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by attempting a display of wit at possibly have been mis-led by it ; the expense of feeling...... that I because none but a Tom-fool would forbore in any way to allude to a have placed implicit reliancewhere subject which seems to have called fore warned of probable inaccuforth Vipi's peculiar astonish- racy :-ergo, the charge of misment at my keeping silence on. I leading applies not to me. trust, however, he is now enabled I think myself the most fortusuficiently to appreciate my mo- nate of men, Sir, in having at tives for so doing:

last hit on one topic whereon we The ne plus ultra then of the are mutually agreed-hurdlemany errors said to have been racing !—not that that I should “ perpetrated” by me in my have broken either my head or would-be witty Sketch, is reduced my heart had it been otherwise. to the solitary mistake of stating And now, Mr. Editor, unto that Whisk (instead of Wassailer) Vini, who has needlessly courted started for the Fifty Pound Plate. it, would I fain offer one piece of Now, as Wassailer did not happen parting advice in return for what to win, and both these horses be- he has so kindly and gratuitously long to the same owner, I am in- bestowed on me. Ere he again clined to think that your many attempts to enter the arena of courteous readers will deem my public discussion, by undertaking lame apology at the finale of my the censorship of the Sporting former Sketch as a sufficient Press. .....ere he again dips “ his atonement for so doing: and I most potent pen into the most have only to regret that Vipi omnipotent of all fluids,” in a should have given himself so vain endeavour to act the monitor much trouble on my account in tomotives and measures he knows writing, and your readers so little about......ere he again atmuch trouble in perusing, his very tempts to cauterize, where he evierudite and edifying remarks, dently possesses so small a portion after all about nothing, or cer- of skill to better, and still less to

, tainly not much! I do not for a cure......let me earnestly recommoment doubt Vipi's extensive mend him, first of all, to qualify knowledge of the Turf......only himself likewise for the task he it's a pity he doesn't transfer a would fain teach others; for then, little of it to his “ Treatise;" for, and not till then, shall I be infor the life and soul of me, I can duced to extend that faith to his discover none of it there. This doctrine which I deny it now. he will doubtless attribute to my And here let me turn to another stupidity : but as there may be and far pleasanter subject to such two opinions on this point else- of your readers and correspondwhere, we will leave it for the ents as have been pleased to expresent sub judice, only hoping press themselves in praise of my Îis next performance will be more humble efforts-brought forward worthy of his master-pen! more with a view of breaking in

As to my statement being “cal- a little on the monotony of your culated to mislead," it is as evident more sporting pages, than of as the Pons Asinorum of that old shedding any new light over that beast Euclid, that none but a world those pages so truly and so Tom-fool of the first class could ably describe. To them my acknowledgments are now offered: in whatever way he in his critiand, if I have been fortunate cal wisdom may think proper, enough occasionally to call forth I remain, Sir, yours obediently, a sigh... ...or still more frequent

A NATIVE, ly, I would hope, create a smile December 9, 1831.

..my object will have been fully realised: and it remains for P. S. It was not my intention me but to express my fervent to have occupied a place in your wishes, that each revolving Periodical this month, had Vidi Christmas may witness an in- not afforded me a subject for a crease of happiness through this Sketch; and feeling assured your life's wanderings-hastening on- readers must be as heartily tired ward to that intermediate state, of it as myself, I shall not again that “ Half-way House” (though trespass on your pages, Mr. Edinot of entertainment) 'twixt Time tor, with my remarks on the subject and Eternity--the tomb !

matter before us. I trust I am as In conclusion--nothing, I con- open as my neighbours to conceive, can more fully “ prove the viction; but it must be founded good part” in which I have taken on rational grounds-a mere “difVidi's reminiscences and ference of opinion” not carrying marks, than the deeming them to my mind or judgment convicworth the time and trouble of so tion in its course...... it being one long an answer...... and leaving thing to attempt, and another to mine for the future, to be taken be a critic!

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To all true Sportsmen, but not to the hard-riding Marmions in the West.

