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No. XIX.



Fedigree and Performances of Priam 1 A Member of the Burton Hunt, in Reply to

Continuation of Blitz's Salmon-Fisking Mr. Wilkinson on the Parabolic Breech, 37

Tour in Scotland ....

6 Newmarket First and Second October

Paris Races in the Champ de Mars, with Meetings, by Observator ................ 41

a List of the English Jockey Club at Anecdotes of their late Majesties George



III. and George IV. ...................... 48

The Chase, hy Gilbert Forester ............ 11 The Melton Hunt Dinner in honour of

A Dorsetian Sketch, No. IX.-"Blandford Sir Harry Goodricke's Acceptance of

Races,” by A Native ..................... 16 the Quorn Hunt, hy Gilbert Forester ... 49

A Few Lines on Clipping •



Linlithgow and Stirlingshire Hounds, by The Chase-Commencement of the Sea-

son - Turf Intelligence extra - Deci-
Pedigree of Echo


sions of the Jockey Club Royal Cale-
A Letter from Ringwood on preserving donian Hunt and Kelso Races_Epsom

Foxes and other Matters................21 October Meeting - Bodmin Races re-
Conimencement of the Hunting Season

vived - Sale of Horses Coursing -
in Shropshire....


Aquatics--Camping, &c................... 52

The New Game Act “to amend the Laws NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS .... 60

in England relative to Game." ......... 27 Bettings at Tattersall's ......


Heaton Park Races, by Slashing Harry.. 33 RACING CALENDAR


Embellished toith,

I. PORTRAIT OF PRIAM. II. The Goodwood Gold Cup.




WE did not give the print of employed Marshall to make the

this splendid horse sooner, best representation he could on
because his portrait was in every the day Priam beat Lucetta the
print shop, in most of the bar- Two Middle Miles at Newmarket,
bers' shops, in half the booths in and urged the best exertions of
the fairs, on whole windows full Romney the engraver. How far
of snuff-boxes; and many rock- they have been successful we
ing horses had the honour of his leave to be decided by our
name--all faithful productions of numerous and enlightened Sub-
many artists who had never seen scribers.
him in their lives and some very
little better for what they had PRIAM (a bay colt, foaled in

We preferred choosing a 1827) was bred by Sir J. Shelley,

time when age should develope Bart., and sold when a yearling,

the whole splendour of his mus- by public auction, to Mr. Dilly

cular elegance, and till success for 1000 guineas, with his en-

should stamp him the BEST gagements, of whom Mr. Chif-

We ney purchased him; now the


property of the Right Hon. the Lord Verulam's br. f. by Whalebone Earl of Chesterfield.

out of Venom; Mr. Scott StonePRIAM was got by Emilius hewer's ch. f. The Fairy, by Emilius (winner of the Derby in 1823), out of Witch; Duke of Rutland's b. out of Cressida (sister to Eleanor, Adeliza; Lord Grosvenor’s b. c.

f. by Middleton out of Sister to winner of both Derby and Oaks Thermometer, by Whisker out of in 1801), by Whiskey; grandam, Michaelmas : -3 to 1 on Priam, 7 to Young Giantess (Sorcerer's dam), 1 agst Amphiaraus, 7 to 1 agst Augusby Diomed (winner of the Der- tus. Mr. Chifney also received forby in 1780); great grandam, feit from Mr. Payne's colt (dead) by Giantess (Pharamond's dam), by Tramp, dam by Haphazard, who Match’em; great great grandam, further sum of 100 sovs. h. ft.

was engaged against him for the Molly Longlegs by Babraham


3.-In the First Spring Meeting, great great great grandam, by April 26th, Priam received forfeit in Cole's Foxhunter; great great

a Sweepstakes of 100 sovs. each, great great grandam (Sister to h. ft., colts 8st. 7lb., fillies &st. 4lb., Cato), by Partner ; great great Ab. M.—untried horses or mares great great great grandam (Sister allowed 31b. (10 subs.)-Lord Exeto Roxana), by the Bald Gallo- ter's ch. c. Augustus by Sultan, withway; great great great great

drew his Stake. great great grandam (Sister to

4.--Same day, Priam also received Chaunter), by the Acaster Turk each, h. ft. for the produce of mares

ft. in a Sweepstakes of 300 sovs. Leedes's Arabian, out of a

covered in 1826, Across the Flat, daughter of Old Spanker.

(4 subs.)

5.--At Epsom, May 27th, PRIAM At the Newmarket Craven Meeting, won the Derby Stakes (rode by S. Day) April 12,1830, PRIAM (rode by Buckle) of 50 sovs. each, h. ft., for three-yearwon the Riddlesworth Stakes of 206 olds, colts 8st. 71b. and fillies 8st. 2b. sovs. each, h. ft., for the produce of the owner of the second horse received mares covered in 1826, Abingdon Mile 100 sovs. out of the Stakes-last (21 subs.), beating easily by a mile and a half (89 subs.), beating length Lord Exeter's b. c. Nah- Mr. Ridsdale s ch. c. Little Red moud, by Sultan out of Advance. Rover, by Tramp out of Miss SynThe following also started but were tax, and Lord Exeter's b. c. Mahnot placed: Duke of Grafton's b. f. moud by Sultan. – Twenty others Brambilla, by Partisan out of Minuet; also started but were not placed :-4 Lord Anson's b. f. Zillah, by Whis- to 1 agst Priam, 9 to 2 agst Little ker out of Elizabeth; Lord Sefton's Red Rover, and 16 to 1 agst Mahmoud. b. c. by Emilius out of Sal; Lord-For particulars of this race the Jersey's ch. f. by Comus out of Cob- reader is referred, to the Sporting web :-5 to 4 and even betting on Magazine, vol. i. Second Series, p. PRIAM, 5 to 1 agst Mahmoud, 5 to 1 181. agst Brambilla, and 6 to 1 agst Cob- 6.-Ascot Heath, June 8th, PRIAM web. Won easily by a length. (S. Day) won a Sweepstakes of 100

2.-April 14th, PRIAM (rode by sovs., h. ft., for colts, Sst. 7lb. eachBuckle) won the Column Stakes of the winner of the Derby 7lb. extra50 sovs. each, h. ft., for the produce Old Mile (18 subs.), beating Lord of mares covered in 1826, Rowley Burlington's br. c." by Godolphin Mile (45 subs.), beating by a head out of Mouse, and Lord Exeter's Lord Exeter's ch.c. Augustus, by Sul- b. c. Mahmoud by Sultan :-3 to 1 tan out of Augusta, and Duke of on PRIAM. Portland's b. c. Amphiaraus, by Tirea 7.-At Doncaster, September 21st., sias out of Emily.—The following PRIAM ran second to Mr. Beardsalso started but were not placed : worth's Birmingham for the Great St.


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