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For a prize of 5 sovs., five scullers contested--won by T. Gurney, of Eton ; J. Haverley, of that ilk, second.

A prize of 5 sovs. for an oars-match was the next object of interest, and five boats appeared to start ; but when it was known that Charles Campbell of Lambeth, the Champion of the River, and his brother George, who ranks first-rate among the light-weights (having gone up with a liberal patron of the London River), had resolved to have a shy, two boats rather sulkily withdrew from competition. The Campbells, soon after starting, went a-head, and their opponents had not the shadow of a chance ; H. Goatley of London and F. Gurney of Eton second, and received 2 sovs. ; R. Brades and J. Haverley, of Eton, last.

A Match between eight punters terminated the sports, the Stewards expressing their determination “ to do better” next year.

Match between the Grenadier Guards and the Royal Artillery.-The town of Greenwich was a scene of much gaiety on Saturday the 13th of July, and all the taverns were crowded with the élite of the Fashionable World, among whom were, Lord Adolphus Fitzclarence, the Marquis of Waterford, Earl and Dowager Countess of Scarborough, Lord Grimston, Sir George Clerk, Mr. H. Baring, &c.—During the preparations, the ennui of waiting for the start was greatly relieved by the kind condescension of Lord Adolphus, who, with other Naval and Military Officers, ordered the old pensioners “glasses (of rum) round," His Lordship conversing freely with those who served under his late Royal Father, their “ Sailor King :" and all not a little amused by the hearty jokes and quaint expressions of the veteran tars, whilst expatiating on their little barkies, “the fleetest of the fleet.Between 4 and 5 P. M. the gallant competitors made their appearance in galleys; that in which the Guards rowed belonging to their own Club, and that of the Artillery to the Union Clubi. The former six gentlemen were, Captain F. W. Hamilton, the Hon. Captain Foley, Captain Cartwright, Captain Spottiswoode, Captain Hudson, and the Hon. Captain Stanley ; their cockswain, Wilson Emery. The only names of the Officers of the Artillery that we could obtain were, Lieut. Wood of the Horse, and Lieut. Cheetham of the Foot Brigade ; Phillips cockswain.— The two boats proceeded to the starting-point, opposite the Hospital, accompanied by several galleys, amongst which were those of the Coldstream and Fusileer Guards. At 4-35 P. M. the signal was given, and both boats shot off in gallant style, the vigorous exertions of cach party drawing forth loud and long-continued cheers as the galleys swiftly glided past the taverns, and also from crowds of well-dressed spectators of both sexes along-shore. The Guards had slightly the advantage in going off, and maintained the lead to the winningboat, moored off the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, a distance of five miles, which they passed in about two minutes and a half before their opponents. The victorious party were loudly cheered by a large concourse of fashionables who had assembled to witness the result, and by the Officers and their Ladies of the Garrison. The Guards were the favorites for some days previous to the Match at 7 to 5.

The following are the names of the Gentlemen, and of the Colleges of which they are respectively members, &c., who formed the crew of the winning boat in the Cambridge University Four-oared Boat-race from Westminster to Putney, for the Medals given by their Club, and to which we alluded in our last Number :

Mr. Jones, Caius College ....... No. 4 (stroke).
Mr. Drew, Trinity College

No. 3.
Mr. Philipps, Christ College... No. 2.
Mr. Yatman, Caius College No. 1.
Mr. Egan, Cains College steerer,

Cricket. The Marylebone Club and the Gentlemen of Hampshire played a Match at Lord's on the 1st and 2d of July, the former winning by 54 runs. The Club scored 78 and 37 ; total 165—Mr. Kettle 10 and 23, Mr. R. Kynaston 23 and 3, Lord C. Russell 5 and 17, Mr. W. Ford 11 and 2, Mr. R. W. Keate 1 and 12 and not out, Mr. E. Sayers 8 and 4, Mr. H. Walker 4 and not out and 7, Mr. G. Ford 3 and 0, Mr. A. Coote 1 and 0, Hon. Colonel Lowther 0 and 0, Mr. Goring 0 (and absent); byes, &c. 12 and 14.- The Hampshire Gents made 75 and 36 , total 111-Mr. G. Townsend 19 and 4, Sir É. Mill 16 and not out and I, Sir F. H. Bathurst 10 and 4, Mr. H. Bigge 0 and 10, Mr. T. Chamberlayne 8 and 0, Mr. A. Higgins 2 and 6, Mr. F. Hogge 7 and 0, Mr. G. Lee 0 and 6, Mr. E. St. John 0 and 4, Mr. J. St. John 1 and 0, Mr. T. Huddlestone 0 and 0 ; byes, &c. 12 and 1.Sir F. Bathurst's bowling was excellent on the part of the Hampshire, but Mr. Sayers on the Marylebone side astonished all present, having bowled six wickets in the last innings.

