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respective Churches, previously to the J. H. Pelly, Esq. J. Popplewell, Esq. Annual Meeting, once in three years, J. Rigg, Esq. T. Robinson, Esq. and in the following order, viz.

Sir R. Wigram, Bart. 1825. West Ham, Walthamstow, 9. That the Address now read be Loughton, Dagenham, Great Ilford. adopted, and that the Secretaries be

1826. Leyton, Wanstead, East requested to have 1500 copies printed Ham, Chingford, Chigwell.

for distribution. 1827. Woodford, Leytonstone, 10. That the smallest donations be Barking, Little Ilford, Romford. thankfully received, by the Treasurer

8. That the following gentlemen or Secretaries, or each of the Clergy be requested to accept the office of for their respective parishes. Vice-Presidents :-S. Bosanquet, Esq. J. Carstairs, Esq. C. Danvers, Esq. A meeting would also, we understand, J. T. Daubuz, Esq. W. Davis, Esq. have taken place at Walthamstow, J. A. Doxatt, Esq. J. Harman, Esq. where the sum of 421. was collected R. W. Hall, Esq. R. W. Hall Dare, after a Sermon in behalf of the Society, Esq. Sir E. Harvey, G.C.B. E. Hurry, but has been delayed in consequence of Esq. J. Lane, Esq. B. Pearse, Esq. the late alarms in the commercial world.

EXETER DIOCESAN COMMITTEE. THE Exeter Diocesan Committee marked that the extent of the Society's of this Society lately held their An exertions in the great object they had nual Meeting at the Central School in in view, was not so generally known Magdalen-street, Exeter, the Lord as it ought to be. His Lordship drew Bishop in the Chair, when a satisfactory the attention of the Meeting to the report was read, in which the Com- following list of the Missionaries now mittee state, that “ they cannot but employed by the Society: remark, with feelings of thankfulness Newfoundland.- Present establish10 Almighty God, and of congratula ment, six Missionaries, eighteen Schooltion to their fellow. Christians, the masters. Annual charge, 1900l. Prolively interest which the great objects posed increase, four Missionaries, of the Society appear to have awakened eight Schoolmasters. Annual charge, in the Diocese. A few years since its 11601.

Population forty thousand, name was scarcely known; not more Protestants. than ten persons in the populous Nova Scotia. - Present establishcounties of Devon and Cornwall were ment, two Visiting Missionaries, contributors to its funds; where it twenty-eight Missionaries, forty-four now reckons nearly three hundred Schoolmasters. Annual charge, 62001. associated and contributing members. Proposed increase, eight Missionaries, Nine new subscribers to the Exeter sixteen Schoolmasters. Annual charge, Fund have beeu added since the last 18401. Population one hundred and annual meeting, and benefactions to twenty thousand. the amount of six pounds five shillings New Brunswick.-Present establishhave been received. A new district ment, twenty Missionaries, twentycommittee for the Deanery of Penwith seven Schoolmasters. Annual charge, has been formed in the Archdeaconry 43001. Proposed increase, five Misof Cornwall. The Committee feel sionaries, ten Schoolmasters. Annual confident that the more the objects of charge, 11501. Population eighty this truly Christian society are known, thousand. the more support and countenance it Prince Edward's Island.-Two Miswill receive from those who are de sionaries, one Schoolmaster. Annual sirous of spreading the benefits of our charge, 3401. Proposed increase, two holy religion in its purest form amongst Missionaries, four Schoolmasters.the unconverted nations of the world." Annual chiarge, 4601. Population

The Lord Bishop commented in thirty thousand. terms of congratulation on the auspi Upper Canada.Twenty-four Miscious nature of the report, and re sionaries, three Schoolmasters. Annual

charge, 4860l. Proposed increase, Cape Coast Castle.-One Missionary. nineteen Missionaries. Charge, 38001. Annual charge, 501. Population two hundred thousand. Calcutta. Bishop's College, three

Lower Canada.--Nineteen Mission Professors. Endowments for twenty aries. Annual charge, 38001. Pro Students*. Eleven Missionaries, Euposed increase, eleven Missionaries.

ropean; six native Preachers. Annual Annual charge, 22001. Protestant charge, 49001. In add to these population, one hundred thousand. charges, there are other sources of Present annual charge, 21,4001. Pro- expenditure in the endowment of posed addition, 10,6101.

