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shore, and obtained a slight advantage, and beat down a-head of her opponents, winning by a minute and a half; Dauntless second. In the evening the Cup was presented to Mr. Noakes at the Club-house with the customary formalities.

The Cambridge Silver Sculls. Mr. Antrobus, having won this splendid trophy last year, delivered them up, on the 25th of May, to the Captain of the Lady Margaret Boat Club, Cambridge, in accordance with the conditions of the donor, J. Colquhoun, Esq., formerly of St. John's College, in that University. Another condition stipulates, that the last possessor of the prize shall on each year (the 16th of June, except, as this year, it fall on a Sunday, then on the following day) endeavor to maintain the Championship of the Cam, which honorable title attaches to the holder of the Sculls ; but in order that he may only have to compete with “ the next best man,” the donor directs that all amateurs desirous of challenging for the “symbol” shall row together on the 12th, from Westminster to Putney, on the “top of the water," and the winner among the challengers to row the same distance against the Champion. This is the first occasion in which the challenge has been given ; for the first year (1837) Mr. Berney won the prize against seven competitors, but declined again competing for it, thinking it incompatible with his then pursuit, studying for Holy Orders ; and last year Mr. Antrobus, Mr. Penrose, and Mr. Shadwell contended, the former passing the Bridge first, after a sharp contest with the second boat. On the present occasion there were three challengers-Mr. A. H. Shadwell, the defeated of last year, and Mr. Vincent, both of St. John's, and Mr. G. Drew, of Trinity. At a few minutes past two o'clock, the three Gentlemen took their stations at Westminster-bridge piers, Mr. Drew being on the Middlesex side, Mr. Vincent next, and Mr. Shadwell outside. After one false start they got off, Mr. Drew having the lead, but closely pressed by Mr. Vincent. By the Horseferry, Mr. Drew had got clear a-head; but on arriving off the Penitentiary, Mr. Vincent suddenly dashed out, and after a few strokes came a-breast of Mr. Drew. Now came the tug of war and trial of skill : every inch was beautifully disputed until they neared Vauxhallbridge, where Mr. Vincent rowed right away, maintained his advantage to the finish, and dashed through the Bridge a-head of his competitor by 41 seconds. Mr. Shadwell had a bad start, and was a long way astern.The tide flowing at so early an hour prevented the attendance being so numerous as on the preceding years, but still there were a great many Člub boats


with the Match. The struggle between the Champion and the best of the Challengers took place on the 17th. The start took place at six o'clock, Mr. Vincent having the choice of station at Westminster-bridge. They both got off together, and kept abreast of each other by the Horseferry and Chandler's. The work in each boat was beautiful-scull for scull. Mr. Antrobus got a slight lead as they neared Vauxhall-bridge ; but in their desire to get most in the tide, they came foul and abreast of each other directly afterwards. Mr. Antrobus got clear, but was pressed hard to the Eagle, where they were again together. Mr. Vincent here got away ; his adversary could not overhaul him, and the challenger arrived first at Putney by a considerable distance, Mr. Antrobus having got foul of Battersea-bridge, and broke the nose of his boat. Mr. Vincent, of course, now bears the honorable title of “ Champion of the Cam,” and holds the Sculls till next season.

On the 18th, the Members of the Cambridge Subscription Room at Searle's got up a Match among themselves, the gauntlet “ against All England” not having been taken up. Six boats started from Westminsterbridge to Putney, the crews being chosen by lot only half an hour previous to the race, among whom were several who had distinguished themselves on

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the Cam, on the Thames against the Oxonians and the Leander Club, also at Henley, and in the competition for the Silver Sculls. It was a most interesting contest throughout, and won by the boat manned by Messrs. Jones, Drew, Phillips, and Yatman ; Mr. Égan cockswain. Each of these Gentlemen received Medals with an appropriate inscription.

There appears to have been a trifling error in the account of the Henley Regatta, it being stated that the last heat for the Grand Cup occupied 8 minutes and about 30 seconds (see page 240 of this Number).-- The first heat was rowed in 8 minutes, the second in 9 minutes, and the third in 7min. 45sec.

