The Gentleman's Magazine, Част 2

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Bradbury, Evans, 1872

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Страница 566 - When a race is to be run by this sort of horses and perhaps by others, which also in their kind are strong and fleet, a shout is immediately raised, and the common horses are ordered to withdraw out of the way.
Страница vi - But, Sir, in the British constitution it is surely of importance to keep up a spirit in the people, so as to preserve a balance against the crown." JOHNSON. "Sir, I perceive you are a vile Whig. Why all this childish jealousy of the power of the crown? The crown has not power enough.
Страница 254 - And angling, too, that solitary vice, Whatever Izaak Walton sings or says: The quaint, old, cruel coxcomb, in his gullet Should have a hook, and a small trout to pull it.
Страница 375 - ... to evade or refuse a degradation from his place. An Executive for life has not this motive for forgetting his fidelity, and will therefore be a safer depository of power.
Страница 430 - Hyphasis, he might doubtless have made himself master of all the country round them : but their cities he never could have taken, though he had led a thousand as brave as Achilles, or three thousand such as Ajax to the assault ; for they come not out to the field to fight those who attack them ; but these holy men, beloved by the gods, overthrow their enemies with tempests and thunder-bolts shot from their walls.
Страница 567 - A cours, let they make on a daye, Steedes, and Palfraye, for to assaye Whiche horse, that best may ren, Three myles the cours was then, Who that might ryde him shoulde Have forty pounds of redy golde.
Страница 607 - Court if he had anything to say why the sentence of the law should not be passed, says nothing.
Страница 430 - China ; and that in the maretyme provinces thereof there yet remain certaine pieces of ordnance, both of iron and brasse, with the memory of their yeares of founding engraved upon them, and the armes of King Vitney, who, he saith, was the inventor.
Страница 570 - Next for the glory of the place, Here has been rode many a race. King Charles the Second I saw here; But I've forgotten in what year. The Duke of Monmouth here also Made his horse to sweat and blow,
Страница 739 - Remember, then, that it is the guide of action; that the truth which it arrives at is not that which we can ideally contemplate without error, but that which we may act upon without fear; and you cannot fail to see that scientific thought is not an accompaniment or condition of human progress, but human progress itself.