Divinity Studentships in Nova Scotia Cape of Good Hope. One Mis and Canada, Donations in aid of sionary, iwo Schoolmasters. Annual Churches, Gratuities to Missionaries,, charge, 3401.

&c. &c. &c.

INFANT SCHOOLS. We have already expressed our communication. He stated, that the opinion as adverse to the principle of Institution was not novel, as it had Inļant Schools, and this opinion we been long a practice in Yorkshire, to still retain. We are at the same time bire a woman to take care of the ready to admit that there may be cases young children of the viłlage while where they are practically expedient, their parents went to their work,-and which constitute exceptions to exempted from a care which otherwise our general observation :-in populous must confine one of them to their town parishes, for instance, where the dwelling, and prevent the family dehome of the children is scarcely more riving the full benefit of their labour. than nominal. It is with this view of The Bishop recommended, that the the peculiar circumstances of the case children should be taught the Lord's that we submit the following report of Prayer, the Ten Commandments, and a meeting lately held at Exeter. Creed. He observed, that he wished

On Tuesday, September the 27th, to effect the great good which was a meeting was held in the Guildhali the object of the Institution, without of the City of Exeter, for the object acting in any respect in opposition 10 of establishing Infant Schools, or the feelings of the parents of the rather convenient situations where the children. He concluded by reading children of the working.classes will be the proposed regulations, which were taken care of during the time that to be farther considered in a Comtheir parents are pursuing their occu mittee. The Bishop undertakes the pations, and are prevented taking pro office of Pairon of the Institution, per care of their helpless children. and the Lord Lieutenaut of the The Bishop of Exeter having been call County of Devon, that of Viceed to the chair, gave an account of the Patron. There were present at the establishment, scope, and general meeting Sir Thomas Blomfield, Messrs. utility of such institutions, and ob Lyon, Hamilton, and Creswell, Mr. viated some objections which had Sergeant Praed, The Rev. Canons been urged against them. His Lord Bull and Rogers, Rev. Prebendary ship said, that the parent went cheer Oxnam, Colonel Macdonald, and fully to his daily labour, under the other Clergymen and Laymen of Exeimpression, that his child was in a ter, and of the County of Devon. place of safety; that it, if able to No further publicity had been given articulate, was taught something a to the intended meeting than could be dapted to its tender age; by example effected by a circular; and, probably, it might have some defect of disposi- from this cause, the attendance was tion corrected and removed ; and that, far from numerous. above all other considerations, the child was kept out of the streets, and * Six resident in the College at the date out of the influence of vice and evil of the last despatches.


SCHOOL FOR GIRLS AT BARBADOES. The first stone of a building to be walk in Christ, and in the knowledge appropriated to the reception of poor 'and obedience of Thy word, and female children, where they are not finally obtain everlasting life, through only to be fed and clothed, but His atoning merits; who, with Thee, brought up so as to be useful mem O Father! and Thee, O Holy Ghost! bers of society, was laid on Monday, liveth and reigneth One God, now August 1, 1825. A procession was and for ever.-Amen. formed at King's House, (the resi “ O Lord! who hast taught us that dence of the Commander-in-Chief,) all our doings without Charity, are of the chief persons of the island; nothing worth, send Thy Holy Ghost with the same masonic ceremonies as and pour into our hearts that most those observed on the occasion of excellent gist of charity, the very taying the first stone of the New bond of peace and of all virtue ; withChurch at Bridge-town. As soon as out which, whosoever liveth is counted the Bishop of the Diocese, accom dead before Thee. -- Grant this for panied by the Provincial Grand Mas Thine only Son Jesus Christ's sake, ier, had reached the platform prepared in whose most perfect words we confor the purpose, the Rev. J. II. clude these our imperfect addresses, Pinder, one of his Lordship's Chap saying-Our Father, &c.lains, read a portion of Scripture The ceremony of depositing the peculiarly applicable to the purposes coins, &c. then followed; and, the of the foundation, beginning at the inscription on the plate having been 10th verse and ending at the thirty- read, it was likewise placed in proper first chapter of Proverbs. After which, form, and the stone was lowered, the Lord Bishop implored a blessing during which the boys sang part of a upon the undertaking, in the follow hymn, accompanied by the excellent ing prayer:

