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The ferry-men to give strict attention, &c.


The owners, &c. of ferries, entitled to the emoluments.


The fares stated by the general assembly, may be received, and noother,

on penalty.

A post with the fare thereon be kert to at each ferry,

for the safe and speedy transportation of passengers, their teams, cattle, horses or other creatures; and said boat, boats or scows, shall, at all times, be well furnished with suitable oars, and other implements necessary for the service, and also with men of sufficient number, strength, discretion and skill, to manage the same ; and there shall be erected at each ferry, and at all times kept in good repair, all necessary wharves at the places of embarking and landing, that passengers, their teams, cattle, horses and other creatures, may be embarked and landed, without danger, or unnecessary delay. sect. 3. The ferry-men employed to manage the ferry-boats and scows, and tend the ferry, shall, at the ferries, for which they are respectively employed, give constant and diligent attention to that business, from sunrise, until nine of the clock at night, from the first of April to the first of October, in each year, and until eight of the clock at night, from the first of October to the first of April; and shall not deny or delay, the speedy carrying over of any passenger, his team, cattle, horses or other creatures. Provided, that no ferry-man be compellable to put off from shore, or attempt to pass any ferry, when it manifestly appears to be hazardous so to do, by reason of any storm, tempest or ice. sect. 4. The owner or owners, keeper or keepers of any ferry, authorized and established by law, and kept agreeably to this act, shall have the exclusive privilege of the transportation across the same, of all passengers, their teams, horses. cattle, and other property, from the place where such ferry is established, to every other ferry-place, or usual place of landing, and be entitled to all the fare by law arising therefrom. Provided, that nothing herein contained, shall be construed, to prevent any person from passing such ferry, in his own, or his neighbors’ boats, or canoes, on his or their own business. sect. 5. The fares that are, or may be stated and fixed, by the general assembly, for each ferry, and no other, may be demanded and received, for the transportation of any persons, their teams, cattle, horses and other property over the same ; and every ferry-man, or other person employed at a ferry, that shall demand and take more than the sare so stated and fixed, shall forfeit the sum of three dollars, to any informer, who shall sue for and recover the same ; in the trial whereof no appeal shall be allowed. sect. 6. On each side of every river, or body of water, where a ferry is, or may be authorised, and established, there shall be fixed a post, with the several fares, allowed by law for such ferry, written thereon in large letters, so near the place, where passengers enter the

boat, used for such ferry, that the same, with the writing
thereon, shall be open and legible to such passengers :
and if, at any time, any ferry-place shall be deficient in
such post, no fare shall be receivable thereat, during
such deficiency.
sect. 7. The senate shall annually appoint two com-
missioners on each and every of the ferries, in this state,
except on the Middletown ferry, who shall be denomin-
ated commissioners of ferries ; whose duty it shall be, as
often as, in their opinion, the public good shall require
it, carefully to inquire into the management of the ferry,
over which they shall respectively be appointed; to in-
spect the boats, scows and oars, used at said ferry; and
the wharves, causeways and landing-places, appurtenant
thereto ; and to see whether said ferry be kept and at-
tended, by suitable ferry-men, and according to law. And
if said commissioners shall, at any time, find, that said
wharves, causeways, landing-places, boats, scows and
oars, or any or either of them, are not in good repair, or
convenient and suitable for the purpose of said ferry, or
that said ferry is, in any respect, not kept and maintain-
ed according to law, it shall be the duty of such commis-
sioners, to notify one or more of the select-men of the
town, in which such ferry is, or of the towns between
which such ferry is, (where such ferry shall be over a
stream, or body of water, dividing two towns.) in writing,
pointing out, particularly, the defect or deficiency com-
plained of, or noticed by them, with an order to such
select-men, that such defect or deficiency, relative to
such ferry, be repaired, or furnished, according to law,
by said town or towns, within a reasonable time, limit-
ed in such order; and in case the said order is not com-
plied with, by said town, or towns, in the time therein
limited, it shall be the duty of said commissioners, to
cause such deficiency or defects to be repaired, and fur-
nished and supplied, as soon as possible, to answer the
law, and make report of the expense of the same to the
county court, in the county where such town or towns,
or one of them, is situate; and such court shall liquidate
said expence, and grant execution therefor, in favor of
said commissioners, against such town or towns.
sect. 8. If the commissioners of any ferry, shall find
any ferry-man negligent of his duty, in attending said
ferry, or unqualified for the same, they shall have power
to suspend, or displace such negligent or unqualified fer-
ry-man: giving written notice of the same to the town or
towns, through their select-men, whose duty it is made
by this act, to see that said ferry is kept and maintained;
and thereupon it shall not be lawful for such ferry-man,
to attend said ferry, until said suspension shall have ex-

on forfeiture of e fare.

