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Troop of Yeomanry Cavalry. Thirty- veteran, we again refer to our 14th two dogs were entered, and the sport volume, V. S. p. 125. terminated on Friday, when the prize was won by a dog named by Vr.

RACES ANNOUNCED. Brown, of Chisledon winning five Hambledon Hunt

March 29 successive courses.---Better sport was

Bath Spring

. April 11 Leeds Spring

.22 never seen ; the successful dog was

Newmarket Craven...

.23 thought very little of; and the know- Catterick-Bridge

.25 ing ones were completely taken in. A Malton

May 3 handsome breakfast was each morning Chester

7 laid out at Rockley-house for the Clinton and Bristol

Newmarket First Spring


15 Members of the Troop and their Liverpool Spring (Maghull).

.16 friends.

Newmarket Second Spring

.21 York Spring


.June 5

.13 Colonel Elmhirst's black ticked


.18 dog Bu«LE, winner of the Appleby Ascot.

..19 Carr Stakes at the late Barton Coursing Newton

..20 Meeting (the exact colour of Bru- Beverley

.27 nette), out of Levity, by Sir John


..27 Stockbridge

..27 Johnstone's Balloon, Brother to Bru

Liverpool (Aintree)

..July 2 nette and Blue Ruin, at Scawby, near Bath Brigg, Lincolnshire, at 5 sovs. each. Newmarket July Meeting..... SENATOn, a yellow dog, the pro


.11 perty of Captain Lidderdale, at lun


11 Cheltenham

.17 gerford, Berks, at three guineas.


.18 Srail, a blue dog, also the property York.....

August ? of Captain Lidderdale, at the same Oxford

7 place and on the same terms.


.13 Worcester

.14 Leeds.


Warwick Frank Buckle, the most celebrated

Sept. 4 Lichfield

.nl Jockey of his day, died at Peterbo


.12 rough on the 7th of February, aged Abingdon

12 68. In our January Number we an



.26 nounced the publication of his Por- Heaton Park.


.26 trait by Mr. Ackermann, jun. with a

Newmarket First October

.Oct. 1 brief notice of his racing career ; and Newmarket Second ditto for an interesting biography of the Newmarket Houghton




TO CORRESPONDENTS. Many of the pages of the present Number are occupied with an Exposé which the Proprietors have, however relunctantly, been obliged to make, not only in justice to themselves from the false allegations which have been industriously propagated, but in deference to the suggestions of many valued Friends and Subscribers; together with a Reply to a most illiberal and unprovoked attack by a Rival Publication. That our Readers, however, may not be abridged of the usual portion of Sporting Articles we have given twenty-four pages extra: though, even with this addition, we have still to apologise for the non-insertion of several articles.

ERRATA.-In p. 255, first column, of our last Number, there is an error in the punctuation, which renders two sentences unintelligible: the passages should read thus :-“ Ny own ideas, however, lead me to still think highly of him; and I hope, for the sake of his liberal and worthy owner, yet to see him (Zany) make zanies of those who consider otherwise. --A's the violent bruise and strain which he met with at Goodwood might have totally finished his career, had it not been promptly and effectually attended to, Mr. Stonehewer was fortunate in meeting with the skilful and friendly assistance of Mr. Watts,” &c.-P. 259, col. 2, line 26, for 5 the Guy horse," read “the grey horse.”




APRIL, 1832.


CONTENTS. The Young Foxhunters

397 Memoir of the late Strickland Freeman, Linex on Buckle, by Gilbert Forester ......398 Esq. of Fawley Court, Berks, Author Letters on Angling-No. I...

.399 of “ Observations on the Horse's Foot," Portrait of Curricle ......

401 and “The Art of Horsemanship," by Stallions for 1832......

402 B. Ilart, with a striking Likeness of Mr. Song and Description of a Good Day with

Freeman ........

430 tbe East Sussex, by Scarlet ............404 Visit to Northamptonshire, and a Day Migration of the Snipe and Woodcock

at Melton, by Miles

.....436 Norway Teal-Golden-eyed Diver---by Leicestershire and Neighbouring CounA Quartogenarian ......