On the 4th the Club proceeded to Eton and played with the Collegians in the Shooting Fields, the latter winning, after a well-contested game, with three wickets to spare.

The “Grand Match” between the Marylebone Club and Ground, with Pilch and Wenman, against the Players of All England, which had been talked of ever since its announcement, came off on the 8th and 9th, the former winning with six wickets to spare. England went in first and made 78_Redgate 19, Guy 16, Jarvis 10, Bayley 10, Adams 7, Hillier 5 and not out, Lilywhite 4, Garrett 2, Box, Beagley, and Pryor nix ; byes, &c. 5.Marylebone then took the bats and scored 118Sewell 37, Hon. E. F. Grimston 16, Pilch 10, Good 8, Lord Grimston, Sir F. H. Bathurst, and Mr. G. Langdon 7 each, Wenman and Cobbett 5 each, Mr. C. Taylor 0, and Bayley 4 and not out ; byes, &c. 12.-In their second innings the Players added 105 to their score , total 183—Hillier 32, Garratt 15, Jarvis 10, Beagley 9, Grey 6, Adams 5, Pryor and Milyard 3 each, Box 1, Lilywhite 0, Redgate and not out ; byes, &c. 21.- Marylebone had now to go in for 66, when Sewell scored 7, Mr. G. Langdon 5, Bayley 3, Hon. E. F. Grimston 0, and byes 3, Lord Grimston and Cobbett carrying out their bats victoriously, the former having 25 runs and the latter 24.

On the 11th, the Marylebone played their annual Match with the Westminster Collegians in their Ground, Vincent Square, and beat them by 44 runs, making 171 and 49 ; total 220 ; whilst the latter scored 117 and 59 ; total 176.- The score was as follows :- Marylebone : Hon. Colonel Lowther 55 and 4, Mr. Barnett 30 and 1, Mr. G. J. Ford 25 and 0, Mr. A. Lowther 12 and not out and 6, Mr. W. Bagg 8 and 7, Mr. G. Bentinck 2 and 6 and not out, Hon. A. Ponsonby and 7, Mr. Saville 1 and 6, Mr. R. Walker 3 and 0, Lord Paget O and 2, Mr. E. Vernon 2 and 0; byes, &c. 33 and 10.-Westminster : Mr. R. Hodgson 16 and 22, Mr. A. Boyce 16 and 4, Mr. E. V. Richards 15 and 0, Mr. F. Osborn 13 and not out and 5, Mr. T. J. Prout 7 and 6, Mr. R. J. Greenlaw 11 and 0, Mr. W. Curteis 10 and 0, Mr. C. Randolph 0 and 9 and not out, Mr. J. Lambard 8 and I, Hon. J. Byron 0 and i, Mr. W. L. Merewether 0 and 0 ; byes, &c. 21 and 11.

On the 15th and 16th the Marylebone played at Lord's against W. Strahan, Esq. and H. Sleet, Esq., in which the former suffered a terrible defeat, their two innings not coming half way up with their opponents, Martingale, having made such sad havoc with the wickets.- Marylebone went in first, and scored 68, of which Mr. C. Taylor marked 42 and not out, Sir F. H. Bathurst 11, Lord C. Russell 5, Mr. Langdon, Mr. Kettle, Mr. E. Sayers, and Mr. H. Barnett I each, Mr. H. Kynaston, Mr. H. Ford, Mr. J. Strange,

and Mr. G. Ford nix; byes, &c. 6 ; total 68.--On the Surrey side, Hayward made 43, Cobbett 37, Mr. C. Whiting 14 and not out, Hon. Col. Lowther 13, Martingale 9, Mr. Strahan 8, Hon. F. Ponsonby 7, Mr. H. Sleet 3, Mr. A. Farmer 3, Sewell and Bayley 0; byes, &c. 33 ; total 170.-In their second innings, Marylebone scored 15! of which Mr. Barnett made 5, Mr. Ford 3, Lord C. Russell 2, Mr. Langdon 1; the rest nothing ; byes, &c. 4.- The Surrey were therefore the victors in one innings and 87 runs !