Cricket. The Match with the Marylebone and the Percy Clubs, at Lord's, on the 27th of May, afforded a good day's play, with no great advantage on either side. Mr. Mason, of Brighton, went in second man on the Percy side, and took out his bat.

On the 31st, the Match between the Marylebone and the Royal Artillery, with Cobbett and Goode, commenced at Lord's, and terminated the following day in favor of the Club, with four wickets to go down. The Gallant Corps scored 52 and 103; total 155 ; of which Goode marked 17 and 40 and not out, Cobbett 11 and 10 : the next greatest number of hits, 6 and 11, were got by Mr. P. Mundy ; byes, wide-balls, &c., 26.— The Club in their first innings scored 98, Mr. R. Kynaston 34, Mr. T. Burgoyne 11, Mr. F. H. Bonsey 10, Sewell 10 and not out, Mr. Buller 7, Mr. Bland 6, Bayley 5, Hon. Colonel Lowther and Mr. T. A. Anson 4 each, Earl of Winterton and Captain Price nix ; byes, &c. 7. They went in for 58, which were obtained as follows: Mr. Bonsey 15, Earl of Winterton 13, Sewell 11 and not out, Bayley 7, Mr. Kynaston 5, Hon. Col. Lowther 3, Mr. Anson 1, byes 2, and Mr. Burgoyne 1 and not out_Messrs. Bland, Price, and Buller not wanted.

The Marylebone and Lansdown (Bath) Clubs played at Lord's on the 3rd and 4th of June a Match of one innings, the latter first occupying the wickets, and running up a score of 175, thus obtained--Mr. G. Blake 42, Mr. H. Kirwan 38, Mr. W. A. Bruce 28, Mr. C. Stainesbury 15, Mr. J. Protheroe 9, Mr. J. Marshall 5, Mr. F. L. Popham and Mr. W. Lewis 4 each, Mr. J. Haythorne ), Mr. H. Marshall caught without a notch, Mr. H. Brooke 0 but not out, byes, &c. 29.—The length of the score was imputed to a deficiency in the bowling, owing to the absence of Sir F. Bathurst, Messrs. Bonsey, Ford, Sayers, Strange, and Taylor, all good bowlers ; and although the understanding, on making the Match, was that none but Members should play on either side, when Lansdown had marked 149, with only five wickets down, they consented, on application, allow Goode and Bayley to take the place of the two best of the Marylebone Eleven, which was complied with, the latter conceding Cobbett on the second day's play to bowl for the Lansdown.— The “ tottle of the whole” on the part of Marylebone was 149, Goode marking 51 and Bayley 20, ncarly a moiety of the whole. Mr. A. Buller's bat produced 18 and not out, Earl of Winterton 11, Hon. Col. Lowther 6, Mr. G. Gambier 5, Mr. Mr. A. Lowther and Mr. A. Bland 4 each, Mr. H. Anson 1, and Mr. R. Cheslyn and Mr. E. Sayers 0 ; byes, &c. same as their opponents, 29.

On the 6th and 7th nine of the Club, with Wenman and Cobbett, played the Undergraduates of Oxford, the Match producing the best play ever witnessed on the Magdalen Ground. It terminated in favor of the Marylebone with three wickets to sparc, as follows :- In the two innings the University made 99 and 49 ; total 148—Mr. B. A. Bathurst 22 and 3,



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Mr. C. W. A. Napier 21 and 9, Mr. J. D. Durett 20 and 8, Mr. J. Wynne 13 and not out and 3, Mr. W. B. Garrett 10 and 12, Mr. A. Coote 5 and 5, Mr. Rawlinson 1 and 2, Mr. S. Bathurst 1 and 0, Mr. N. Darnch 1 and 0, Mr. W. Russell 0 and 3, Mr. G. B. Lee 0 and, being hurt, did not take the bat in the second innings ; byes, &c. 5 and 4.–Marylebone scored 68 in their first innings, Mr. T. Wythe 21, Wenman 20, Mr. W. H. Bonsey 12, Mr. Garth 3, Mr. Ford 2, Mr. G. Ford, Mr. Torre, and Cobbett 1 each, Mr. J. H. Phillips, Mr. Massey, and Mr. Aislabie 0, the latter not out ; byes, &c. 7.-In their second in-go, Mr. Torre made 12, Mr. Phillips 8, Wenman 6, Cobbett 5, Mr. Garth 1, Mr. G. Ford and Mr. Bonsey 0; byes, &c. 13—Mr. W. Ford and Mr. Wythe, having scored 28 and 8, retaining their bats till the

was called--Mr. Massey and Mr. Aislabie of course not wanted.

