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A very essential point to attend to is the equal flexibility of the springs: if one is weaker than another, it will cause the carriage to roll and follow unsteadily; and where cross-springs are used, they ought to be as long as the construction of the vehicle will admit. After all, there is no description of springs so good as those which were in use on the old mails-I mean what was termed the balance spring : it is a pity that the principle should be lost. When the late establishment was broken up, Mr. E. F. Meynell procured three of the mails, and has had them tastefully fitted up as private driving coaches, at the same time preserving all the original character of the mail. Unfortunately they do not often appear in public, as they are generally locked up in their owner's coach-house at Newmarket, it may be presumed singing "the light of other days."

Few horses offer much resistance in being led into the caravans, although many evince a little shyness at first. If the situation permit, it is advisable to place the entrance with the platform close to the stable-door : it is also prudent to accustom the horses to walk in and out at any convenient times previous to undertaking a journey. There is no animal that can be brought to a greater state of docility by proper treatment than the horse. Until they become acquainted with the subject, horses will sometimes spring forward, instead of walking down the platform. It would be very advisable occasionally to feed such horses as evince any shyness in the van: they will be the better reconciled to feed when they are travelling; whilst stopping to change horses is the best time during a journey.

If the weather be fine and the road good, the horse may be taken out of the van five or six miles before he arrives at the end of his journey: he thereby gets some walking exercise : if it be requisite, and there is ground to go upon, he can take a gallop, so that nothing is lost in his condition.


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COUNTY CORK.-MARCH 7. The Silver Cup.--Mr. O'Brien's Simon beat Mr. Power's Stratanne; Mr. French's Sultan beat Mr. West's Swallow ; Mr. Lynch's Bell beat Mr. M'Carthy's Swiss ; Mr. O'Brien's Lass beat Mr. M'Carthy's Speed; Mr. Hewitt's Grasshopper beat Mr. M'Carthy's Kate ; Mr. Hewitt's Platoff beat Mr. Woodley's Bullet ; Mr. French's Marvel beat Mr. Power's Lincoln ; Mr. O'Brien's Friz beat Mr. French's Dart: Mr. Hewitt's Muslin beat Mr. O'Brien's Felix ; Mr. Woodley's Rhoda beat Mr. Maxwell's Gin ; Mr. Maxwell's Cigar beat Mr. O'Brien's Blucher; Mr. Lynch's Sooty beat Mr. Woodley's Rocket ; Mr. M'Carthy's Fly beat Mr. M'Carthy's Melbourne ; Mr. M*Carthy's Pilot beat Mr. M-Carthy's Champion.-- First Ties.-Marvel beat Simon, Sultan beat Fly, Pilot beat Bell, Friz beat Grasshopper, Rhoda beat Cigar, Muslin beat Lass, and Platoff beat SootySecond Ties.- Platoff beat Marvel, Rhoda beat Friz, Sultan beat Muslin, and Pilot ran a bye.--Third Ties.-Rhoda beat Sultan, and Platoff beat Pilot.--- Deciding Course.-Rhoda beat Platoff, and won the Cup.

ARDROSSAN.- MARCH 14 AND 15. The Cup. Mr. A. Graham's The Queen beat Colonel Neill's Lassie; Lord Eglinton's Swan beat Captain Graham's Napoleon ; Captain Morris's Glory beat Dr. Brown's Ruby; Lord Eglinton's King Coil beat Captain Graham's Nora ; Lord Eglinton's Deluge beat Mr. Geddes's Glasgow; Mr. Geddes's Glee ran a bye.--First Ties.—The Queen beat Swan, Glory beat King Coil, and Glee beat Deluge.----Second Ties. The Queen beat Glee, and Glory ran a bye.. Deciding Course.-The Queen beat Glory, and won the Cup.

The Ardrossan Stakes were won by Mr. Geddes's Venus beating in the deciding course Lord Eglinton's Lass-o'-Patie's-Mill:- the Eglinton Castle Slakes, by Dr. Brown's Whistler beating Sir J. Boswell's Friday (Dr. Brown's Dancer, having beaten Mr. Perston's Captain, drawn):--the Eglinton Park Stakes, for puppies, by Lord Eglinton's Grace Darling beating Mr. Geddes's Glory:-the Harbour Stakes, for dogs that never won, by Dr. Brown's Jock beating Mr. Geddes's Purity (Dr. Brown's Sweeper, having beaten Lord Eglinton's Waverley, drawn):--the Selling Stakes (each dog entered being purchaseable by any Member for £5), by Lord Eglinton's Lady of the Lake beating Mr. Geddes's Speed-the-Plough.