On the 19th the Marylebone played the Royal Artillery Club at Woolwich, the former making in their first innings 126, whereas Mr. Taylor downed the wickets of the Gallant Corps so rapidly that they went out for 61, and declined further contest. At the close the score stood thus :Marylebone : Hon. Colonel Lowther 24, Mr. Sayers 23, Mr. Nethercott 21, Mr. C. Taylor 17 and not ont, Mr. Strahan and Mr. Kynaston 11 each, Box 5, Mr. Steele 2, Messrs. Langdon, Jenner, and Bastard nix ; byes, &c. 12.- Artillery: Mr. Ward and Mr. Gambier 16 cach, Mr. Dixon 10, Mr. Napier 4, and Mr. Burnaby 1 ; byes, &c. 12.-Messrs. Gilleard, Harenc, Hammond, Jenner, Mellish, and Munday were all put down without a notch.

On the 22nd the Marylebone were again beaten in one innings, wanting 5 ruins, by the Wanstead and Clapton Clubs, which they would not give them the trouble to go in for. The Club made 70 and 43 ; total 113--the Wanstead and Clapton 109.

On the 26th the Marylebone proceeded to Harrow to play the School, but the game terminated at dark without being played out. The Club scored 81 and 49 ; total 130.The Harrovians in their first innings made 61, and in their second 38, with the loss of two wickets, when the stumps were struck.

On the 9th the Gentlemen of King's College, Cambridge, played a Match with the Etonians in the Shooting Fields, which ended in the defeat of the latter by 84 runs. Cambridge first occupied the wickets, and made 64, whilst Eton scored just half the number, 32.-In the second innings the Cantabs marked 108 ; total 172. The Etonians were again nearly doubled, adding only 56 to their first innings ; total 88.

On the 24th and 25th of June a great Match was played at Brighton between the Sussex Club with Pilch and Cobhett against the Players of the County. The latter first appeared at the wickets, Mr. Sayers and Cobbett bowling, and made a score of only 53— Mason 14 and not out, Hawkins 11, Hodson 7, Lilywhite and Brown 4 each, Box, R. Picknell, and Milyard 3 cach, Dean 2, G. Picknell 1, Wells 0 ; 1 wide ball only, and not one bye, owing to the excellent fielding of the long-stop, A. Smith, Esq.-The Gentlemen then went in, Lilywhite, Dean, and Hodson bowling, and changeing repeatedly so as to prevent the batters getting used to their “method.” The result of their innings was 107-Mr. C. Taylor 32, Pilch 15, Cobbett 15 and not out, Mr. G. Langdon 14, Mr. E. Sayers 9, Mr. Napper 7, Mr Trower 6, Mr. G. Barton 2, Mr. A. Smith 1, Mr. W. Napper and Mr. E. Button 0; byes, 5, wide-ball 1 ; heading their opponents by 54 runs.- The Players in their second innings seemed determined on mischief, and after some admirable play on both sides, headed their opponents by 55 runs Hawkins 24, Brown 24, Box 21, Lilywhite 15, Hodson 8, Milyard 7, G. Picknell 5, Wells and Mason 0, Ř. Picknell 1 and not out ; byes, &c. 14 : total 119; or in both innings 172.- The Gents went in confidently; but here another instance of the uncertainty of the game was exemplified, their united score being only 48, and consequently losing by 17 runs.--Of these Mr. Napper marked 12, Mr. C. Taylor 10, Mr. É. Sayers 8, Pilch 5, Cobbett 3, Mr. E. Button 1, Mr. Trower 1, Mr. Langdon, Mr. W. Napper, Mr. G. Barton, and Mr. A. Smith 0, the latter not out ; byes, &c. 8. The Club had been the favorites all through, and the backers of the Players were not a little elate at their victory.

