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disregarded, for many bettors, heretofore content to receive the "office" at their homes, now became eye-witnesses to the seductive sport on the far-famed Newmarket Heath. An easterly wind "forbiddingly keen" swept over the Heath during the whole week, at times accompanied with snow, sleet, and rain, much to the discomfiture of the betting gentry, who could scarcely pencil down their miscellaneous engagements. Of course the week's running has materially altered the state of the betting for the two great Epsom races; and for the further information of your readers, I shall append to each day's sport a list of the betting on the Derby, that they may see the effect produced on that speculative race by the daily running.-Without making any other comment, I shall at once proceed to business, making such remarks on the different races as I consider necessary, particularly on those which at all interfere with the Derby or Oaks races.

Monday, April 1st.-The Craven Stakes of 10 sovs. each, for all ages, weight for age, A. F., closed with ten subscribers, but seven only shewed at the post at the appointed time. Epirus, from his last year's running, was the favorite at very little odds (6 to 4) agst the Field, but was defeated cleverly at the run in by Mr. Ford's Quo Minus, beautifully ridden by Robinson; Paganini was third, and the other four nowhere. This race is generally looked upon as a trial race for the different Stables; in the present instance, however, it left us as much in the dark as ever.

The 10 sovs. Handicap, for three and four-year-olds, Ab. M., has of late years been a race of interest as respects the Derby. Little Red Rover won it in 1830, and Spaniel in 1831. This year there were thirteen subscribers, eleven of whom sent a horse to the post, and after as pretty a race as ever was seen, it was given to Lord Albemarle's Brother to Masquerade, now called Domino, who took the lead from the start, and made some smart Derby-like running, beating by a good length Joannina, second. Dormouse, Montezuma, and Mecca were well up. Domino carried 6st. 10fb., and was steadily ridden by little Cotton. The betting was brisk at the following figures: 5 to 2 agst Dormouse, 4 to 1 agst Joannina, 9 to 2 agst Domino, 5 to 1 agst Vespertilio, 6 to 1 agst Retrospect, and 7 to 1 agst Marchesa colt. This betting was very gratifying to the Handicappers.

A Handicap of 10 sovs. each, T. Y. C., brought out Mendizabal and Connelly at 8st. 10fb., Corban and Sam Mann at 7st. 12fb., and Tawney Owl and Sam Rogers at 8st. 2lb. Betting, even on Mendizabal agst the Field, 6 to 4 agst Tawney Owl, and 6 to 1 agst Corban. The moment Mendizabal got into his stride the race was over. Tawney Owl was last, without a chance of winning.

Now came the Twenty-fifth Riddlesworth Stakes of 200 sovs. each, Ab. M., sixteen subs. For the last month or so in town 2 to 1 had frequently been betted in favor of the Brother to Bay Middleton agst the Field; but at Newmarket many fancied Mr. Thornhill's colt by Emilius out of Maria, and odds as low as 6 to 4 were taken on the previous Saturday-it being then known that these two only would run. On the morning, however, Brother to Bay Middleton's friends rallied, and backed him freely at 2 to 1. The race was never in doubt: the Maria colt, being favored with 3fb., made good running, but it was evident he could have been passed at any moment by the "crack."

Robinson, however, waited till he began to descend the hill, where he let him go, and won in a canter by three lengths. Connelly prudently reserved his horse for his other engagement when he found his chance


For a Sweepstakes of 50 sovs., D. M., thirteen subs., three only came to the post, viz. Kremlin, Euclid (Maria colt), and Droghedathe pets of three fancy Stables. There was some smart betting on this race, Kremlin being the favorite at 5 and 6 to 4, Euclid standing at 5 to 2 agst, and Drogheda at 5 to 1. The race was entirely between the two colts, and won in the end quite easy by Euclid. There were some longish faces amongst the northern division at Kremlin's defeat, and Tommy Lye looked anything but pleased at the result. Connelly rode the winner.-After this race the Brother to Bay Middleton was named Cæsar.

Lord Albemarle's Tros recd. ft. in a Sweepstakes of 100 sovs. each, h. ft., four subs.; and Vernon, now Lord Lichfield's, received 300 sovs. from the Duke of Richmond's Glenlivat.