band of the 93d regiment. The « Prevent us, O Lord, in all our whole of the arrangements having doings, with Thy most gracious favour, thus been completed, the Hon. John and further us with Thy continual A. Beckles, Provincial Grand Master, help, that in this and every other availed himself of the opportunity of work begun, continued, and ended in expressing his feelings, and those of Thee, we may glorify Thy Name, and the fraternity, in the following handpromote the present and everlast some address to the Lord Bishop:ing welfare of our fellow-creatures, If any thing were wanting, in through Jesus Christ our Lord. addition to the very many proofs which Amen.

your Lordship has given, and parti“ 0, Almighty Father! who by thy cularly the proposed erection of that beloved Son hast said, “Suffer little edifice which was commenced on Monchildren to come unto me, and forbid day last, to convince us, not only of them not, for of such is the kingdom of your earnest to promote morality and heaven! Ilasten, we pray Thee, Thy virtue, and diffuse the principles of Kingdom; and grant that the Institu our religion amongst all classes, but tion which we are this day met to also of the blessing which, under found for the maintenance and re Heaven, has been granted to us by ligious education of the daughters of the appointment of your lordship, as our poorer brethren, may be the happy Bishop of this Diocese, it would be means, under Thy grace, of bringing the establishment of a work like this, many to Thee: that, rooted and built " I assure you, my Lord, it has up in Christ-established in the Faith been particularly gratifying to me, -habituated to every good word and that the elevated situation of Grand work—and abounding ever more and Master which I have the honour to more in thanksgiving to Thee, and fill, has afforded me an opportunity of these their benefactors, – they may assisting at the commencement of

these works-works perhaps essential voke his Holy Name! May He be in this metropolis, and which, I trust, present at this beginning, and prosper will contribute in an eminent degree the undertaking with all success—may to the suppression of wickedness and He vouchsafe to direct every zealous vice, and to the maintenance of true effort, and in his merciful goodness religion and virtue.

deign to bestow a blessing upou all “The respect and esteem which I our laudable undertakings.” am happy to find your Lordship en llis Lordship having expressed bis joys in this community, and the very acknowledgments for this mark of great zeal and anxiety which you have respect, then addressed the spectators, manifested on these occasions, are whose generous aid he earnesily solicitsure pledges that nothing will be ed in behalf of this Institution ; but wanting on your part to fulfil the he more particularly recommended wishes of those public-spirited in the ladies to turn their attention to dividuals who have promoted these the superintendence of this work of undertakings, and that the just ex charity; and then concluded by propectations of the Legislature, whose nouncing the usual blessing upon allliberality has also been evinced, will

who were present. not be disappointed.

After this ceremony, the procession “ In behalf of the Craft of Free moved to the Central School, where and Accepted Masons in general, do I numbers of ladies also attended, and offer our supplications to the Supreme were much gratified with the sight of Architect of the Universe, to afford his an abundantly supplied dinner-lable ; protection to your Lordship, and that and many remained to see the scholars you may be the instrument, through of both sexes partake of their wholeHlim, of promoting the happiness of some and well-dressed fare, to which this community.

they had this day the addition of “With proper respect to the esta good plum-pudding. blished customs of the country in The Plate bears the following Inwhich we live-with due deference to scription :our superiors in Church and State, and with unlimited good will to all,we here appear clothed as Masons, and publicly express our submission to

IMPENSIS VERO STUDIISQUE order and good government, and our wish to promote the general interests of mankind.