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A Match between Sussex and Kent commenced on the 1st of July in Brown's Ground, Brighton, and terminated on the 3rd, Sussex scored 146 and 62 ; total 208—Mr. C. Taylor 29 and 8, Ewen 23 and 4, Wells 22 and 0, E. Picknell 13 and 6, Milyard 17 and 3, Mr. Langdon 18 and 0, Hawkins 1 and 13, Box 1 and 10, Hodson 9 and 1, Lilywhite 2 and 6, Dean 1 and 0 and not out in either innings ; byes, &c. 10 and 11.-Kent made 99 in their first innings, and in their second, Pilch and Hillier being last in, Pilch struck the game ball, and both carried out their bats, having scored, Pilch 0 and 39, Hillier 5 and 0, Mr. A. Mynn 26 and 27, Mr. W. Mynn 21 and 5, Wenman 14 and 3, Mr. Felix 1 and 20, Adams 7 and 6, Stearman 6 and 6, Mr. Whittaker 6 and 0, Mr. T. Selby 0 and 1, Clifford 5, and not wanted ; byes, &c. 8 and 3 ; total 209.-- The game throughout was one of extreme interest to all admirers of the noble game.

The Chalvington had another shy with the Brighton on the 4th and 5th, the former having, in addition to their late colleague Pilch, the further assistance of Wenman and Cobbett; whilst the latter were deficient of Lilywhite and some of their best players. With such great odds, it was little wonder that the Chalvington were in this instance in the ascendant. In their first innings they scored 102, Pilch making 27, R. Picknell 17, Cane 10, Wenman, G. Picknell

, and Grey 8 each (the latter not out), Dray 6, Jenner and R. Guy 2 each, J. Westgate 1, and Cobbett 0; byes, &c. 13.Brighton's first innings was 69, Box making 13, Wells 9 and not out, Hodson 8, Hawkins 6, Bodle and Marchant 4 each, Brown 3, Sams, Elmes, and Green 2 each, Mr. Coppard 0; byes, &c. 16.-Chalvington, in their second, exceeded their first innings by 7 rụns, making a total of 211, of which Wenman was the great gun, having scored 44; R. Picknell made 18, Pilch 17, Dray 16, Cobbett 3, and Jenner 2 : all the rest did nothing, but Westgate took out his hat ; byes, &c. 9-total 109.---The Brighton had now to go in for 143, but nine were quickly bowled by Cobbett and Picknell, and their whole score was only 251-minus 118.

On the 23rd and 24th a « Grand Match” was played at Lord's, Nottingham and Sussex against All England, which the latter won in one innings and 1 run.

The score was as follows :--Nottingham and Sussex : Mr. Č. Taylor 9 and 29, Jervis 18 and not out and 2, Box 4 and 11, Heath 14 and 0, Lilywhite 9 and 4, Garrat 7 and 5, Guy 0 and 10, Redgate 4 and 0, Dean 3 and 0, Mr. E. Sayers 0 and 2 and not out, Mr. G. Langdon 0 and 1; byes, &c. 10 and 8; total 150.-England : Sewell 37, Mr. Felix 36, Mr. A. Mynn 25, Caldecourt 22, Pilch 8, Clifford 5 and not out, Wenman 3, Adams 3, Hillier 1, Hon. Colonel Lowther 0, Cobbett 0; byes, &c. 11 ; total 151.


Tattersall's, July 25, 1839. As the Goodwood Meeting will be “on” ere this meets the public eye, it will be unnecessary to give the bettings either on the Stakes or Cup : the former race has afforded the fancy men a host of favorites, and the betting men a rich gleaning.

Several changes of importance will be found in the last betting on the St. LEGER: Bloomsbury has reached his training quarters in Yorkshire, and is stated to be in excellent condition : Deception's running proves him to be a very superior horse : the highest odds obtainable are sf to 1, and at this figure the layers against him are amazingly shy. Charles the Twelfth won the Liverpool Cup (two miles) in a canter with 6st. 61b, on him, beating a field of fourteen others of all ages, and at once disputed the Premiership with Bloomsbury: the latter, however, has the call here. Some thousands were betted at evens between them at Liverpool on the Cup evening. Charles the Twelfth's rise was anticipated in our last notice


at Tattersall's. Hetman Platoff and The Lord Mayor are in some demand at the underneath figures ; and Sleight-of-hand is occasionally named by gentlemen remarkable for being tolerably correct. The Provost and The Commodore are quite out of favor, the latter especially : some entertain doubts as to his starting. Easingwold and Bolus are backed for small sums, now and then, without any prospect of making an advance.

Very little has been done on the Derby. It seems likely that Naworth will be disqualified owing to an omission in the naming of his dam.

