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heels over head he will not part have only seen them twice, but company. They tumble over and nothing could be better than the get up again as if they were the appearance of the whole. We same animal, and he will go at had one capital run of fifty mianything. This reminds me of a nutes, with hardly a check, over a lark at which I was amused. very fine country; and, fortu

I had heard of Melton men nately for the nags, the ground larking, and the other day I saw was light, or no horse could have it for the first time. They had lived with them. Among the met at Melton, and had a long riders I remarked a black coat on tiresome day, killing two foxes, a black horse as among the

very but without shewing a run. At best. I believe his name is Becher. last some of the field got tired of The other pack is Mr. Dansey's, drawing, and so about half a who hunts Lord Middleton's dozen started to find their way country. He is a stranger, and home across country. LordGardi- has many difficulties to encounter; ner took the lead, and at one place but, from what I have seen of got a tremendous summerset, and him, he wants that quickness lost his horse: however, to my which is absolutely necessary to surprise, instead of attempting to shew sport : and, after hunting catch him, he waited very coolly with Sir Harry and Mr. Saville, till the next man, Lord Wilton, the contrast is too great.

I cancame up, who, after getting over not bear to see a man poke from the fence, pulled up, when Lord one covert to another at a walk, Gardiner jumped on behind him, as if he only wanted to kill the and away they sailed together, day; and I have heard men comtill at length somebody caught plain sadly of him in this respect. the horse and brought him up. I think he has a capital ear for

There are some most excellent hounds, and understands the riders among

yeomen ; and a

science of hunting ; but he is not farmer named Butler particularly decided, or quick enough: added struck me in a very quick thing to which, a fence in the way often from near Widmerpool. He rode a makes him alter his cast, which his grey mare very much blemished, judgment thinks is the right one. for which, I believe, he gave I must now say adieu ; my twenty pounds, but she is the very place of abode is among the ruins best hunter I ever saw; and this of the old Castle of the Duke of day Lord Rancliffe (also on a very N.......e, from which I gaze clear grey) and him had the lead upon a most beautiful expanse of alternately as the hounds turned.

country, and wish that fate would I hope to see these hounds allow me to remain for many some day in the Harborough years; but I fear I must again country, when I may be able to soon wander forth to some other give some better account of them region. However, if not, perhaps and their performance.

you may hear again from me, if There are two other packs in this is deemed worth receiving. the neighbourhood of Notting. In the mean time, believe me, my ham. Mr. Saville's, of Rufford, trusty ONEOFUS, your most sin, is most excellent, and, I believe, cere well-wisher, have had most splendid sport. Į February 17, 1832.



AT this, Meeting, which was held on out of Twist, beat Mr. Richardson's blk.

the 7th, 8th, and 10th of February, and wh. b. Trippet, by Humphrey Clinker there was

a numerous and respectable out of Pledge. attendance of the Members and their Ancholme Stakes of two sous. each. friends. From the unusual fineness of Mr. Healey's f. b. Fan, by Dancer out of the weather, together with the good con Fly, beat Mr. Loft's f. b. Magic, by Mr. dition of the ground, and the extraordi. Best's Monarch out of his Marcia; Mr. nary stoutness of the hares, the contests in E. W. Smith's bl. Match'em, by Blue the respective runs for the Cup and Cap out of Red Tail, beat Mr. Chaplin's Sweepstakes were most excellent and satis. f. and wh. d. Wonder, by Dancer out of factory. For the Grand Prize, Mr. W. Fly ; Mr. Healey's blk. b. Poll, by Major Loft's Mantle (the winner of the Louth out of Fly, beat Mr. Richardson's blk. St. Leger Stakes) and Mack, own brother and wh. b. Trinket, by Humphrey Clinto her, being left alone in the last tie, the ker out of Pledge ; Mr. Richardson's blk. Cup, value 40 sovs., together with 10 sovs. and wh. d. Actæon, by Cliff out of Lady, for the second best dog, were both won by beat Mr. Kennington's blk. b. Fly. them in gallant style, but not run out. Mantle and Mack are by Mr. Best's Mo

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8. narch, and out of Mr. W. Loft's Marcia ;

FIRST TIES FOR THE CUP. and it is but justice to say that their style

Bess beat Louisa. of running, and beautiful condition, ob

Mantle Barefoot. tained the general admiration of the field.

Minx Lion. The Society are much indebted to the

Mack Minna. kindness of C. Winn, Esq. of Appleby,

TIES FOR APPLEBY CARR STAKES. for furnishing such good hares and excellent ground for their diversion.-J. Terry,

Bugle beat Surprise. Esq. of Leyburn, near Bedale, gave uni


Caroline. versal satisfaction as Tryer, by his impar. TIES FOR THE ANCHOLME STAKES. tial decisions and the superior knowledge

Actæon evinced by him in the Laws of Coursing.

beat Fan.

Match'em Poll. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1832. Consolation Stakes of two sovs. each. For the Cup. Mr. E. W. Smith's bl.

