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T THE Portrait of this hound, by Willis, is a most perfect likeness of the

animal, and does infinite credit to the talents of that very clever and rising artist. The engraving, by Cook, is in his usual style of faithfulness to the original.

Echo, bred by_and the property of His Grace the Duke of Beaufort, is by Boxer out of Emily.

Boxer, by Dorimant out of Bravery.
Bravery, by the Delamere Forest Bustler out of Lady.

Emily, by Ragland out of Paragon, by Sir F. Mostyn's Lashwood out of Princess.


Hint for relieving the Ennui of a long Coach Journey...Method of remunerating

Keepers for preserving Foxes in Suffolk reprobated the good old Times exempli. fied.Plan for preserving Foxes.-Fight at Doncaster between Brown and Samp. son..Nautical Anecdote.

SIR, THE gun having had full play On a fine day in the latter end

during the last two months, of September 1830, I perched no doubt there are numberless myself on the top of one of the tales afloat respecting the dex- fast coaches that travel the road terity with which some of these from Wolverhampton to Mandeadly weapons have been used. chester. Somewhere in the neighFor instance: bagging a hare and bourhood of Stafford a young a brace of birds at the same time, Gentleman and a gamekeeper shooting at a pheasant and killing joined company, and mounted on your friend, are things so com- the hind part of the coach, where, mon that the recital would bring if I remember rightly, there was neither interest nor novelty ; one

but one other passenger.

The of which characteristics all anec- keeper had his double-barrelled dotes related in the Sporting gun and ammunition, and his World should in some measure pointer was closely chained under lay claim to. The following that the seat his master occupied. I am about to relate is certainly They had not been added to our one of the best methods I ever party many minutes before bang saw adopted for relieving the went the artillery, and we saw a ennui of a long coach journey, lot of dove-house pigeons whirland I present it to your readers, ing by the coach, one of which to be by them adopted or not dropped in the adjoining field. as they may feel inclined when The nags were going steadily, placed in similar circumstances, doing about nine miles an hour, first having obtained what on and the bars and other coach musome coaches may be deemed sic was in pretty unison, so that necessary-viz. licence and per- a person seated on the front of mission.

the coach, unless he had turn



ed round and seen the smoke, crack pigeon-shots, which I concould scarcely believe that a gun fess I was once simple enough to had been discharged so near him, do on a burning dusty day in

was actually the case; the June, although the scene of achorses taking no more notice of tion was nine miles distant from it than they would of the slam- my place of abode. ming-to of the door of the hind Just as I had marked down boot, the noise of which it closely this anecdote for

your pages, and resembled. For more than thirty was about to tie another or two miles (indeed till darkness put an to its tail, the Bury and Norwich end to the sport) did this young Post, 21st September last, was Gentleman keep blazing away on brought in for my perusal, and the King's highway, shooting at the first thing that caught my eye everything that could fly, rigit was a paragraph headed “Foxor left, as he espied it. Many a Hunting." This paragraph, after stately rook received his death recounting two capital days' sport instanter, or was left ignobly to in succession (for the time of hobble for the short remaining year) that Mr. Muir's (the Sufperiod of his existence, no more folk hounds) had met with, conto soar through fields of air.

cluded thus :-“The country is I cannot recount exactly the highly indebted to the spirited number or condition of all the

owner of the pack, and it has killed and wounded; but there been suggested by several Genwere two shots that told remark- tlemen that a subscription should ably well: the first was at a wood- be raised to remunerate the keeppigeon (a devil to stop) going a ers where foxes are preserved.” slapping pace across the country, And the Editor adds, “We shall distant at least forty-five yards; be happy to promote this suggesno sooner was the trigger pulled tion by any means in our power. than over he rolled, and fell as Now it appears to me that such dead as a brickbat: the other was a proceeding is fraught with ina blue rock in a great hurry, and calculable mischief, besides being exactly the same sauce was served a bad precedent; and I beg to out to him. As I never fired a put to the projectors of the plan gun from the top of a coach or this question :-Is this remuneany other vehicle whilst in motion, ration for men who obey, or for I cannot speak positively as to those who disobey their masters' the difficulty of hitting a moving commands ?