In the evening the betting was tolerably interesting at the following prices :


5 to 1 agst Cæsar (Brother to | 33 to 1 agst Epidaurus.

Bay Middleton).

11 to 1 agst Dey of Algiers.
16 to 1 agst Flambeau (offered).
22 to 1 agst Tros.

20 to 1 agst Tros and Domino.

10 to 1 agst Shadow.

35 to 1 agst Montreal.

35 to 1 agst Chimborazo.

40 to 1 agst Euclid (t. freely).
40 to 1 agst Ilderim.

40 to 1 agst Melbourne (t.) 60 to 1 agst Vernon.

66 to 1 agst Deception (t.) 100 to 1 agst Domino (taken).

1000 to 800 laid on Cæsar agst Dey of Algiers and Flambeau. 1000 to 500 on Euclid agst Vernon (taken).


12 to 1 agst Reel. 12 to 1 agst Deception (taken freely).

Tuesday-The cold on the Heath during the day was intense, and the racing, although the list contained five races, was altogether without interest.

The Oatlands Stakes, in times gone by a race of great importance, brought Caravan, 8st. 3fb. (Pavis); I-wish-you-may-get-it, 6st. 13fb.; Dædalus, 6st. 13fb.; and Caroline Elvina, 6st. 4fb.: five subscribers paid half ft., and four only 10 sovs. each.-I can describe this race in three words or thereabouts: Caravan jumped off with a strong lead, and had won his race before he had gone a mile, ridden by his old jockey, A. Pavis, who thinks he shall do the trick at Chester. The betting was 6 to 5 agst Caravan, 3 to 1 agst Fulwar Craven's, 9 to 2 agst Dædalus, and 11 to 2 agst Caroline Elvina.

The Tuesday Riddlesworth Stakes was a certainty to Lord Jersey, for Ilderim, with the odds of 4 to 1 on him, won just as he liked, beating three of the most wretched looking things that ever I clapped my eyes upon. Singular as it may appear, Ilderim receded ten points in the betting immediately after this race.

Lord Jersey followed up his good luck by winning a Sweepstakes of 100 sovs. each, four subs., with a colt by Reveller out of Joanna, beating Boz and the Advance colt cleverly. Robinson rode the winner. Boz and the Advance colt ran a dead heat for the second place.

The next race brought out Flambeau against the Velvet colt, which had just been beaten by Ilderim. Of course Flambeau had the race to himself, ridden by Robinson.-Some knowing judges greatly disliked

Flambeau's mode of going, and he went back, like Ilderim, ter points in the betting. So much for winning!

Match for 100 sovs., h. ft.-Flambeau recd. ft. from f. by Oppidan out of Rarity.

During the afternoon and evening some spirited bets were made upon the Derby and Oaks at the following prices :

5 to 1 agst Cæsar (taken). 10 to 1 agst Dey of Algiers (t.) 22 to 1 agst Tros (taken). 25 to 1 agst Flambeau (taken). 25 to 1 agst Westonian (taken). 2 to 1 agst Cæsar and


40 to 1 agst Ilderim (taken). 40 to 1 agst Valaincourt (t.) 40 to 1 agst Melbourne.

30 to 1 agst Epidaurus (taken). | 40 to 1 agst Montreal (taken). 35 to 1 agst Accelerator (t.) 40 to 1 agst Euclid (t. freely). 40 to 1 agst Bro. to Plenipo (t.) 40 to 1 agst Derrynane (taken). Scott's lot (taken). 4 to 1 agst Scott's lot (offered). 9 to 1 agst John Day's lot (offered).

9 to 1 agst Shadow (taken).

10 to 1 agst Deception (taken).


10 to 1 agst Reel.

16 to 1 agst Kathleen O'More (taken).

The list for Wednesday (always a dull day at Newmarket) was confined to two races, the two Matches not being run. The cold easterly wind made the company very select.

A Subscription Plate of 50 sovs. tempted Lord Stradbroke to bring out his Fifer against the neat Minima and the coarse Scamander. Betting 5 to 2 on Minima, who never had a chance, the Fifer having cut her down at starting from the severity of the pace. Scamander could not live the pace "at all at all." Flatman rode the winner.