........405 ties, by Will Careless...... .........444 Qualities of Greyhounds as to Sex and Another Peep at the Suffolk Hounds--the Colour ..........:

407 Huntsman and First Whip, by RingCock Shooting in Wales-the Spaniel and

wood .....

.....417 its Varieties-the Cocker, &c...........409 St. Alban's Steeple Chase, by Slashing By-gone Scenes, or Days of Hog-hunting

119 in India, No. VI..........

.....412 Match for 1000gs consequent thereon....453 Fragments concarning a raal ould Irish A Lay of Leicestershire

...456 Squire, by An Ould Dragoon

414 | SPORTING INTELLIGENCE: Hoitt, Somervile's Huntsman ..........422 Turf Intelligence Extra-Bettings at Instinct, from the “ Percy Anecdotes :" Tattersalls, Stud Sales, &c. &c.

Retribution, the Swan and the Deer - NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS ....460 the Boy and Dog-Friendship in Ani.

RACING CALENDAR.............

69 mals..... ...... 426 INDEX to Ditto.......

...... 89 A Brief Sketch of the Writings, with a


Embellished with,




MADAME VESTRIS having On this title to our plate volumes

just brought out at her might be written; as there are Theatre The Two Hopefuls," fox-hunters, though young in we beg leave to declare distinctly years, still old in experience, and that this subject has no allusion others old in theory, yet young in whatever to the burletta of Ma- practice, with others again (and dame: ours is from real life; the by far the greatest number) who other most likely a fancy sketch gallop about the fields all' their —but we have not seen it. Ours lives without knowing why or is from horses that can go, and · wherefore, except that Squire lads that can ride, and the scene Bugle and Sir Ĥarry Highflyer near to which “ foxes have holes.” do it; or for an excuse to take a

3 E

bottle or two extra at dinner to “ skylarking" and fox-hunting to drink Fox-HUNTING! and Mr. take place with the same horses Apollo Nimrod leave to gratify on the same day. himself in nearly tearing off half The Bay Mare in profile is by the ears of those who surround Hedley, and is “ all but thoroughhim with his song of

bred;" and if the pedigree was “ A southerly wind and a cloudy sky." carefully examined, perhaps the

but might be omitted. She is a Fashion, too, does as much to sensible careful leaper in trifling spoil sport as it does at times to things; but if roused to great exdistort female beauty. Mr. Mo- ertions, such is her natural courant, a first-rater, once changing rage that she thinks nothing in Bond Street for Leicestershire, reason too high or too far for her, on his return was saluted with, and never beyond her ambition: "Well, Morant, what sport?-first, she is moreover as fast as anything I suppose?”—“No, I was not in the chase or the chased. first, but I was two fields before The Black Mare foreshortened the hounds.” Our Young Fox. is not so well bred, but she seems hunters arrangethings differently: to inherit in rare qualities what they allow the fox to go first, the she loses in pedigree; is a superb hounds to go next, and then leaper in all its varieties, with true everybody to go before them- beautiful action-the real source selves that can get there, and re of durability in the field ; and so main there, if they can last long fast, that, notwithstanding her enough. They know a hunted “cartish" appearance, on the turf, fox from a fresh-found one; when where she is no stranger, a perto speak, and when to hold their son having a young racer that tongues (useful knowledge this can beat her certain distances, in other places as well as the may nurse it through the winter hunting-field): they know when with well-founded hopes of being they have good horses (as on the repaid his expenses and care in present occasion), how to keep the spring them, and to prefer for every pur This picture is painted by pose a well-known good one to MARSHALL, Jun. shewing a veran unknown new one. The way satility of talent carefully and into return home does not escape dustriously cultivated to a degree their consideration, regulating the that never fails of success. The pace according to the distance engraving is by RONNEY, an artist and the heat or cold of the wea as well known as he is univerther, and on no account to allow

sally admired.


BUCKLE, farewell ! though winded now,

Thy juniors take the lead,
Hold hard-make play for windfor thou

Must seek a higher meed.
Another race awaits thy winning:
Thy second heat is but beginning.

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