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a better day, and, if well, will be in a had not permitted him to do anygood place for next year's Leger. thing like the work he ought to have

At St. Alban's this year (which by done to have won such a race as the the way has, through the activity and Derby; and when, on the Saturday, perseverance of the Clerk of the he took what was called a sweat, or Course, Tom Coleman, made great rather an apology for one, it progress, and would, with a little bet

great luck to carry to London as ter course, itself be a lion among pro- news that he had not broken down. vincials), we had another proof of the The whole sort, Filagree, Cobweb, ridiculous and absurd restrictions put &c., were always an infirm lot. The on Hunters Stakes, and so opening day was made for Spaniel, a little the door to fraud, by limiting the light wiry sound horse, who was just stake to horses not thorough bred; made to hear his hoofs rattle over the when at this time of day it is well hard ground ; and for those who understood that nine-tenths of the so- backed him at such extreme odds as called cocktails in the country are were laid against him, the little Spaquite thorough-bred. In this case niel may indeed be called a lucky the winner, a thorough-bred mare dog.". T'h most unfortunate of his with a fictitious half-bred pedigree, friends was his jock, Wheatley, who, has since been identified, and conse- after taking a thousand to thirty quently disqualified: but the injury about him, liked it so little after his done to the race is irreparable, besides race for the Shirley, as actually to get the confusion among the other horses it off: and it must have been this engaged in it. When will an end be which sent him back in the betting, put to this humbug of half-bred hun- as the little horse was a worse favoters stakes ? Are not thorough-bred ríte after than previously to winning oncs more valuable, and the race

that race.

However, the money more interesting? The evil cries out which was obliged to be brought inmore and more every day, and must to the market by those who were beremedied. There was another fraud, against the crack, and had no other in the shape of false pedigree, suc- means of getting out, kept all the cessful here; but the robbery (and an field at a respectful distance. The unblushing one it was) has since come very terror of the name of Riddlesto light, and I shall notice it in its worth, perhaps, prevented the Derby proper place.

from going into the pocket of Lord The immense popularity of Riddles- Orford ; as, had his Lordship startworth at Epsom this year, from his ed his Medora horse, he being well, having won all his races so easily, and having the day before run a good totally put a stop to all speculation on horse for the Cup, as matters turned the race, and produced on the day, in out, the probabilities are that he the Ring, the most extraordinary bet- might have wrangled through, and, ting ever witnessed--the odds, out of instead of being only a Grand Duke, an entry of one hundred and five have become a little King. Accordhorses, and a 'field at the post of ing to the running of Spaniel with twenty-three, being 6 to 4 on Rid- Naiad in the autumn, the Grand Duke dlesworth, and 16 to 1 against any- had plenty of weight in hand to have thing else !--All soris of “ sayings given the Spaniel a good licking.and doings” have been promulgated The nearest prototype of this year's since Riddlesworth's defeat, in the way Derby was Patron's yea ; the faof accounting for it; but on that day vorites at about the same betting, and the running was true; and had it both defeated through the been run over again twenty times, it is causes: and the merits of the winners more than probable the result would about equal; though of the two I have been the same. The truth is am inclined to give the palm to and the public found it out when too · Spaniel, as he may get through late--the state of Riddlesworth's legs something yet ; but Frederick ne

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those persons

ver yet has, nor ever will, win ano- with the Lord of the Manor, possess ther race.

full power over the occupation of the If the Derby was a false run race, Downs): but if, on the other hand, the Oaks at least was altogether as the

money be properly co'lected, then true a one; and nothing but the ster- is the public account of the approling gameness of Oxygen got her priation of it imperiously called for : through. Had the same sort of use for, be it remembered, that although been made of her at Newmarket, she great expenses have been pleaded as bewouldthere also havetolda different tale. longing exclusively to Epsom in keep