BIGGAR, OR UPPER WARD, LANARKSHIRE.MARCH 14 AND 15. Silver Plate. Mr. Greenshield's Raven agst Mr. Graham's The Queen (dr.); Mr. Greenshield's Pilot agst Mr. Graham's Arab (dr.); Mr. Greenshield's Pagan agst Mr. Graham's Jessie (dr.); Mr. Greenshield's Leader agst Mr. Graham's Biblin (dr.); Mr. Hutcheson's Thacker beat Mr. Blackwood's Speculation ; Mr. Dickson's Fly agst Mr. Anderson's Veloz (dr.); Mr. Hutcheson's Burke agst Sir N. Lockhart's The Ocean (dr.); Mr. Hutcheson's Damper beat Lord Douglas's Fury; Mr. B. Cochrane's Mouse beat Mr. Dickson's Victoria ; Mr. Dickson's Cora beat Mr. Sim's Brucket Lassie ; Sir T. Carmichael's Clyde agst Sir H. Campbell's Rolla (dr.); Mr. Sim's Speed agst Sir N. Lockhart's Sleepy Maggy (dr.); Lord Douglas's Blythswood beat Mr. Dickson's Duchess; Sir T. Carmichael's Pollux agst Sir N. Lockhart’s Antelope (dr.); Lord Douglas's Mastic beat Mr, White's Wallace ; Mr. Woddrop's Jane agst Sir H. Campbell's Cadeau (dr.); Mr. B. Cochrane's Swallow beat Lord Douglas's Kent; Mr. Woddrop's Lottery beat Mr. Dickson's Wolfclyde; Sir T. Carmichael's Skirling agst Sir H. Campbell's Chase (dr.); Mr. Dickson's Duke agst Sir H. Campbell's Coxcomb (dr.); Mr. Sim's Nelson agst Sir H. Campbell's Carver (dr.) - First Ties.--Thacker beat Raven, Pilot beat Fly, Pagan beat Burke, Damper beat Leader, Cora beat Mouse, Clyde beat Speed, Blythswood beat Pollux, Mastic agst Jane (dr.); Swallow agst Lottery (dr.), Skirling beat Duke, and Nelson ran a bye. Second Ties.Thacker beat Pilot, Damper beat Pagan, Clyde beat Cora, Mastic beat Blythswood, Swallow beat Nelson, and Skirling ran a bye.-- Third Ties.Damper beat Thacker, Clyde beat Mastic, and Swallow beat Skirling. :--Fourth Ties.-Damper beat Clyde, and Swallow ran a bye.- Deciding Course. -Swallow beat Damper, and won the Plate.

Club Collar.-Lord Douglas's Kent beat Mr. Greenshield's Roebuck ; Lord Douglas's Fury beat Mr. Dickson's Duchess ; Mr. Anderson's Veloz beat Lord Douglas's Knight; Mr. Tod's Jehu beat Mr. Greenshield's Dan O'Connell; Mr. Greenshield's Pirate beat Lord Douglas's Doctor. First Ties.-Kent beat Veloz, Jehu beat Fury, and Pirate ran a hye.-- Second lies.-Kent beat Pirate, and Jehu ran a bye.--Deciding Course.-Kent beat Jehu, and won the Collar.


WINCHBURGH.-MARCH 16. Sweepstakes, for dogs of all ages.-Mr. Dunlop's Lady Jane beat Mr. Jamieson's Glen; Mr. Hutchins's Vandyke beat Mr. Jamieson's General; Mr. Hutchins na. The Duchess beat Mr. Dunlop's Despot. Ties.—Vandyke beat Lady Jane, and The Duchess ran a bye.Deciding Course.-- The Duchess beat Vandyke, and won the Stakes.

Sweepstakes, for puppies.-Mr. Hutchins's Teniers beat Mr. Jamieson's Harlequin ; Mr. Dunlop's Arab ran a bye.--Deciding Course.-Arab beat Teniers, and won the Stakes.