The senate to appoint two commissioners for each serry;

their duty:

may order repairs &c. by select-men of towns, in a limited time.

On failure of towns to make repairs, the coininissionets to make them, and exhibit their account to the county court, to be allowed and recovered against the towns.

ers may sus-
pend or dis-
miss ferry-
men ;

and prescribe the number of ferry-men for each boat.

Towns to furnish them ; or commissioners may, at their expense.

The ferries of New-London, Saybrook and Middletown, to be furnished with two boats.

How managed.

Penalty on ferry-man, for neglect ofduty.

Proviso in relation to Middletown ferry.

The ferry of

Middletown to be kept by the Colchester and Chatham turnpike company.

How furnishod.

pired, or until he shall be restored by said commissioners; and said town or towns, shall thereupon employ another man, to attend said ferry: and the number of ferrymen to attend each boat, shall be prescribed by the commissioners. And in case the said town or towns, when notified as aforesaid, shall not forthwith employ another, or a suitable number of ferry-men, it shall be the duty of the commissioners to employ one, or a suitable number, at the expence of such town or towns, so long as such town or towns continue in such neglect ; and such expence shall be liquidated and recovered in manner aforesaid. sect. 9. At each of the ferries of New-London, Saybrook and Middletown, and at all others, that are, or may be, so directed, by the general assembly, two good and sufficient boats, shall be constantly kept, for the use of the same ; and for the more speedy accommodation of passengers, the ferry-men employed at those ferries, shall not suffer both the boats, to lie at the same time, on one side of the ferry, but as soon as one boat has crossed such ferry, the other boat shall immediately put off, and go to the other side, whether there be any passengers ready to go over or not, unless the other boat shall immediately return ; and when any passengers are waiting on the other side of the ferry, after the boat from that side has put off, the other ferry-boat shall immediately put off to carry over the passengers; and if any ferry-man or ferrymen, shall neglect to conform to the true intent and meaning of this section, he or they, forevery such offence, or neglect, shall forfeit and pay the sum of three dollars, to any person who shall sue for and prosecute the same, to effect. Provided nevertheless, that at the ferry at Middletown, during stormy, tempestuous weather, and at flood time, one boat only shall be used, which shall be manned by all the men belonging to both boats, and shall be regularly and vigilantly attended. sect. 10. The ferry across Connecticut river, between the towns of Middletown and Chatham, shall be kept and maintained exclusively, by the Colchester and Chatham turnpike company; and the said company shall have and possess the said ferry, with all its appurtenances and privileges, in as full and ample a manner as they have been heretofore possessed and enjoyed, by the town of Middletown ; and said company shall become bound, in the sum of two thousand dollars, with surety, to the acceptance of the treasurer of this state, to keep and maintain said ferry, as is in this act provided : and in addition to the accommodations before in this act, prescribed for ferries, the said turnpike company, shall, at all times, provide a ferry-house, sufficient for the acccommodation of those, who attend said ferry, on each side of said ferry, and near thereto, with sufficient land for landing-places, and everything necessary and convenient for the transportation of carriages and stages over said ferry. Provided, that the said turnpike company,