It had long been my intention ing the course clear, which difficulty, to have noticed the paltry and dis- for obvious reasons, does not exist with graceful contributions at this place to any other course; yet no part of suchexthe different Stakes, the more parti- penses can be called for from the procularly when viewed in conjunction duce of the standings—as for the last with the numberless impositions prac- four or five years, the winners of the tised, or attempted to be practised, on Derby and Oaks have, by a condition


may be so unfortun in the article, been mulcted of no less nate as to send race horses there. than one hundred pounds towards the There have lately appeared in a weekly expenses of additional police : thus print several very sensible and perti- forming an annual revenue of two nent letters on the subject of the Ep- hundred sovereigns--amply sufficient, som Race Fund ; and although I can- if properly applied, for every purpose not quite agree with the writer on the of police that can be required. Beyond whole of his positions, yet the thanks all the proceeds of the booths and of the Sporting World are eminently standings, there is the subscription due to him for drawing public atten- to the Race Fund. Of what that contion to the subject. Will it be believed sists, or who are the subscribers, rethat the sum total of the moneys add- mains a mystery ; but that there are ed to the different Stakes in the subscribers we have evidence from a Spring Meeting from the Race Fund precious document put forth by them, amount to the enormous sum of fifty as specious authority for further pepounds! Now, that there must be culation on the wretched owner of some gross mismanagement some- race horses, as follows:where can readily be shewn by just

At a meeting of the subscribers stating, as the lawyers say,

is the Epsom Race Fund, held at the in point.” At Goodwood this season, Spread Eagle Inn, on Thursday the two of the “une, deux, cinque 23d of December 1830, it was rebooths paid each one hundred and solved, that the sum of ten shillings be twenty-five pounds for the ground; paid for every horse that shall be and the occupiers of the ground trained or exercised on the Downs formed into standings for horses, of from the 1st of January next to the which there were several in different

1st of July following, towards the reparts of the course, paid sums varying pairing and keeping in order such exfrom 101. to 201. Out of all this, ercise ground: and for every horse look at the sums so liberally added to

trained or exercised on the said the Race Fund-nearly ten times as

Downs from the 1st of July to the 1st great as at Epsom. Now, if these ad

of January, the like sum of ten shilvantages are derived from Goodwood, lings: and that such sum shall be paid in how much greater ratio ought the by the trainer, or servant having the produce of the Epsom Course to be, care of such horses, and be charged by where the booths and standings are in him to the owners thereof : and that comparison as a hundred to one! The

this resolution do apply to succeeding money may, or may not, be collected? from the occupants :-if' not, there is years the money to be paid in ado

vance, or the Treasurer to stop all the most culpable negligence, to say horses going on the exercise ground. the least of it, shewn-(for I have understood that the Town, in conjunction

(Signed) “T. SMITH, Treasurer."

a case

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A precious document truly! It is meetings, a climax would be given now a year ago since in your pages I to the encouragement which Gentlecalled the attention of the public to men have held out to them, to send the disgraceful state of the course, horses, for either Stakes or Plates, to more particularly at the ending, where this most liberal and enticing spot. the ruts were quite sufficient to either Ascot this year, as last, lacked the throw or break down the best race- spirit of preceding meetings ; and horse in the world. So then a knot though patronised by our good and of these worthy subscribers meet, straight-forward King, yet the mixand promulgate an Edict, whereby, at ture of politics is incompatible with the expense of others, they are to re- the sports of the Turf, and consepair their bad ways, which, but for quently, as far as Royalty was contheir own neglect and bad manage cerned, the course was somewhat ment, would never have lapsed into shorn of its beams.” Here at the wretched state they had done! length fell “ the noblest Roman of That those persons who train horses them all.” The Colonel, in his only on the ground may have a right to appearance this year, having taken the contribute something towards keeping shine out of all his competitors for it in proper order, I do not deny; but the Craven at Epsom, was compelled even that is a hardship, considering to give twenty-nine pounds to a mare the publicity of the ground, and the which the previous year had run senumber of hunters which are con- cond for the Oaks; and, with 9st. 6lb. tinually, at the most destructive sea- on his back, actually ran a dead heat ! son of the year, gallopping over it: But Nature will not be denied, and but that such an extortion should be failed him in the second attemptattempted on the persons who send the hind leg, which stood sound when horses there merely for the purpose of the other gave way two years prerunning, is monstrous, although quite viously, having now gone, like the worthy of such a resolution, signed by other, in the suspensary ligament. a trainer residing on the ground. For The horse is now, however, at Hampmy own part, and I think there are ton Court, sound and well, and will many others who will agree with me, be certain, I should think, to have that the threat, in case of non-pay- plenty of mares next season.