Is the sporting object so situated; but having world to understand that in Sufsince witnessing this perform- folk the preservation or destrucance, often pointed a walking- tion of foxes is entirely delegated stick at flying birds, it appears to to the wills of gamekeepers ? If me to be no easy task to shoot so, Suffolk may part with its wellwith any precision, from the tre- organized pack, and the sooner mulous motion of the machinery the better; and Gentlemen may under you. But the young one

rest assured, that, all-powerful as did it in capital style, and it was gold is, their subscription alone much more amusing to me than will not be enough to make safe witnessing a match at twenty-five one half of these velvet-jacket yards from the trap, between two gentry. How is it that the Duke



of Grafton's, Mr. Thornhill's, Mr. foxes, (it being understood in Bennett's, and a few other coverts those days that this part of the

never many days without business was entirely vested in foxes ? Only because the keeps the master of the domain,) as an ers of these Gentlemen know acknowledgment of general cithat when an order is issued vility to the Field, and to drink to them from head-quarters, it success to Fox-hunting. This must be obeyed; and that if they was a compliment, and acknowwish to preserve their places, ledged with thankfulness, and foxes' lives must not be trifled left its mark: but the new syswith. If any one must be bought tem to be adopted in Suffolk will over to the cause, it must be be productive of anything but some of those proprietors of co- satisfaction. The bonus will be verts whose keepers make up received in many instances with for scanty wages by a little con- a growl; and the fancied parsitribution of game every week mony of the payment will fill ar from their own or the adjoining evil-disposed" vagabond full of manor; and, as twoof a trade can- spite, that he will be sure to vent not agree, Mr. Reynard, whenever upon the next fox that chances to met with, is certain of destruc

come in his

way. tion.

Foxes are very easily destroyed, I can fancy I hear a pair of and there is but one plan that these worthies discussing the can preserve them where gamemerits of this aforesaid paragraph keepers inhabit; and it is this : on a Sunday morning at the vil- for proprietors of coverts not only lage ale-house, and summing up to give orders for the preservain somewhat about this style tion of foxes, but to be deterAye, Tom, and I'm blest if 'tis mined that those orders are obeyed. any more than our rights! How Now if I could by any chance do Gentlemen think we are to live become the owner of such coif we are to swarm with foxes ? verts as Norton-wood, East-wood, but, howsomever, I've made up Pakenham-wood, &c., the old my mind to this, that unless they story from the keeper, of “Oh do tip up pretty stiff

, I'm d-d if yes, Sir, sure to find to-day: I they shall find a fox in our co- padded him in yesterday mornverts, they may take their oaths ing, and 'twas only last Sunday of that I knows how to gammon there were a brace playing in our old Governor; he don't wish the stubble at the back of my much to see them, that's about


would not do: my the truth on't.”

answer would be, produce the Now the old-fashioned way of animal, or be off. Will any sportsoccasionally encouraging a game

man believe that such coverts as keeper was this. If an extra- these would be without foxes unordinary good fox was found in less there was foul play somea preserve that afforded a bril- where? But whenever I see one liant day's sport, the next time of those infernal long poles cothe hounds met at the same place, vered with every bird of prey a guinea or two was presented to from the wonderful sun-eagle to the keeper, not so much as a the tom-tit, and with every beast premium for the preservation of from the wandering mastiff to the merry stoat, staring a huntsman to say, “ Well, old boy, no other in the face as he is throwing his pack than yours shall ever hunt hounds into covert, I generally me: many a rattling day we've turn my horse's head towards had together, and, as 'tis to be that part of the wood whence your last day here, it shall be they are likely to come out on mine also: but Tommy, old boy, their road to the next place of you shall remember me !” And drawing

Tommy did remember him ; for I cannot yet dismiss this sub- 'tis but just a year ago, that, sitject, and shall just take the li- ting in his elbow-chair in his neat berty to paraphrase the preamble little cottage at Stoney Stratford, of the bill "a subscription to and quafling a comfortable glass remunerate keepers that will to the memory of “ auld lang have forbearance enough not to syne,” he related to me the parspoil the sport of a whole coun- ticulars of this capital run, and ty!!!”-Indeed! and are ye fallen reckoned it one of the brightest so low as this, Suffolk Fox-hun- spots in his long career of foxters? Why don't you insert in hunting. Well, the fox was killed this Bury and Norwich Post at Toffts Belt, on the Norwich “The humble petition of the No- side of Thetford, about fifteen bility, Gentry, and (if you do not miles point blank from the place think it would mar the concern) he was found. The run was comthe fox-hunting Clergy of the puted at about twenty-one miles, county of Suffolk, to Messrs. the the pace throughout very good, Gamekeepers of the same county, scarcely a check, and the last craving their forbearance towards twelve or thirteen miles over a you?” This would only be in perfectly open country. Those consonance with the new doc- who never saw this part of Nortrine of conciliation; and no doubt folk twenty years ago, would Mr. Trapvermin would be con- scarcely believe that this county, siderably softened by it. But so famed for high cultivation, bah! it used not to be so a few contained anything half so wild years since, when Suffolk could