SHOULD any one, who has a covered), either to Mr. J. Mur

keen eye to a good bit of stuff, less, Thorn Falcon, near Taunsee a Gipsy, or any other suspic ton, Somerset ; or to the Procious person, or extraordinary- prietor of the Creech St. Michael looking vagabond or coen, riding Harriers, shall receive, as a Rea Coal Black Galloway, verging ward, a fine Black Game Cock, of on fourteen hands, and which is the true Somerset strain of blood; well


in the crest, has a pro- or a handsome young Pointer of minent eye, small head, and when the right Sniping breed. roused and in action shews pretty much his Arabian descent; and that moreover beat Tom N. B. The Pony was stolen Thumb, or any other American from a stable in Thorn Falcon, on galloway into fits, over any coun- Sunday the 12th instant. He is try after hounds, with two stone blemished on both knees, is viheavier on his back than Mr. Os- cious to clean, and is a bad roadbaldeston ; upon giving notice of ster. the same (so that he shall be re- Dec. 23, 1831.





THE Jarquis of Exeter's sta- made known on Monday the 24

ble still maintains the lead of January. for the DERBY, Beiram keeping Among the double events, 1000 his place at 9 to 1 : and his Dulto 25 has been taken agst Marcinea colt now stands second at grave winning the Derby and 10 to 1, and is in great demand at Emiliana the Oaks; 5 to 1 the that figure. Margrave and Non field against Beiram and Dulcinea Compos are equal, at 11 to l. colt; and 12 to 1 agst Mr. RidsMinster has come forward with dale's lot. Beiram is also backed many friends, at 20 to 1 (taken), at 500 to 100 agst Dulcinea.—12 which is an advance of five points to 1 agst either of the Duke of since our last. Folly has also got Grafton's for the Oaks. up, and is backed freely at 20 to 1. On the whole, however, the betting has been very slack during

The state of the odds may be the month.—On the 5th, 1000 to quoted as follows:20 was taken against Mr. Ma. berly's colt, Count Robert, by 9 to 1 agst Beiram. Muley out of Eliza.

10 to 1 agst Dulcinea colt. 200 even has been laid, Beiram

Il to 1 agst Margrave (taken). agst Non Compos, in the Sweep

Il to 1 agst Non Compos. stakes on Tuesday in the New

16 to 1 agst Darioletta. market First Spring Meeting, six

20 to 1 agst Minster (taken). subscribers, 150 sovs. each, h. ft.

20 to 1 agst Folly (taken). Ditch Mile. In the Oaks two fresh ones

20 to 1 agst Emiliana. have come forward-the Duke of

22 to 1 agst Pastille colt. Richmond's Dryad, by Whalebone

30 to 1 agst Bugle. out of Harpalice, and the Duke

30 to 1 agst Ernest. of Grafton's Ruth, by Merlin out

40 to 1 agst Count Robert. of Prudence--but Mr. Chifney's

50 to 1 agst Count Robinson (taken). Emiliana continues at the top of the tree.

13 to 2 agst Emiliana. Sporting Men are still divided

10 to 1 agst Dryad. in opinion as to the policy of the

13 to 1 agst Ruth. alteration in the long-established conditions of the LEGER. On the whole it may be considered rather At Manchester, Beiram is done unpopular than otherwise : but at 8 to 1, and that freely, and in this case, as in that on the con- Non Compos at 10 to 1 for the tagious nature of the cholera, Derby. “ doctors differ.”—All we hope is, For the Manchester Cup, 5 to that the result may prove advan- lagst Guido, 6 to 1 agst Contest, tageous to the general interests P. P. entered or not entered. of the Turf. The nominations For the Chester Cup 8 to 1 on for this interesting Stake will be the field, P. P.

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( Concluded from page 140 last Number.)

[The figure at the beginning of the paragraph denotes the age of the horse that at the

end the number of Prizes won.]

By PETER LELY (Son of Rubens). 3. Caro Dolci, Mr. Alexander's, 60 sovs. at Western-1.

3. Balloch Myle, Mr. Wilkins's, 100 sovs. at Liverpool ; 60, at Haigh Park; the Gold Cup, value 100gs., and 50, at Carlisle; and twice 50, at Dumfries-6.

5. Guido, Mr. Clifton's, the Gold Cup, value 100 sovs. with 100 in specie, at Manchester; and 110, at Knutsford-2.

5. Lely, Mr. Clifton's, the Tradesmen's Cup, value 100, with 400 sovs. in specie, and 110, at Liverpool ; 150, and the Gold Cup, value 100, with 140 in specie, at Newton-4. 3. Perlet, Gen. Sharpe's, 100 sovs. at Dumfries 1.