11.-To ment of the extortion, of stopping shew the truth of the Oaks running, horses going on the race-ground will here met again the three first mares at most times be a boon rather than for the Oaks, and the running again otherwise ; for those persons who are exactly the same, although the disunfortunately obliged to send horses tance was not so great. The confined to Epsom will generally prefer their Articles of the Cup, made through a being golloppedon the hard road (which false notion of Aristocratic privilege at least has the merit of being the most (now happily fading away), brought rce from stones and flints), to their but a very short field to the post. The being exercised on such a mass of admirers of racing for the sake of the rocky chalk as Epsom Downs. sport may, however, live generations

There is one other matter relative to before they again see such a race, the this delectable place, and then for the riding on both sides calling for the present I have done. One of the print- highest expression of admiration : and ed resolutions of the Jockey Club was, the race of Cetus and Augustus for that they would countenance only the Ascot Gold Cup deserves such trainers and stable-keepers as much to be put on record as any race made fair and moderate charges : now,

Both the Two-year-old if amidst all the scandalous and num- Stakes were truly run; though I am berless impositions at this said Ep- inclined to think the result of the first som, was to be shewn up the out- might have been different, had Beiram rageous charges of certain of the been in the same condition he was in worthy stable-keepers, in office too, at at Newmarket in the July. this place, during the time of the It was considered at Bath this year


ever run.


that the meeting was injured by the Meeting, for the Stand Cup, by a division of the Somersetshire Stakes Newmarket nag, bought of Colonel into two Classes, the attendance of Wilson in the preceding autumn for Gentlemen having been thin : but this little more than three hundred pounds! has been the case at all country races The Newmarket July produced but throughout the year. It is proposed little interest, the running for the July to make only one Stake next year, Stakes proving the truth of the Ascot with a race for the forfeits : but I races also, Beiram and Non Compos cannot think this will be any improve being in their old places. The Midment, as the latter stake will necessa- dleton brute of Lord Jersey's, exalted rily be uncertain as to what horses into a flyer, by, as usual, some private will go: nor will, I conceive, the measurement, turned out a rank imstake itself be very inviting, from the postor, and has since, by his subsequent difficulty experienced of getting in the public performances, satisfied every sınall forfeits ; unless, indeed, the one of his wretched pretensions to Fund would guaranty them to the win- the name of a race-horse.

The activity of Mr. Margerum, Cheltenham, like all other places the Clerk of the Course, however, will which give no public money to be run go far to obviate any difficulty on this for, has been gradually dwindling head. As a proof of this Gentleman's away. The Gloucestershire Stakes in zeal, we need only refer to the hand- every view is but a shadow of what it some and commodious New Stand used to be, and the withdrawal this seawhich this year was opened under his son of the Bibury Club to Stockbridge auspices; but at the same time I am reduced the meeting to two poor days' bound to say, that the New Course sport; and if it was not for the locality, (to which we are perpetuated from which is just convenient to Messrs. the position of the Stand) will hardly Day, Sadler, &c., they would have no give the satisfaction the old one did : racing at all ; nor can any other result indeed, the complaints were heavy this be expected: people will not send year against the bad turns and con- horses to run for their own money, or, fined state of the ground; and there perhaps, be at the expense of travelling is nothing like the same running to no purpose, the Stake not filling in space as in the old one. However, consequence of the miserable addition everything that can be done to com- held out. Why, in the very same pensate for these disadvantages will, I Calendar with Cheltenham, is recorded am sure, be effected under the watch- Enfield ! at which leather-plating place ful care of Mr. Margerum, to whom they actually give nearly double as the good folks of Bath, and the racing much public money as at Cheltenham! public in general, are greatly indebted As a contrast to the preceding, here for his perseverance in having resusci- is Brighton, with plenty of money, and tated these races from “the sear and the attendance always good, reduced yellow leaf,” into which a few years to a collection of Plates; and this only ago they had fallen.