The Column Stakes, R. M., twenty subs., five at the post, was well contested for by Canis, by Tiresias out of Souvenir, Brother to Plenipo, and Bosphorus. Canis had been so well tried that 7 to 4 was betted on her as long as takers could be found; Plenipo stood at 4 to 1 agst, and Bosphorus at about the same odds. The Brother to Plenipo lost ground at starting, but caught his horses after running half a mile, when an interesting struggle took place between the three above-named, which ended in Canis being placed first by a neck; Plenipo beating Bosphorus by nearly a length, and the rest a long way beaten off-a proof that the pace was good. If Plenipo had not lost so much ground at starting, he would have been "somewhere about winning," as his trainer observed. The betting on the Derby during the day was extremely animating, and in the evening it was scarcely less so. The following were the closing prices :

5 to 1 agst Cæsar (taken). 10 to 1 agst Dey of Algiers (t.) 22 to 1 agst Tros (taken). 25 to 1 agst Westonian (taken). 27 to 1 agst Lord Mayor (t.)


30 to 1 agst Epidaurus (taken).
30 to 1 agst Flambeau (taken).
30 to 1 agst Derrynane.
33 to 1 agst Euclid (taken).
40 to 1 agst Ilderim.

8 to 1 agst Deception (taken). | 10 to 1 agst Reel.

9 to 1 agst Shadow (taken). 16 to 1 agst Appleton Lass.

45 to 1 agst Melbourne.

45 to 1 agst Plenipo (taken). 100 to 1 agst Bosphorus (t.) 100 to 1 agst King of Kelton (t.)

16 to 1 agst Kathleen O'More. 20 to 1 agst Mickleton Maid (t.)

Thursday was the most interesting day of the Meeting. In the morning, previous to leaving the town for the Heath, many engagements were entered into on the Derby. Cæsar was in high force at 9 to 2, and Derrynane at 30 to 1, taken freely; Flambeau had scarcely a friend at 30 to 1, nor was Ilderim backed at the odds offered, 40 to 1. Wind still in the east, but not so cold.

A Sweepstakes of 100 sovs. each opened the day's sport, and Capt. Williamson's f. by Emilius out of Farce made light work in winning against a thing of Mr. Cookes' called Lady Day. Six others paid forfeit.-Betting, 4 to 1 on the Farce filly, not so much on account of her looks, as from her winning so cleverly at Epsom this Spring. Mr. Theobald was an anxious spectator of this race, Lady Day being Hamlet's companion. The old Gentleman looked rather disappointed at the easy defeat of Robinson's filly.

The Vacillation Stakes, seven subs. at 150 sovs. each, h. ft., R. M., brought out the crack favorite, Cæsar, against two Derby horses of note, if we may judge by the sums they have been backed for during the Spring. Cæsar took the lead at starting, and ran through a truly run race very like a Derby winner, leaving Robinson nothing to do but to sit still. Tros was second, and Derrynane, whose admirers had been of late very fond, last a long way. After this running, I should say that there is nothing at Newmarket of his age within a stone of Cæsar. Tros was ridden by E. Edwards, and Derrynane by Flatman.-Betting, 3 to 1 on Cæsar, 7 to 2 agst Tros, and 8 to 1 agst Derrynane-all three backed freely.

Match for 200 sovs., h. ft., R. M., 8st. 7fb. each. Euclid received from Lord Lichfield's Vernon.

Betting in the evening :

5 to 2 agst Lord Jersey's lot.

4 to 1 agst Scott's lot.

3 to 1 agst Cæsar.

8 to 1 agst Dey of Algiers (t.) 25 to 1 agst Euclid (taken). 25 to 1 agst Westonian.


28 to 1 agst Lord Mayor (t.)
30 to 1 agst Ilderim.

33 to 1 agst Epidaurus (taken).
33 to 1 agst Valaincourt (t.)
40 to 1 agst Melbourne (taken).
45 to 1 agst Dragsman.

66 to 1 agst Hamlet. 66 to 1 agst Deception. 100 to 1 agst Tros (taken). 100 to 1 agst Domino (taken). 1000 to 800 on Cæsar agst Scott's lot barring Epidaurus.

Friday, a dreadful wet and cold day, and the company quite scanty: many, having had quite enough, were on their roads home. No betting of consequence in the morning, or indeed at any part of the day.