CALEDONIAN CLUB.-MARCH 26, 27, 28, AND 29. The Caledonian Cup, value £320.-Mr. Armstrong's Grace beat Mr. Turner's Stopper; Mr. Wauchope's Grasper beat Marquis of Douglas's Driver ; Sir W. Baillie's The Bravo beat Mr. H. Dundas's The Duke; Mr. A. Graham's Cowboy beat Mr. L. Ewing's Imogene ; Mr. H. Dundas's Dashaway beat Lord Douglas's Mastic ; Dr. Brown's Chance beat Mr. Hetherington's Skip ; Mr. Sheriff's Simon beat Mr. W. Fletcher's Neilson, jun. ; Lord Ossulston's York beat Mr. A. Graham's Butteryburn; Mr. N. Shaw's Sam Slick beat Mr. Openshaw's Zebra; Marquis of Douglas's Clyde beat Earl of Eglinton's Swan; Mr. Swan's Sergeant beat Sir W. Maxwell's Mountain Dew; Mr. Elliott's Twist beat Mr. Geddes's Victoria ; Mr. Sharp's Monarch beat Mr. Pollock's Match; Sir W. Maxwell's Meg Parker beat Mr. L. Ewing's Lightning; Mr. Geddes's Go beat Mr. Pollock's Rival ; Earl of Eglinton's Deluge beat Dr. Brown's Sport -First Ties.--Grasper beat Grace, The Bravo beat Cowboy, Chance beat Dashaway, Simon beat York, Sam Slick beat Clyde, Twist beat Sergeant, Monarch beat Meg Parker, and Deluge beat Go.--Second Ties.-Grasper beat The Bravo, Chance beat Simon, Sam Slick beat Twist, and Deluge beat Monarch.---Third Ties.-Chance beat Grasper, and Sam Slick beat Deluge.-- Deciding Course._Chance beat Sam Slick, and won the Cup.--Chance, as the winner of five courses, received £150; Sam Slick, of four, £50; Grasper and Deluge, of three, £20 each ; The Bravo, Simon, Twist, and Monarch, of two, £10 each; Grace, Cowboy, Dashaway, York, Clyde, Sergeant, Meg Parker, and Go, of one, £5 each.

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The Caledonian Plate, value £160.--Dr. Brown's Dancer beat Sir W. Maxwell's Miracle ; Mr. Sharp's Wings beat Lord Ossulston's Tillside Lass; Mr. Wauchope's Rattler beat Mr. Elliott's Topper; Mr. Salmon's Countess beat Mr. Duggan's Harkaway; Marquis of Douglas's Doctor beat Earl of Eglinton's Grace Darling; Mr. Geddes's Glasgow beat Mr. W. Fletcher's Neilson ; Dr. Brown's Whistler beat Mr. Wauchope's Victor; Mr. Pollock's Thorn beat Mr. Hetherington's Witch ; Earl of Eglinton's Skylark beat -Mr. L. Ewing's Lacerta ; Lord Douglas's Kent beat Mr. Openshaw's Mary ; Mr. Armstrong's Major beat Mr. Downie's Myrtle ; Mr. A. Graham's Pollux beat Mr. Dunlop's Jorum; Sir W. Maxwell's Mignionette beat Mr. Pollock's Gameboy ; Mr. H. Dundas's Douglas beat Mr. L. Ewing's Emperor ; Marquis of Douglas's Hawk beat Mr. A. Graham's Gael; Major M. Stirling's Sir Peter beat Sir W. Maxwell's Mantilini. --- First Ties.Wings beat Dancer, Rattler beat Countess, Doctor beat Glasgow, Whistler beat Thorn, Kent beat Skylark, Pollux beat Major, Mignionette beat Douglas, and Sir Peter beat Hawk.-- Second Ties.-Wings beat Rattler, Whistler beat The Doctor, Kent beat Pollux, and Mignionette beat Sir Peter. Third Ties.- Whistler beat Wings, and Mignionette beat Kent. ---Deciding Course. -Whistler beat Mignionette, and won the Plate. -Whistler, as the winner of five courses, received £100; Mignionette, of four, £20 ; Wings and Kent, of three, £10 each ; Rattler, The Doctor, Pollux, and St. Peter, of two, £3 each ; Dancer, Countess, Glasgow, Thorn, Skylark, Major, Douglas, and Hawk, of one, £l each.