in lieu of the two boats herein before prescribed, to be

kept at said ferry, may, if they deem it expedient, provide
one good horse-boat, sufficient both for size, strength and
steadiness, for the safe transportation of all passengers,
stages, carriages, and every thing necessary to be trans-
ported in said boat, across said river, at said ferry; which
boat shall be kept in constant readiness, with a sufficient
number of horses, and proper men, as circumstances may
require, to manage said boat, in transporting passengers,
and whatever else may be necessary to be transported as
aforesaid; and said horse-boat shall be regularly and vi-
gilantly attended, and shall ply in such manner as shall,
in the opinion of the commissioners of said turnpike
road, who shall be commissioners of said ferry, accom-
modate the public equally with the mode prescribed in
this act, in relation to the two boats at said ferry. And
the said turnpike company, may divide the interest in
said ferry into such shares, and dispose of them in such
manner, as they may deem expedient. And the town of
New-London, or their lessees, may, in like manner, if
they deem it expedient, provide a horse-boat, at the ferry
between the towns of New-London and Groton, pro-
vided such boat shall, in the opinion of the commissioners
of the ferry, accommodate the public equally with the
mode prescribed by this act. -
sect. 11. The ferry between the towns of Saybrook and
Lyme, called Saybrook ferry, shall be kept and maintain-
ed by said towns of Saybrook and Lyme ; and the town
of Saybrook may receive all the fare and enoluments
accruing for the transportation of passengers, and of
every thing necessary to be transported across said ferry,
from the west side of said ferry, to the east side thereof;
and shall be liable to all the expence of keeping in good
and sufficient repair the highway or pathway leading to
said ferry, on the west side thereof, which shall be kept
above the tides; and of keeping in repair the wharf, cause-
way, landing-places and steps on said west side ; which
wharf and causeway, shall, at all times, be kept raised
six feet higher than low water mark, and shall be, at least,
eighteen feet wide; and said town shall be liable for one
half of the expence of providing and keeping in repair,
of manning and furnishing, all boats and scows, necessa-
ry to be used at said ferry, and as shall be directed by
the commissioners thereof .And the said town of Lyme,

One horseboat, may be kept, in lieu of two ferryboats.

Horse-boat at

Saybrook ferry to be kept by the towns of Saybrook and Lyme.

The west side to be kept by Saybrook.

The east side to be kept by Lyme.

ers may deter-
mine the pro-
portion of ex-
pence, which
each town
shall pay.

Compensation of the commissioners.

Fares of ferries stated. New-London, Middletown, Chapman's, Brockway's, Warner's, Higganum's, Haddam-island, East-Haddam, Middle-Haddam.


may receive all the fare and emoluments, accruing for the
transportation of passengers, and of every thing neces-
sary to be transported across said ferry, from the east
side to the west side thereof; and shall be liable to all
the expence of keeping in good and sufficient repair, the
highway leading to the said ferry-place, on the east side
thereof, which shall, at all times, be kept above the tides;
and;of building, or keeping in repair, the wharf, cause-
way, landing-places and steps, on the east side of said
ferry; which shall be of the same height and width, and,
in all respects, kept in the same manner, as is, in this sec-
tion, provided for the wharf, &c. on the west side of
said ferry ; and said town of Lyme shall be liable, for
the other half of the expence of providing and keeping
in repair, of manning and furnishing, all boats and scows
necessary to be used at said ferry, and as shall be direct-
ed by the commissioners thereof: Provided nevertheless,
that said commissioners may, at any time, according to
the circumstances of the case, determine what part of
said expense, as well as what part of their own compen-
sation, shall be paid by one or the other of said towns,
which shall then be paid according to such determina-
sect. 12. The commissioners of ferries shall be al-
lowed, for their time and expences, in attending to the
duties of their office, the same compensation, which, by
law is, or may be, allowed, to commissioners of turnpike
roads; which compensation shall be paid, by the town or
towns, so keeping, or corporations, liable by this act, to
keep and maintain the ferry, of which the said commis-
sioners shall be, respectively, appointed.
sect. 13. The fares of the several ferries hereinafter
named, shall be as follows, to wit:—At New-London fer-
ry, Middletown ferry, Chapman’s ferry, Brockway's fer-
ry, Warner's ferry, Higganum's ferry, Haddam-Island
ferry, East-Haddam ferry, and Middle-Haddam-landing
ferry, for each man, horse and load, eight cents; for
each footman, three cents; for each led horse, five
cents; for each ox, or other neat kine, eight cents; for
each sheep, swine or goat, one cent. And the fare for
every two wheeled carriage, with one man and draft
horse, shall be double, and for every four wheeled car-
riage, one man and draft horse, or other beast, treble,
the fare of a man, horse and load, as above stated; and
for every additional person or horse, or other beast, the
same as above stated.
sect. 14. At Saybrook ferry, from first of October to
first of April; for each man, horse and load, fourteen
eents; for each footman, six cents: for each led horse

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