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She bears it with patience.

lawful wedlock, yet a separation was · become absolutely necessary, to ensure him the future countenance of his friends and relations; and that her maintenance, on their being divided, should be so mu. nificent, that it should enable her to liye in the splendour becoming his wife.

She was obliged to bow, in patient acquiescence, to this most trying circumstance of her life: Her fortune was very small; her mother had long been separated from her husband, and though it was universally known that he had treated her ill, and though after bis death she might receive her jointure, yet lier interests, and those of the Benfield family, had become separate. Lord Francis had rich, high and powerful friends, with his own inclinations concurring to dissolve his marriage: She therefore accepted the terms of a separate maintea nance; and resolved, it possible, to see him no more,

She retires to the Sea shore.

It will scarce meet with credit, but is nevertheless true, that she was, from · failure of payment, on the part of Lord

Francis, obliged to have recourse to the forms of the law, to procure her maintenance from him, who would once joyfully have welcomed poverty for her sake, her, whose form alone could once delight his eyes, and whose simplest accents were once the sweetest music to his ear.

She retired to an elegant dwelling by the sea side, where she lives beloved and respected by all who have the honour of her acquaintance. Her conduct is uniforme ly correct; her society well chosen and cautiously selected : so totally impossible

does she render it by her prudential con· duct, for the forked tongue of slander to

reach her: her mansion is the embellished seat of taste, elegance and hospitality, as her heart is that of refinement, candour, and kindness.


She devotes her chief time to her children, her books, and the exercise of the various accomplishments she so amply possesses.

Though Lord Francis seems to have forgotten the happy hours he formerly passed with her, yet the father has still prevailed; he cannot forget his boys, nor the claims they have upon him. But why give pain to the anxious heart of the mother? All her maternal feelings have been lately called forth, at the idea of being deprived of these blossoms reared and cherished by her hand, who are to remain no longer under ber own inspection, but entirely to be consigned to the care of guara · dians of his Lordship’s appointing,

“ Mitte sectari rosa quo locorum

“ Sera moratur." Horar. Carm. i.Ode 38.

HAD we but for a few moments the friendly assistance of the Asmodeus of Le Sage, how many yet undiscovered scenes might be presented to the public eye ! yet without such a demoniac aid, the tongue of rumour, impossible to be checked, the whispers of babbling indiscretion will circulate from ear to ear, and disclose those truths which art and fashion so much wish to conceal.

: The dressing-room of the decrepit old Beau, whose character is here delineated, would furnish ample subject for a ludicrous poem; and, though guarded with every scrupulous care, the penetrating eye of curiosity has yet explored it, and busy prattle has told the tale.

Chicken-gloves, milk of roses, every

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