“ Invested with the badge of Innocence, we bow with reverence to the Most High, the Universal Parent, our

GULIELMUS Grand Architect; and in my situation as Grand Master, to which I was raised by the unanimous suffrages of my Brethren, most humbly do I in








KAL. AUG. A. D. CI. 15. CCC.XXV.

RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION OF THE SLAVES. At St. Kitts, at a meeting of the Negro Slaves in the British West India Clergy, Proprietors, and other In Islands. The return of the negroes habitants, held at the Court House, on the several estates connected with in the Town of Basseterre, on Wed religious establishments being laid on nesday, the 24th of August, 1825, the table, and a letter from the Rev. his Excellency Governor Maxwell in Dr. Barrett, containing suggestions as the Chair, a District Committee for to the formation of District Comthat Island was formed of the Society mittees, having been read, a series for the Conversion and Religious of resolutions were adopted, for the Instruction and Education of the establishment and regulation of the St.

Kitts' Committee. The Governor was appointed to the office of President, the President of the Council to that of Vice-President,-Dr. Swanston, Treasurer, and William Thompson, Esq., Secretary. Subscriptions were immediately commenced, and the money in hand (there having been a previous Association in existence for the same object, though not regularly constituted in union with the Parent Society in London,) was paid over to the new Treasurer.

A similar meeting was - held at Charles-town, Nevis, on Saturday, the 13th of August. The District Committee there having been already organized on a former occasion, the meeting then held was in observance of the first anniversary of the Institution. The proceedings commenced with the reading of collects appropriate to the occasion; after which, the Secretary read the Report, which detailed the operations of the Association during the past year. It stated generally, that a Sunday School had been established in each of the four Country Parishes, wherein 682 slaves and 14 free persons were receiving instruction ;-that a Sunday and Day School had been likewise established in Charles-town, in the former of which 80 slives were instructed, and the latter numbered 105 scholars, both frce and slave; that the Committee had appointed a Schoolmaster to attend each of the Country Schools, at 201. currency per annum each, and a Schoolmaster and Mistress to attend the Town Schools at 251. currency per

annum each ;-and that these, with other contingent expenses, had been nearly met by the local contributions. The Report, in conclusion, expressed the conviction of the Committee that perseverance in these labours would, under the divine blessing, ensure the great end of the Parent Society, and render the recipients of the instruction afforded, “ peaceful here, and happy hereafter.”—The report was received with general approbation.

Resolutions were then proposed and adopted. In the course of their being moved and seconded, several gentlemen addressed the meeting, commenting generally on the objects of the Association; the utility of which, it was remarked, must be obvious to every reflective mind, which recognized the moralizing effects of the diffusion of religious instruction. In the concluding Resolutions, the Society expressed their strong approbation of the unremitting exertions of the Rev. D. G. Davis, (the Secretary,) in promoting the purpose of the Institution. This merited tribute of thanks was feelingly acknowledged by Mr. Davis, who observed, that highly as he estimated the approbation of the meeting, he was nevertheless influenced by a more exalted motive in devoting his best services to the interests of the Association -- that approbation, however, he regarded as flowers strewed in the path of duty.

A Collection was made,--the Subscriptions were renewed, and several new Subscribers and Donors added to the list. The meeting was then dissolved.


more complete refutation of all the our readers an address presented to calumnies so malignantly cast upo. the Bishop of Barbadoes, by a body these important dependencies of the of gentlemen of that Island, on his en empire, upon the plea indeed of relibarkation for this country, together gion and philanthropy, but more really with the strong public testimony tending to irreligion, disorder, and to his exertions, and to the favour oppression. able acceptance with which they had been met on all occasions. We

BARBADOES. now submit to them a series of addresses delivered to him down to that My Lord, period, op his landing upon the differe “We, the Clergy of Barbadoes, apeat islands : and cannot conceive a proach your Lordship with our respect


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