as the country this animal ran boast of more packs of fox-hounds


the greatest part of it than one. Then, when thanks sheep walks,

rabbit-warrens, and were returned for a good day's barren heaths; and where they sport, they were given where met with arable land, it was of that they were due, as the following sort that a horse would scarcely narration can testify.

leave his foot print. Something It was about the last time the I have seen like it in certain parts Duke of Grafton's hounds met in of the Duke of Beaufort's hunt, the Suffolk country, and they if you take away the stone walls. trotted on from Wattesfield-gate, Very few in a race like this were their place of meeting, to Hinder- in any place at all, and many a clay-wood. No sooner were the gallant steed died on the field of hounds in, than out went as gal- honour, and many more received lant a fox as ever wore a brush, their death-warrants on that meand Ould Tom Rose with the morable day. One of the three darlings and his beautiful halloo or four that witnessed the finish close at his heels. The fox seemed was Lord Charles Fitzroy, at that time a fine rider to hounds, and hoped, given the coup de grace, the blood from the Euston pad- and completed its annihilation, docks on this occasion bore him What can its warmest advocates along in triumph.

say for it now?

Let us hear no After the fox was disposed of more of its being a school for old the hounds got to water, and the English courage to be displayed horses partially recovered their and kept alive by, when the rewind. About twenty minutes had sult of this battle sufficiently elapsed, and Admiral Wilson, the proves that Brown's life was proprietor of the covert in which nearly forfeited from his being the fox had been found, was seen possessed of this very quality, and coming on the line of the run; which these fighting blackguards Lord Charles immediately rode to affect so much to admire. Brown meet him, and coming along-side, won by true game-by that which pulled off his hat, and bowing, his antagonist was never known said, Admiral, allow me to to possess; and at the moment thank you for your gallant fox, he ought to have been proclaimand for one of the best day's sported the conqueror, the office was I ever witnessed:” and, a few given, and the partisans of Sampdays after, on meeting one of the son rushed in, and with bludAdmiral's tenants, who resided geons and kicks showered down near the spot, he presented him on the luckless Brown attempted with 5). to be distributed on the to effect that which their whitefollowing Sunday amongst the feathered champion had failed in aged poor of the parish.

doing. Mr. Beardsworth ! you In all probability I shall visit stood there as stakeholder ; and the Suffolk country this scason, what must you have felt on withaving received a pressing invita- nessing this proceeding, if you tion to do so; and all particulars for one moment thought that by of sport, as far as regards fox- any possibility your name might hunting, shall certainly be for- be mixed up with such a prewarded to your Magazine. The meditated act of cowardice and fox-killing gentry, if worthy of a villany ?--Yet one way remained place, shall

certainly figure away open for you to have placed yourin your pages.

self in a position that would for And now, taking leave of this ever have silenced the tongue subject, allow me to congratulate of calumny. Had you manfully you, Mr. Editor, on the strength rushed into the ring, and rescued of the prophecies contained in the Brown from the hands of the asdifferent sporting papers, that sassins that surrounded him, and the fight between Brown and borne him in safety to your carSampson is indeed to be the last riage, your crest-fallen, vanquishof the Ring, and that your pages ed townsman would have been will be no more polluted with the certain of receiving every attenrecital of such bare-faced vil- tion that he was deserving of from lanies. For many a year Pugi. the hands of those thieves and lism has been dying a natural vagabonds who had come to his death ; but the climax of infamy rescue. that was reserved for the Doncas. And now, as is said in many ter exhibition has, it is to be places, to conclude.

With a Vol. IV.--SECOND SERIES.No. 19


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