On the 10th and 11th, the announced Match between the Marylebone, with Pilch and Wenman, against the County of Sussex, at Lord's, produced a scientific display in all the points of bowling, batting, and fielding. Sussex went in first, and notwithstanding the excellent bowling of Mr. Strange, Mr. Bonsey, and Cobbett and Bayley, Lilywhite made rapid runs, keeping his bat to the last, and scoring 42. The other wickets were all bowled but that of Box, caught after one run by Colonel Lowther-Dean 9, Milyard and Daniels 7 each, Mr. C. Taylor 6, Wells 5, Mr. Langdon 2, Hodgson 1, Hawkins and Picknell 0 ; byes, &c. 9—total 89.-The bowlers for Sussex were, Lilywhite, Box, Dean, and Hodgson, the latter lowering five wickets, Box two, Dean and the nonpareil one each.-Marylebone in their first hands were 21 behind their competitors, having only scored 68—the Earl of Winterton and Bayley 20 each, Sewell 12, Wenman 5, Cobbett 4, Hon. Col. Lowther, Pilch, and Mr. Bonsey, 1 each, the latter not out, Mr. R. Kynaston, Mr. Strange, and Mr. Keate 0; byes, &c. 4.-In the Sussex’s second innings Cobbett and Bayley bowled beautifully, and the fielding being as excellent, they were put out for 59 runs-Hodgson 19, Daniels 13, Mr. C. Taylor and Wells 7 each, Box 6, Mr. Langdon 1 and not out, Lilywhite, Milyard, and Dean 1 each, Picknell and Hawkins 0; byes, &c. 3 : total 148.- Marylebone had to go in for 81, Mr. Strange and Mr. Bonsey first taking the bats, and for the first 24 balls not a notch was run.

Mr. Strange then made play, and for three hits to the leg scored for each 4, and before they parted added four “ gates” to the tally, with 23 byes, &c.Mr. Kynaston made 8, and Pilch and Wenman settled the business, the former making 16 and the latter 14, and both triumphantly carrying out their bats—the Club winning with seven wickets to spare.

There was a numerous assemblage of rank and fashion on both days to witness the interesting contest.

On the 13th and 14th the Club and Ground played Gown and Town of Cambridge at Lord's, the former winning by 25 runs, the respective scores being, Marylebone 136 and 151 ; total 287 : and Cambridge 105 and 157 ; total 262. The contrast in byes, wide balls, &c. was great, Marylebone marking 76, and to this was the loss of the Match attributed, and Cambridge 29.-On the Marylebone side, Goode made 27 and not out and 23, Mr. Kynaston 1 and 45, Sewell 21 and 16, Cobbett 21 and 1, Hon. E. H. Grimston and 14, Hon. Col. Lowther 15 and 1, Lord Grimston 6 and 5, Mr. G. Gambier 4 and 1, Earl of Winterton 3 and 0 and not out, Mr. Keate 1 and 0, Bayley nix in either innings ; byes, &c. 31 and 45.-On the Cambridge side, Pryor made 27 and 27, Hon. F. Ponsonby 1 and 51, Mr. T. Thackeray 22 and 10, Mr. C. Taylor 0 and 24, Mr. Saviil 14 and not out and 0, Mr. H. Kurwan 6 and 6, Mr. E. Sayers 4 and 7 and not out, Mr. Fenner 11 and 0, Mr. T. A. Anson 0 and 11, Mr. H. Parker 1 and 6, Mr. Bastard 0 and 5; byes 19 and 10.

