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1—The Independent Movement in New York, as an Element in

the next Elections and a Problem in Party Government. By JUNIUS. Octavo, cloth

$1 00 2-Free Land and Free Trade, The Lessons of the English Corn

Laws Applied to the United States. By SAMUEL S. Cox. Octavo, cloth

75 3-Our Merchant Marine. How it rose, increased, became great,

declined, and decayed ; with an inquiry into the conditions essential to its resuscitation and prosperity. By DAVID A. WELLS. Octavo,

cloth 4-The Elective Franchise in the United States. By D. C. Mc.

MILLAN. Octavo, cloth 5-The American Citizen's Manual. Edited by WORTHINGTON

C. FORD. Part 1.-Governments (National, State, and Local), the
Electorate, and the Civil Service. Octavo, cloth .

75 6-The American Citizen's Manual. Part 11.-The Functions of

Government, considered with special reference to taxation and expenditure, the regulation of commerce and industry, provision for the poor and insane, the management of the public lands, etc. Octavo, cloth

75 my-Spoiling the Egyptians. A Tale of Shame. Told from the

British Blue-Books. By J. SEYMOUR KEAY. Octavo, cloth, 75 8–The Taxation of the Elevated Railroads in the City of New York. By Roger FOSTER. Octavo, paper

25 9—The Destructive Influence of the Tariff upon Manufacture and

Commerce, and the Facts and Figures Relating Thereto.
By J. SCHOENHOF. Octavo, cloth, 75 cents : paper,

40 10–Of Work and Wealth. A Summary of Economics. By R. R. BOWKER. Octavo, cloth

75 11–Protection to Young Industries as Applied in the United

States. A Study in Economic History. By F. W. TAUSSIG.
Octavo, cloth

75 12–Storage and Transportation in the Port of New York. By W. N. BLACK, Octavo, paper

25 13-Public Relief and Private Charity. By JOSEPHINE SHAW LOWELL. Octavo, cloth, 75 cents ; paper

40 144" The Jukes.” A Study in Crime, Pauperism, Disease, and Heredity.

R. L. DUGDALE. Octavo, cloth 15–Protection and Communism. By WM. RATHBONE. Octavo, paper

25 16–The True Issue. By E. J. DONNELL. Octavo, paper

25 17-Heavy Ordnance for National Defence. By WM. H. JAQUES, Lieut. U. S. Navy.


sh42eyt York and London,

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18–The Spanish Treaty Opposed to Tariff Reform. By D. H.

J. SCHOENHOF. Octavo, paper

25 19—The History of the Present Tariff. By F. W. Taussig. Octavo, cloth

75 20–The Progress of the Working classes in the Last Half Century. By Robr. GIFFEN. Octavo, paper

25 21–The Solution of the Mormon Problem. By Capt. John Codman. 22-Defective and corrupt Legislation; the Cause and the Remedy. By SIMON STERNE. Octavo, paper

25 23–Social Economy. By J. E. THOROLD Rogers, Octavo, cloth

75 24—The History of the Surplus Revenue of 1837.' By EDWARD G. BOURNE.

Octavo, cloth 25—The American Caucus System. By George W. LAWTON. Octavo, cloth, $1.00; paper

50 26–The Science of Business. By Roderick H. Smith. Octavo,

cloth 27-The Evolution of Revelation.' By James Morris Whiton, Ph.D. Octavo, paper

25 28—The Postulates of English Political Economy. By WALTER

BAGEHOT. Octavo, cloth 29–Lincoln and Stanton. By Hon. W. D. KELLEY. Octavo, cloth, 50 cents: paper

25 30--The Industrial Situation. By J. Schoenhof.

cloth 31- Ericsson's Destroyer. By WM. H. JAQUES, Lieut. U. S. Navy. Octavo, paper, illustrated


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50 32-Modern Armor for National Defence. By Wm. H. JAQUES, Lieut. U. S. Navy. Octavo, paper, illustrated

50 33—The Physics and Metaphysics of Money. By RODMOND GIBBONS. Octavo, paper

25 34–Torpedoes for National Defence. By Wm. H. JAQUES, Lieut. U.S. Navy Octavo, paper, illustrated

50 35-Unwise Laws. By LEWIS H. BLAIR. Octavo, cloth, paper

50 36—Railway Practice. By E.


75 37-American State Constitutions : A Study of their Growth. By

HENRY HITCHCOCK, LL.D. Octavo, cloth 38—The Inter-State Commerce Act: An Analysis of Its Provisions. By John R. Dos Passos. Octavo, cloth

I 25 39—Analysis of a County Tax List. By W. H. Jones. Octavo


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G. P, PUTNAM'S SONS, Publishers, New York and London.

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