The Caledonian Purse, value £80.—Marquis of Douglas's Dewdrop beat Mr. Wauchope's Stranger; Mr. Turner's Sly beat Earl of Eglinton's King Coil; Mr. A. Graham's The Queen beat Lord Douglas's Fury; Dr. Brown's Ruby beat Mr. Geddes's Ver.us; Mr. Geddes's Glory beat Mr. Elliott's Talisman; Mr. A. Graham's My Lord beat Major M. Stirling's Countess ; Mr. Openshaw's S. H. Fly beat Mr. Swan's Susannah; Dr. Brown's Sweeper beat Mr. Pollock's Broadhurst.

First Ties.-Dewdrop beat Sly, The Queen bear Ruby, My Lord beat Glory, and Sweeper beat S. H. Fly-Second Ties.-Dewdrop beat The Queen, and My Lord beat Sweeper.--Deciding Course.-Dewdrop beat My Lord, and won the Purse. ---Dewdrop, as the winner of four courses, received £50 ; My Lord, of three, £10; The Queen and Sweeper, of two, £5 each ; Sly, Ruby, Glory, and S. H. Fly, £2 10s, each.

The Consolation Stakes of Cup, Plate, and Purse.-Sir W. Maxwell's Miracle beat Mr. A. Graham's Gael; Mr. Turner's Stopper beat Mr. Wauchope's Grasper ; Mr. Wauchope's Rattler beat Mr. A. Graham's Butteryburn ; Sir W. Maxwell's Meg Parker beat Mr. Elliott's Talisman ; Sir W. Maxwell's Mountain-dew ran a bye.-- First Ties.-Stopper beat Miracle, Mountain-dew beat Rattler, and Meg Parker ran a bye. - Second Ties.-Meg Parker beat Mountain-dew, and Stopper ran a bye.--Deciding Course.-Meg Parker beat Stopper, and won the Stakes.

Matches.-Mr. Turner's Trimmer beat Mr. A. Graham's Clyde-the best of three courses, for 5gs.--Mr. Elliott’s Twist beat Major H. Dundas's Dashaway-the best of three courses, for £25.-Mr. Elliott's Topper beat Major H. Dundas's Douglas—the best of three courses, for £25.

DEESIDE.MARCH 27 AND 28. Sweepstakes.-Mr. D. R. Morice's Carlos beat Mr. J. Cheyne's Blanche ; Mr. K. T. M'Kenzie's Starve beat Mr. Givan's Lassie ; Mr. S. Paul's Longshanks beat Mr. Black's Copper; Mr. J. Anderson's Old Cheap beat Mr. Francis Pirie's Black Dwarf; Mr. F. G. Fraser's Billy beat Mr. Hercules's Traveller ; Mr. Ritchie's Cobbler beat Captain Skene's Hero; Mr. R. Givan's The Don beat Mr. Snowie's Canary ; Mr. L. C. Stewart's Wee Tytler beat Mr. W. Forbes's Betsy ; Mr. Aunand's Sergeant beat Mr. F. G. Fraser's Glenshalg ; Mr. Anderson's Valentine beat Mr. Stroke's Jess Sinclair; Mr. J. Blackie's Puff beat Mr. John Whyte's Tureen ; Mr. W. N. Fraser's My Girl beat Mr. Cheyne's The Pet.----First Ties.-Carlos beat Starve, Old Cheap beat Longshanks, Billy beat Cobbler, The Don beat Wee Tytler, Valentine beat Sergeant, and Puff beat My Girl.--Second Ties.-Old Cheap beat Carlos, The Don beat Billy, and Puff beat Valentine.

Third Ties. The Don beat Old Cheap, and Puff ran a bye.--Deciding Course. The Don beat Puff, and won the Stakes.

Engraved by J. R. Scott from a Painting by W. Smith.

JUGGLER is by Juggler out of Fearless :-Juggler, by Mr. Wicksted's
Joker; Fearless, by Mr. Foljambe's Random.

is a young hound, 23] inches high, and is the model of what Sir T. Boughey wishes the whole pack to be--that is, strength without lumber, plenty of bone, yet a look of agility. - This is JUGGLER's first season, and he has done his duty.

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