On the 17th Oxford and Cambridge Universities played a Match at Lord's, in which the latter were eminently triumphant, heating their opponents in one innings and 125 runs. Oxford in their first innings obtained 88, and in their second 74, total 162, as follows : Mr. G. B. Lee 15 and 17, Mr. N. J. Torre 18 and 13 and not out, Mr. G. Ford 9 and 9, Mr. A. Coote 11 and 0, Mr. N. S. Russell 8 and 2, Mr. R. Garth 4 and 5, Mr. N. Darnell 1 and not out and 3, Mr. J. Wynne 0 and 4, Mr. R. Bathurst 1 and 2, Mr. C, T, Napier 1 and 1, byes, &c. 20 and 18.-The score of Cambridge was 287 : Mr. C. Taylor 65, Mr. H. Parker 43, Mr. H. Kirwan 25, Mr. F. P. Thackeray 22, Mr. R. Broughton 20, Mr. E. Grout 18, Mr. W. De St. Croix 11 and not out, Mr. A. Anson 7, Mr. E. Sayres 5, Mr. G. Maples 1, Mr. C. Massey 0 : byes, &c. 70 !

An excellent Match was played at Lord's on the 20th and 21st, the Marylebone Club against the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, which terminated in a tie, each party scoring 176, a circumstance we believe unprecedented in the annals of Cricket.-- Marylebone made 69 in their first, and 107 in their second innings, as follows :- Mr. R. Kynaston 21 and 28, Hon. E. H. Grimston 15 and 26 and not out, Mr. A. Butler 13 and 3, Hon. Col. Lowther 0 and 12, Bayley 2 and 10, Mr. Bagge 0 and 8, Mr. H. Sleet 4 and 1, Mr. A. Farmer 2 and 1, Mr. R. W. Keate 1 and 1, Mr. Tuck 1 and not out and 1, Cobbett 0 and 1; byes, &c. 10 and 16.- The Universities made 115 and 61: Mr. E. Grant 28 and 0, Mr. E. Thackeray 25 and 0, Mr. C. Napier 10 and 10, Mr. Wynne 0 and 20, Mr. A. Coote 13 and 6, Mr. F. Anson 8 and 10, Mr. R. Bathurst 10 and 3, Mr. E. Taylor 6 and 4 and not out, Mr. C. Massey 3 and 4, Mr. E. Sayres 6 and not out and 0, Mr. G. Lee 0 and 3 ; byes, &c. 6 and 1.

The Return Match between the Marylebone and the Undergraduates of Oxford came off at Lord's on the 24th, the latter winning by two wickets. In their first innings Marylebone made 57, and in their second 94 ; total 151-Bayley 1 and 30, Mr. Tuck 2 and 20, Lord Russell 9 and 12, Mr. T. Anson îl and 2, Hon. Col. Lowther 5 and 0, Mr. H. Walker 4 and 0, Mr. Charlton 0 and 4 and not out, Earl of Winterton 2 and 0, Mr. J. Phillips 0 and 1, Mr. R. Kynaston and Mr. N. Bagge 0 and 0; byes, &c. 48.-The Oxonians scored 52 in their first innings : Mr. A. Coote 20, Mr. C. Napier 11, Mr. G. Lee 10, Mr. J. Wynne and Mr. Protheroe 3 each, Mr. J. Nethercote and Mr. Faithfull l each, Mr. Bathurst, Mr. N. Russell, Mr. W. Ford, and Mr. Garrow nix ; byes, &c. 3.- In their second in-go, Mr. Coote made 34 and not out, Mr. Garrow 13, Mr. Napier 11 and not out Mr. Nethercote 9, Mr. Faithful 8, Mr. Ford 6, Mr. Lee 5, Mr. Bathurst H, Mr. Wynne 3, Mr. Russell 6 ; byes, &c. 7-total 100, and Mr. Protheroe not wanted.

The old and the present Etonians played a Match in the Shooting Fields on the 11th of June, the sides being chosen by Mr. Boudier and Mr. Anson. The former party went in first, and made a score of 110, but to which they added but 29 in their second innings-Mr. Steel 20 and 2, Mr. Smith 20 and 0, Mr. Boudier 17 and 3, Mr. Gwyn 16 and not out and 0, Mr. Johnson 12 and 0, Mr. Rossitter 4 and 5, Mr. Bayley 4 and 1, Mr. Nash 3 and 2, Mr. Monck 0 and 4, Mr. Blacker 0 and 0 and not out ; byes, &c. 14 and 12 ; total 189.--Mr. Anson's side scored 133 in their first innings :-Mr. Byles 51, Mr. Davis 21, Mr. Wellesley 7, Mr. Fiske and Mr. Blacker 6 each, Mr. Marcon and Mr. Joyne 5 each, the latter not out, Mr. Anson and Mr. Shadwell 2 each, Mr. Thring and Mr. Cust 0 ; byes, &c. 28. The seven required to win were got by the loss of two wickets, Messrs. Wellesley and Blacker, the latter having scored 1, Mr. Anson and Mr. Byles (the two in) having got the remainder. In the two innings the latter bowled fourteen wickets!