By PHANTOM (Son of Walton). 3. Incubus, Mr. Cookes', 150 sovs. at Warwick ; and 160, at Newmarket 2. 2. The Marshal, Sir M. Wood's, 200 sovs. a: Newmarket-1.

6. Vanish, Mr. Houldsworth's, 70 sovs. at Newton; 70, 100, at Liverpool ; 70, at Doncaster; and the Gold Cup, value 200, with 210 in specie, at Heaton Park-5.

By YOUNG PHANTOM. 4. Lady Emmeline, Mr. T. 0. Powlett's, a compromise of the Constitution Stakes of 55 sovs. at York-.

By PIONEER (Son of Whisky). a. Carthago, Lord Worcester's, 85 sovs. and 50, at Ascot; and 40, at Goodwood__3.

By POLYGAR (Son of Walton). 6. Twin, Mr. Moreton's, 40 sovs. at Banbury-1.

By POPE (Son of Waxy). 4. All's Well (late Canker), Mr. Carter's, 50 at Durham ; and 50, at Rugcley_2.

4. The Cardinal, Mr. Chapman's, 150 sovs. and 100, at Manchester ; 140, at Worcester ; the Leamington Stakes of 620, at Warwick; 60, at Leicester ; and 100, at Newmarket-6.

By PRIME MINISTER (Son of Sancho). 5. Bay Mare (Queen Bathsheba), Sir D. H. Blair's, 70 sovs., and, Lord Eglinton's, 70, at Western-2.

By PYRAMUS (Son of Beningvrough). 4. Scrub, Mr. Dundas's, 50 sovs. at Bath and Bristol ; 56, at Southampton ; 60, at Abingdon; 50, at Burderop ; and 50, at Monmouth-5.

By RASPING (Son of Brown Bread). 2. Schoolmaster, Lord Tavistock's, 80 sovs. at Bedford-1.

By REVELLER (Son of Comus). 4. Ches. Gelding (Little Joey), Mrs. Þay's, a compromise of the Lansdown Stakes of 120, at Bath

6. Ches. Horse, Mr. G. Lee's, 80 sovs. and a Cup, at Holderness Hunt; and 40, at Beverley—3.

3. Delight, Mr. Sadler's, 750 sovs. at Stockbridge; 150, at Bath and Bristol ; the Drawing Room Stakes of 1005, at Goodwood ; 275, at Winchester ; and 350, at Warwick-6.

3. Euryone, Mr. Sadler's, 85 sovs, at Cottisford Hunt ; 150, 125, 85, and 50, at Abingdon–5.

3. Galantine, Sir M. Wood's, Renewal of 1000gs. Stakes of 1550 sovs., 200, thrice 100, and 50, at Newmarket-6.

5. Gallopade, Lord Stradbroke's, 50 sovs. at Ipswich ; 70, at Lewes; and 50, at Bece cles-3.

4. Harmony, Mr. Scaith's, 65 sovs. at Hampton ; 50, at Brighton ; 45, at Egham, and 50, at Rochester and Chatham-4.

5. Lucetta, Sir M. Wood's, His Majesty's Purse of 100gs., 100 sovs., 150, and 300, at Newmarket-4.

6. Souter Johnny, Mr. Simpson's, 50 sovs. at the Hoo1.

4. Wassailer, Mr. Biggs's, 25 sovs., and 100, at Bibury; the Gold Cup, value 100, an d 45, at Blandford; and 130, at Dorchester - 5.

5. Windfall, Mr. Cavell's, 45 sovs. at Enfield. Vol. IV.SECOND SERIES. No. 21.


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By RICHARD (Son of Orville). 3. Miss Dulwich, Mr. Ramsay's, 50 sovs. at Caledonian Hunt--).

By ROBIN ADAIR (Son of Walton). 5. Honest Robin, Mr. Dundas's, 225 sovs. at Clifton and Bristel; 140, and 125, at Southampton-3.

By ROWLSTON (Son of Camillus). 4. Penrhos, Sir W. Wynne's, a Cup, value 70, at Chester ; '95 sovs. at Shrewsbury ; and the Gold Cup, value 100 (disputed), at Wrexham-3.

