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8C. &c.

Parcere Personis dicere de Vitiis.

I astonished at the homeliness of your ideas, and your strange misconception of fashion," said the. once lovely Duchess of Pyrmont to the elegant young woman who was seated beside her, and who was essaying to render an incorrect drawing in some degree tolerable. “I only remarked, niadam,” said Lady Char. · lotte Stanmore, « that, I thought the conduct of Lady Westbourn very unbecoming for a person of her years.”

.5 And it was that very ridiculous re. mark which so much distresses me,” said


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The Duke of Pyrmont-the Fashionables -a

Description of. smart Costume--fashionable Breakfast - real Jockeyism – Jack Spindle pourtrayed-low to spoil and weaken a Child - vain Efforts at Imitation-elegant Conversation without Meaning -Cousin Tom-his Friends and Customers-deplorable Indifference of the Duchess - Conclusion.

Sir Edward Moretons i 129

A Character-á Man of Economy and Prudence :-old-fashioned Ideas - Conclusion. ..



Elopes from the Boarding-school- becomes giddy

-creates Envy, and causes Eclat --- quizzes and writes Epigrams-acquires new Acquaintances -the Army a dangerous Place for a young Fe

male-she is warned by the Doctor, and at. t'acked byCalumny-falls in a Swoon-sees her Error-her Husband's generous Behaviourshe comes to London-her ci-devant Governess - retires to the Sea-side-the Clouds clear up—she goes to the East Indies--returns to England Conclusion.

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Seduction described-Clarissa Wakefield-Cun

ning and Hypocrisy-Inconstancy and Levity
-a new Mistress-an unexpected Confession
-its Effects -Impudence of the Seducera
-Mystcry unrave llcda fair Expostulation-
Reflections-ä Wish.

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The Danger of male Friends-catching Birds

as they fly-a chance Lover--a Rendezvous

-a mild and tender Censor-Love no one ; but your Husband narrow Escape Aa · painted Transparency Conclusion :

Characters of the Duke and Duchess of Pyrmont.

the Duchess. “Was it not that I was for a twelvemonth confined to your father's society in the country, at one period of my life, to retrieve my constitution from a round of dissipation, I should really think you had been the offspring of some romantic fool instead of his.' “My dear Duchess, now you are jesting, I am sure,” said Lady Charlotte. Her mother gave her a look of contempt, and quitted the room for the important business of the toilette 1.

- Lady Elmira Seabright, the present Duchess of Pyrmont, had been married, not at a very early age, to the Duke. They were congenial souls, and yet they detested each other: both courted fashion and dissipation, in whatever form they chose to present themselves. The Duke was a man of Herculean make, and stronger in his constitution than in his mind; the latter was easily warped, the former seemed invulnerable to all attacks. The

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