Mr. Benson's blk. b. Sal beat Mr. Richb. Minx beat Mr. W. Richardson's wh.

ardson's wh. d. Racer; Mr. B. Nichold. Racer, by Stretcher out of Blue Bell;

son's bi. b. Adelaide agst Mr. Healey's Mr. Kennington's brin. and wh. b. Minna,

blk. b. Mary Jane-undecided : won by a out of Fly, beat Mr. J. Marshall's red b.

toss by Adelaide. Smallhopes, by Blue Ruin out of Vesta ; First Bye Stakes of two sovs. each.. Mr. S. Egginton's blk. d. Lion beat Mr. Mr. Healey's brin. d. Fred beat Mr. W.Richardson's red d. Brutus, by Roman Richardson's b. Wowski; Mr. Nichol.. out of Cora; Mr. Chaplin's blk. d. Bare son's blk. b. Minna beat Mr. Hayes's foot, by. Regent out of Fly, beat Mr. blk. d. Gimcrack. Espener's red d. Effort (lame); Mr. Loft's Second Bye Stakes of one sov. each. fawn ticked d. Mack, by Mr. Best's Mr. Kennington's blk. b. Fly beat Mr. Monarch out of his Marcia, beat Mr. West's blk. b. Frolic; Mr. E. W. Smith's B. Nicholson's blue b. Adelaide, by blk. d. Squib beat Mr. Healey's brin. b. Stretcher out of Violet ; Mr. Loft's wh. Tet. and t. b. Mantle, by Mr. Best's Mo

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10. narch out of his Marcia, beat Mr.

SECOND TIES FOR Healey's blk. b. Mary Jane, by Major


Mack beat Bess. out of Fly; Mr. Winn's blk. b. Louisa,

Mantle Minx. by Major out of Fly, beat Col. Elmhirst's fawn d. Victor, by Blue Ruin out of Decision for the Cup.--Mack and Vesta ; Mr. Benson's brin. b. Bess, by Mantle being both the property of Mr. Major, beat Mr. West's blk. b. Frolic, by Loft, the Cup and Sovereigns were won Major out of Chance.

by them, but not run out. Appleby Carr Stakes of two sovs. Deciding Course for the Appleby Carr each. Mr. E. W. Smith's brin. and wh. Stakes.-Bugle beat Faith, and won the b. Faith, out of Sister to Nelson, beat Mr. Stakes. Healey's r. d. Bob; Mr. S. Egginton's Deciding Course for the Ancholme r. d. Surprise beat Mr. Healey's r. d. Stakes.-Acteon beat Match'em, and won Tom; Mr. Healey's bl. b. Caroline, by the Stakes. Belton out of The Queen, beat Mr. Ben Deciding Course for the Consolation son's blk. b. Sal, by Major; Colonel Elm Stakes.-Adelaide beat Sal, and won the hirst's blk, ticked d. Bugle, by Balloon Stakes.


Deciding Course for First Bye Stakes. - Minna beat Fred, and won the Stakes.

Deciding Course for Second Bye Stakes. -Fly beat Squib, and won the Stakes.

Appleby Stakes of two sovs. each...-Mr. J. Marshall's r. b. Smallhopes beat Mr. S. Egginton's r. d. Surprise ; Mr. Healey's bl.

b. Caroline beat Mr. Chaplin's blk. d. Barefoot.

Deciding Course.-Caroline beat Small. hopes, and won the Stakes--(Smallhopes unsighted).

Carr Stakes of one sov. each.-Nr. Richardson's f. and w. d. Wonder beat Mr. Healey's r. d. Bob ; Mr. S. Egginton's bl. d. Lion beat Mr. J. Richardson's r. b. Peep.

Deciding Course. Wonder beat Lion, and won the Stakes.

Matches.--Mr. Richardson's Trinket beat Mr. Loft's Brenda ; Col. Elmhirst's Victor beat Mr. Healey's Tet.



TE have the honor to present He also won the Little Welter

to our numerous, constant, Stakes, carrying 10st., the Round and classical readers, in this our Course (one mile and threea March Number, an exact Por- quarters), six subscribers. trait of the Arab horse MUSCAT, which all must allow is at once We say thus much for Musa creditable to the masterly hand CAT, or otherwise he could, though and correct eye of the Younger a stranger to our language, speak MARSHALL, as well as to the beau- for himself: but there has been tifully scientific graver of Mr. such bouncing, such puff upon ROMNEY; but, above all, to the puff about a print of another AraHonorable Colonel FINCH, for a bian published about a month display of his superior judgmentin ago, called Orelio, that we could procuring such a subject: and we not refrain from saying something have no hesitation in saying, about both, being desired to “look being backed up by judges from upon this, and look upon that.” whom there is no appeal, that Poor Orelio! and art thou brought Muscat is the only Arabian im- here to be thus degraded ! thy ported in the present generation “ bright bay” to be turned into calculated to improve, or rather dirty white muslin! and thy "black renovate, the English Race-horse, legs and feet” into legs of parchbeing of good size, perfect sym- ment!! Oh! what a « mount" metry, fine temper, and the purest for the renowned Don Quixote ! blood: besides there is in him Only dock him, and what bone, muscle, strength, and action soliloquy we should have from to improve the breed of horses of the Learned Syntax ......"My dear, every grade.

dear Grizzle!!! how proud I am MUSCAT ran three times at to find a grateful world still doing Calcutta in 1829, and his per honor to thy extraordinary worth, formances there were quite cre- and the Arts Sublime exerted to ditable to him as a racer, having hand down to posterity thy matchwon two out of the three engage- less beauty!. Poor Orelio, why ments, and he came in second for wert thou imported !--and why the third, carrying 11st. 71b., was not the man who put forth when eight of their best horses thy caricature exportedand, for started. His first prize was the his libel on the state of the Fine Gold Cup, given by the Royal Arts in England, at the expense Club, two-mile heats, 9st. each of Government?


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