By RUBENS (Son of Buzzard). 3. Achilles, Mr. T. Sadler's, a compromise of the Lansdown Stakes of 120 sovs. at Bath ; and the St. Leger Stakes of 115, at Warwick-1. 3. Bay Filly (Sister to Colleger), Mr. Wyndham's, 50 sovs. at Shrewsbury-ul. 4. Carmine, Mr. Molony's, 55 sovs. at St. Alban’s_. 5. Cornelian, Mr. Hobart's, 50 sovs. at Taunton ; and 50, at Salisbury-2. 4. King William, Mr. Gardnor's, 40 sovs., and 50, at St. Alban's.-2. a. Lawrence, Mr. Wiltshire's, 45 sovs. at Weymouth_1.

6. Oppidan, Duke of Rutland's, 50 sovs., His Majesty's Purse of 100gs., 350 SOVS., and 50, at Newmarket ; and His Majesty's Purse of 100gs. at Ascot-5.

3. Reseda, Sir R. Bulkeley's, 60 sovs. at Chester-1. 4. Sketch-Book, Mr. Henry's, 50 sovs. at Bath and Bristol ; 45, and, Mr. Cosby's, 50, at Goodwood; and 175, at Heaton Park-4. 5. Zeuxis, Mr. Dilly's, 45 sovs. at Winchester; and 50, at Hastings-2.

By ST. PATRICK (Son of Walton). 3. Braithwaite, Mr. Harrison's, 70 sovs. at Doncaster-I. 3. Ches. Colt (Paddy), Lord Tavistock's, 75 sovs., and, Mr. Payne's, 50, 140, and 100, at Newmarket_4.

3. Pickpocket, Sir R. W. Bulkeley's, 250 sovs., 75, and 100, at Holywell Hunt--3. 3. Rubini, Mr. Vansittart's, 850 sovs. at Ascot; and 100, at Newmarket-2.

By SCARECROW (Son of Canopus). 4. Fright, Sir L. Glyn's, the Silver Cup, with 40 sovs. in specie, at Wells.; and 20, at Bridgewater-2.

By SHERWOOD (Son of Filho da Puta). 3. Ches. Gelding (dam by Castrel), Mr. Baillie's, 50 sovs. at Chester-1.

4. Gilbert, Mr. E. Fox's, 50 sovs. at Clifton and Bristol; 105, at Bridgewater ; 62, at Taunton ; and 60, at Southampton-4.

By SIR GILBERT (Son of Young Alexander). 7. Bay Mare, Mr. Jones's, a Purse, with 23 sovs. in specie, at Oswestry-1.

By SKIM (Son of Gohanna): 3. Archdeacon, Mr. C. Wright's, the Kentish Hunters' Stakes, at Canterbury-1.

By SLIGO (Son of Waxy Pope). 2. Ches. Filly (out of Ina), Lord Lichfield's, 100 sovs. at Newmarket-1. 2. Terry Alt, Lord Lichfield's, 50 sovs. at Newmarketol.

By SMOLENSKO (Son of Sorcerer). 3. Black Filly (dam by Don Cossack), Mr. Theobald's, 50 sovs. at the Hoo-1. 3. Brown Colt (out of Abigail's dam), Lord Lowther's, 50 sovs. at Newmarket. 3. Dora, Mr. Crouch's, 95 sovs. at Burderop-l. a. Naughty Tommy, Mr. Bouverie's, 50 sovs., and 120, at Pytchley Hunt_2. 4. Thorngrove, Mr. Griffiths's, 50 sovs. at Cheltenham; 65, at Hereford; 70, at Worcester ; and 30, and 50, at Gloucester-5.

3. Wilna, Mr. S. Wreford's, 95 sovs. at Exeter; and 45, at Plymouth and Devonport-2.

By SOVEREIGN (Son of Bigot). 4. Splendour, Lord Chesterfield's, 150 sovs. at Newmarket'; 50, at Ascot; and 40, at Stourbridge.-3.

By SMYRNA (Son of Selim). 2. Kitty Fisher, Gen. Grosvenor's, 250 sovs., and 50, at Newmarket-2.

By SOBER ROBIN (Son of Orville). 6. Rough Robin, Lord Wilton's, 90 sovs. at Stockbridge; and the Cup Stakes of 90, at Bibury-2.

By SOOTHSAYER (Son of Sorcerer). a. Promise, Mr. H. Thomas's, the Silver Cup, value 50 sovs. at Newcastle_1. a. Rigmarole, Mr. Smith's, 30 sovs. at Bath ; and 50, at Burderop_2.

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