An excellent Match was played in Lilywhite's Ground, Brighton, on the 27th of May and two following days, between the Brighton and the Chalvington Clubs, the latter having Pilch given as a make-weight. Lilywhite and Lanaway went in first, the latter making 14, when he was well caught by G. Picknell ; six others joined Lilywhite before he resigned his bat, and he had then scored 66 ; Wells 19, J. and C. Hodson 11 each, Burton 8, Mr. Langdon and Box 5 cach, Brown 2, Mr. Duff 2, Evans 2 and not ont; byes, &c. 33–total 178.- In the first innings of the Chalvington, Pilch made but 14, and owing to the excellent fielding and bowling of the Brighton, the “tottle of the whole” carried to account was 59. It was deemed all U P with them, and they were again put in, the odds being that they would not obtain the 119 to tie the first innings of the Brighton eleven. Pilch went in third, and by his splendid batting revived the hopes of his party : the ball seemed but to obey the action of his will, and was literally * here, there, and everywhere:" he was well supported by his colleagues, who played steadily, chiefly to keep their wickets, that he might "pelt away," which he did gloriously, making twos, threes, and fours at every hit, and adding 114 to the score. J. Guy made 21, Dray 15, Westgate 13 and not out, R. Picknell 8, G. Picknell and R. Guy 6 each, Simmonds 5, Cane 1, Pont (, which, with 19 byes, &c., made 208, or a total in the two innings of 267 ; consequently leaving the Brighton 90 to win. This being but about half of their first score, they went in with confidence, which, however, was greatly damped when Lilywhite, Lanaway, Brown, Box, and Wells lost their wickets for 29 runs. Two others went out with only 4, and Evans being absent, the brunt of the Match lay with Mr. Duff, who joined Mr. Langdon, and as he had not made any show in his first innings, the Chalvington party felt secure of victory. The tables, however, again turned. Mr. Duif, an eleve of the Harrow School, launched out with a degree of boldness which astonished the natives. This se to inspirit Mr. Langdon, who had hitherto played very cautiously, and he made some good leg-hits, the two young ones keeping their wickets till “ was called -as much to the surprise as the gratification of their backers.

The Return Match was played at Chalvington on the 19th and 20th of June, the Brighton (again winning by 206 runs) scoring 140 and 46 ; total 186 :-the Chalvington, 59 and 21 ; total 80.- The greatest numbers got by the Brighton hands were, Wells 36, Brown 16 and 10, Box 16 and 7, and Hudson 10 : Lilywhite was run out in the first for 4, and obtained the same number in the second, but carried his bat out with him. Of the adverse party, Pilch scored 32, R. Picknell 10, and G. Picknell 9-the rest of the score being made up by very small numbers, excepting byes, &c., of which Brighton marked 60! whilst the Chalvington scored only 6 in both innings, shewing the superiority in bowling and fielding of the winners.

game ball”


The victor of Marathon, as a reward for his prowess, was placed foremost in the painting representing that battle. We in this our generation make more solid sacrifices to the men whom the nation delighteth to honor, and more generally reserve the pictorial method of perpetuating heroic memory by flood and field to the race-course and daring steeple-chase. What fitter theme than the late Liverpool Steeple-chase, where the Dictator died, and Mason, the Miltiades of the day, rode triumphant! Messrs. Fores, of Piccadilly, have just issued their series of four Plates illustrative of this great event, animated with all the spirit that Laporte is capable of transferring to his canvas. Here we have the prints spread before us, Daxon leading, Oliver and Seventy-four clearing the brook at which Barkston had fallen. The sheet released from the hand rolls into its obstinate cylinder,

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