Rory O'More, a three-year-old from Scott's Stable, won the Subscription Plate easily, very nicely ridden by a lad, beating Chemist, Lyster, and three or four others. The winner, by the articles, was to be sold for 300 sovs. if demanded, &c. I believe there was no claimant, although we daily see horses without half Rory's pretensions fetching double the sum. Chemist was the favorite, and 3 to 1 agst the winner.

Euclid beat Montreal (the fancy of Stephenson's Stable) by three lengths, over Ab. M., and rose several points in the Derby betting in consequence. Connelly rode the winner, and John Day the loser, which made all the running.

Match for 200 sovs., h. ft., R. M., 8st. 7fb. each.-Duke of Portland's c. by Priam out of Tragedy (John Day) beat Duke of Rutland's Flambeau (Robinson). Even betting. As fine a race as ever was beheld, and won by barely a head. The jockeyship displayed by these two first-rate artists drew forth a burst of admiration from the spectators.

For the Port Stakes, Don John was "booked" certain to win, and, had Grey Momus remained at Stockbridge, such would have been the The heavy state of the ground, as well as not being quite up to the mark, told the tale against the Leger winner, and before they had run a mile it was clear that his chance was out. Grey Momus won by


four lengths, Don John second, and Alemdar a long way in the rear. The betting was 3 and 4 to 1 on Don John, 4 to 1 agst Grey Momus, and what you please against Alemdar.

Boz received in his Match from f. by Priam out of Miniature, and thus ended the Craven Meeting 1839.

It will be seen that the Derby betting has undergone great changes, Cæsar having advanced some five points, Dey of Algiers eight or nine, Euclid a score or more, and Domino having taken the place of his companion Tros. The following favorites have had their chances bowled out:-Kremlin, Flambeau, Tros, Derrynane, Montreal, and Antler.


AN improvement in the weather, a well-furnished list of races, and the expectation of seeing several of the Derby favorites out, brought together a goodly muster of sporting characters from all parts of the kingdom. The racing, however, did not come up to the general expectations, neither was the betting so spirited as many had anticipated. The debate in the Commons lessened the Betting Ring, as several of the leading speculators, being M. P.'s, left for London at the close of each day's races to be in time for the division, returning to Newmarket for the next day's sport-a sufficient proof of the fascinating power of the Turf.

Monday, April 15.-After Grey Momus had cantered over for the £50 Plate, nothing having the courage to meet him, over the Three Last Miles of the B. C., we had a Handicap Stakes of 10 sovs. each, T. Y. C., for which eight started, and after a good run race, Dormouse, ridden by Sam Rogers, won by nearly a length; Montezuma second. Dormouse ran a good horse for the last Derby, being about fifth, and in this Handicap carried 7st. 10fb., while Ion, who was only three or four lengths a-head of Dormouse in the Derby, was made to carry 9st. 5lb. ! -Betting, 2 to 1 agst St. Peray, 4 to 1 agst Ion, and 5 to 1 agst the winner. After the race, Dormouse was sold to John Day for 600gs.

The second race was also a Handicap, but for greater Stakes, 75 sovs. each, 50 ft., T. Y. C.—Mr. Newton's Vicuna, 7st. 2fb. (Pavis), won without being headed; Chemist, 8st. lfb., second; Glenara, 7st. 2fb., third; Saintfoin, 8st. 8fb., fourth; and Morella, 7st. 6fb., last a long way. Betting, 2 to 1 agst Glenara, 3 to 1 agst Morella, and the winner scarcely thought of.

A Sweepstakes of 10 sovs. each, for three-year-olds, the winner to be sold for 200 sovs. if demanded, brought five to the post, and after a severe run between Mr. Wilson's Louisa, by Mulatto out of Yorkshire Lass, and Mr. Yates's Canute, the Judge decided in favor of Louisa, who was admirably ridden by Sam Rogers. Boz (at one time a great Derby favorite) cut a wretched figure, and the other two had no chance from the commencement.-Betting, 2 to 1 agst Boz, 3 to 1 agst Louisa, 7 to 2 agst Canute, and 5 to 1 agst each of the others. The winner was not claimed that I heard of.

The Duke of Portland's Cænis recd. ft. in both of her Matches. The betting in the evening on the Derby was dull at the following figures:

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