The History of England, Том 2

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Hilliard, Gray, and Company, 1840

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Страница 8 - If you aim at a Scottish presbytery, it agreeth as well with monarchy as God and the Devil. Then Jack and Tom and Will and Dick shall meet, and at their pleasures censure me and my Council and all our proceedings.
Страница 89 - Sir, my consent shall more acquit you herein to God than all the world can do besides. To a willing man there is no injury done.
Страница 84 - What I forfeit myself is nothing, but that my indiscretion should extend to my posterity woundeth me to the very soul. You will pardon my infirmity, something I should have added, but...
Страница 39 - I take my subjects' money, when I want it, without all this formality of parliament?' The bishop of Durham readily answered, ' God forbid, sir, but you should : you are the breath of our nostrils.
Страница 158 - If you can raise a large sum of money by pawning my kingdoms* for that purpose, I am content you should do it ; and if I recover them, I will fully repay that money. And tell the Nuncio, that if once I can come into his and your hands, which ought to be extremely wished for by you both, as well for the sake of England as Ireland, since all the rest, as I see, despise me, I will do it.
Страница 388 - That king James II. having endeavoured to subvert the constitution of the kingdom, by breaking the original contract between king and people ; and having, by the advice of Jesuits and other wicked persons, violated the fundamental laws, and withdrawn himself out of the kingdom ; has abdicated the government, and that the throne is thereby vacant.
Страница 293 - It was proposed to lay an imposition upon playhouses: the courtiers objected, that the players were the king's servants, and a part of his pleasure.
Страница 276 - Bartholomew, (Aug. 24,) publicly declare his assent and consent to every thing contained in the Book of Common Prayer, or lose his benefice. The appointed day came, and about two thousand ministers, the far greater part of them men of extensive learning, sincere piety, and irreproachable life, laid down their preferments, and rather than do violence to their conscience, faced poverty and persecution.
Страница 221 - Sir, we have heard what you did at the House in the morning, and before many hours all England will hear it : but, Sir,, you are mistaken to think that the Parliament is dissolved ; for no power under heaven can dissolve them but themselves : therefore take you notice of that.
Страница 171 - Charles, striking his breast in agony, " have you brought Hammond with you? Oh Jack! you have undone me; for I am by this means made fast from stirring.