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Emblematirully presenting the benefin
of the Union of Commercial Interátu.

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By His MAJESTY's Authority.
Printed for R.Baldicin at the RofiInter Nofter


Caliten 3-31-36



No greater proof

can be given of the advantage and pleasure resulting from any literary produElion, than the confiant, voluntary support of the Public. Our unwearied exertions to give general satisfaction have been again crowned with success, and we have the happiness to find, at the conclusion of the year 1780, that the number of our friends is considerably increased.

It is with great pleasure therefore, that we repeat our annual tribute of grateful acknowledgemenis to eetry individual, who has been pleased to countenance this undertaking, either as a purchaser, or as a generous contributor to our labours.

Tie patronage we have so long enjoyed is the more flattering, as, of late years, we bave been surrounded with competitors, who have taken no finall pains, to obe tain the same favourable distinction.

Emulation has been excited by this laudable contest, and it bas been produktive of considerable improvements. To the sirength and solidity of our ancient edifice, has been added; every modern decoration and embellishment, suited to the reigning taste.

Our JUBILEE commences with ibe ensuing year, when we shall think it more especially incumbent upon us, to make our FIFTIETH volume, a conspicuous monument of gratitude for past favours, and a signal of our earnest desire to mnerit future fuccefs.

The perplexed fituation of public offairs, is likely to afford us many subjeets of a serious and interesiing nature. The progress of a war in which our All seems to be at stake, will demand a considerable share of our attention, being determined fieadily to pursue, the approved cuflom, of giving just descriptions, with accurate plans, charts, and maps of the countries, cities, and coasts, that may hereafter be the scenes of action : to these mall be annexed every paper communicating authentic intelligence, or recording the spirited conduct of our gracious Sovereign in the support of the dig. nity of his crown, and the rights of bis Jubjects, again ide treachery of falje friends, and the perfidy of the ancient sworn foes to the British empire.

PORTRAITS, with ibe best memoirs tbat can be procured, of those gallant officers, in the land and sea service, who signalise themselves at this awful crisis, in maintaining the honour, independence, and envied superiority of their country, will confitute the chief ornament of our work, and may victory attend them in every quarter of the globe!

Hifiory will, as usual, occupy a limited space, for the insiruction of youth; and as a relief from subjects of a serious, and studious caft; fprightly dialogues ; witty ef

Says; elegant letters; anecdotes; extracts from entertaining publications ; fugitive pieces on topics of the day; an account of our theatrical exhibitions ;, and in fine, all other articles generally inserted in fimilar productions, will find a place in ours, when they are not postponed for more important objects.

Every alteration in our commercial lyjem is worthy of notice in a maritime, commercial sate; the penuine fpirit of British generosity has at length surmounted prejudice, and the selfih views of individuals; the freedom of trade granted and confirmed to Ireland in the course of the last year, forms an æra in the annals of coma merce which deserves commemoration. The skill of the artist could not well be employed upon a more pleasing subject *.- The most beneficial consequences may be expected from this union of interests between the two kingdoms; it will furnijh us with additional firength in time of war, and will cramp the power of our enemies, by diminishing their supplies of provisions. And in times of peace, by augmenting the population and industry of the irish, it will afford new resources to the united empire of Great Britain. We bid adieu to our readers for the present, with a bint that we fall open the new year, with a portrait of our young royal naval oficer Prince William Henry (to whòni our Magazine for January 1781, will be dedicated) and with an accurate chart of the coasis of England and Holland. ·

* See the Frontispiece.

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