through want of a little good manageThe spirit with which the two ment. One or two small Stakes have Liverpool meetings are conducted, and been got up for next year ; but nothe liberal manner in which money is thing like what has been, and what given, must insure, as it has done, capi. might be now, with the use of a little tal sport. The Tradesmen's Cup is industry and perseverance of an active the very best in the kingdom ; and, Clerk of the Course and Committee ; were not the locality rather too distant but both of which appear the reverse for the best horses to travel, would be of what they should be. the race of the greatest interest of its York August Meeting produced kind in the country. The great Bir

another two-y

er-old of Jerry's get, mingham, by dint of continued ham- and, had Julius remained well, would mering, according to the true Brum- have carried off the Champagne from magem recipe, was beaten in the July Doncaster. These Jerries must not be lost sight of for next year's Leger. rister’s running, however, ought to Liverpool, although madle so good have satisfied everyone the most, having a favorite by party influence, and beaten a field of old ones, and with the “ cooked” for the Produce in this weight and distance not favorable to meeting, did not cut so shining a young ones, and won in a canter. figure as had been anticipated, having Had the flying Marcus been out of only just got through. The Saddler the way, Chorister, after this performappeared a winner also, though with ance, never would have gone so far to apparent difficulty ; but it is well the outside in the betting. known the horse was not fit to run,

THE YOUNG FORESTER, and ought not to have started. Cho.

( To be continued.)


IN N our last December Number we The winning Cock (the property of gave, as one of our Embellish

Arthur Pavis) was bred by Mr. Sadinents, a print of British Game Fowls, ler, at Aldworth, Gloucestershire, by from a beautiful Picture by the one of his old Duckwings out of a Younger MARSHALL. For this pic- Tribe hen. The down Cock is own bro. ture eight as good fellows as Newmar- ther to Diggory (a well-known brood ket can produce, and all noted Cockers, cock in Newmarket, the property of each anxious to call this gem'his own, George Edwards); bred by Mr. Garresolved to have a shy in their own ner of Coombe Wood, got by one of way for its possession. A Welsh main Sir H. Halford's Reds out of Wood's was in consequence soon got up; and hens. Two better or more scientific on the 23d of February Arthur Pavis fighters never entered a pit: they were became the successful competitor. in the finest condition and feather, This spirited little Jock, determined from the superior feeding of May and to have a companion to his prize, com- Fenton, the corner portraits. missioned the same talented Artist to The elegant burin of ROMNEY has embody the result of the last battle been called in requisition; and for the main, with some of the lead- trust our readers will be gratified by ing characters present on that his able delineation of a decidedly sion,

clever picture.




- 1 evinced very little spirit, and the Lord Exeter's stable; and 1000 to 20 LEGER has been scarcely named. agst_Margrave winning the Deroy For the DERBY Lord Exeter's Bei- and Emiliana the Oaks (taken):— The ram still ranks first, though without following may be quoted as the preany variation during the month worth sent state of the odds :mentioning. Mr. Dilly's Margrave

DERBY (winner of the Criterion at the

9 to 1 agst Beiram. Houghton Meeting) and Lord Ches

10 to 1 agst Alargrave.

11 to 1 agst Non Compos. terfield's Non Compos have gained

12 to 1 agst Dulcinea. several points: the former now stands

16 to 1 agst Darioletta. second, and the latter third on the

20 to 1 agst Emiliana, list.--The Oaks remains in the same

20 to 1 agst Pastille colt. inactive state, Mr. Chifney's Emiliana

22 to 1 agst Folly colt.

25 to 1 agst Minster. still being the only one mentioned, and at the same price.-Among the

6 to agst Emiļiana,


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