For the Oaks Crucifix has been backed for a large amount at 6 to 1, and Currency to some amount at 20 to 1.

LEGER. 3.1 to 1 agst Mr. W. Ridsdale's Bloomsbury (t.) 22 to 1 agst Mr. Ramsay's Easingwold. 4 to 1 agst Major Yarburgh's Charles XII. 22 to 1 agst Mr. Wormald's Bolus. 15 to 1 agst Colonel Cradock's The Provost (t.) 22 to 1 agst Mr. Thornhill's Euclid. 15 to 1 agst Mr. Bowes's Hetman Platoff (t.) 30 to 1 agst Lord Westminster's Sleight-of-hand. 17 to 1 agst D. of Cleveland's The Commodore. 33 to 1 agst Lord Eglinton's Malvolio. 20 to 1 agst Lord Westminster's The Lord Mayor 33 to 1 agst Colonel Craufurd's Dolphin (t.) (taken).

40 to 1 agst Mr. Newton's Tag-rag (taken). THE DERBY 1840--LATEST BETTING IN ST. JAMES'S STREET.

(For the Nominations for this Race, see Number for August 1838, p. 319.) 15 to 1 agst Lord Jersey's Glenorchy, by Glencoe out of Cobweb (taken). 20 to 1 agst Lord Lichfield's Defendant, by Defence out of Deception's dam. 20 to ) agst Lord Jersey's Muley Ishmael, by Ishmael out of Filagree. 25 to 1 agst Lord Orford's c. by Clearwell out of Ascot's dam (taken freely). 30 to 1 agst Duke of Cleveland's Brother to Melbourne, by Emilius. 30 to 1 agst Mr. Parkin's Naworth, by Liverpool, dam by Emilius out of Surprize (taken). 33 to 1 agst Mr. Greville's Perseus, by Emilius out of Victoire by Whisker. 33 to 1 agst Mr. Bowes's Black Beck, by Mulatto out of Mundig's dam. 33 to 1 agst Mr. Bowes's Morgan Rattler, by Velocipede out of Mrs. Bang-up. 33 to 1 agst Lord Chesterfield's Molineux, by Mulatto out of Arcot Lass (taken). 33 to 1 agst Lord Exeter's colt by Jerry out of Lucetta by Reveller (taken). 33 to 1 agst Duke of Rutland's Crazy Boy, by Tomboy out of Bessy Bedlam. 35 to 1 agst Lord Westminster's Launcelot, by Camel out of Banter (taken freely). 35 to 1 agst Mr. Wreford's colt by Glencoe out of Margellina (taken freely). 60 to 1 agst Mr. Worrall's Rein-deer, by Vanish out of Fawn by Smolensko. 80 to 1 agst Mr. Robinson's Snoozer, by Muley out of Bequest (bought at Mr. Nowell's sale 1838).

THE OAKS 1840. 6 to 1 agst Lord George Bentinck’s Crucifix, by Priam out of Octaviana (taken). Il to 1 agst Mr. Fowler's Lalla Rookh, by Defence out of Leila (taken) 20 to 1 agst Mr. Thornhill's Emetic, Sister to Mango, by Emilius (laken). 20 to 1 agst Duke of Grafton's Currency, by St. Patrick out of Oxygen (taken freely). 25 to 1 agst Mr. Watt’s Sister to Cara, by Belshazzar out of Fanchon. 25 to 1 agst Lord Stanley's Hoyden, by Tomboy out of Rocbana by Velocipede.


Rodney's Article on Sir John Smyth's Harriers has been accidentally omitted in the Contents.

We have to acknowledge the receipt of “ Scenes and Sports in Foreign Lands : No. XI. The Bear Feast ;” and “ Race Riding,” by PHENIX; both of which shall appear in our next.

Captain Harris's Wild Sports of South Africa, and the Hon. Grantley Fitzhardinge Berkeley's Pamphlet on the attempt to put down our National Sports, have come to hand, and shall be duly noticed.

The recommendation of “ An Experienced Sportsman” shall be duly tested, and the result given in time for the approaching season.

Erratum.-In OLD NORTH's “ Peep into Ayrshire," which appeared last month, p. 258, he requests us to correct the following error in the pedigree of Liverpool--for two crosscs of “ Dick Andrews” read “ Pot8os.”

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