks but his dame, fought

And maiden Fairly fair.

Black fejr he felt, but Juhat to fex frae yet; wi drentamiento mish decide

Sair fehled his body, fair his limbs,

And Afthe warrior fled. Ja'


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He wilt nae gets wil dread

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