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I am

I trust will prove entirely to his that I meant: but a

“ correct own taste. But to the “

But to the "point !" list” of the running horses, with ......" nothing (said the late Mr. their pedigrees and performances: Hope) being so entertaining as to and if Vivi has never heard this hear what people say of one.” “ sort of thing” termed a cata

The uncourteous and (in my logue,” it is not my fault. opinion, although perhaps a par- only astonished that any one who tial one) the uncalled-for aspe- likes to “ see a man get through rity wherewith Vivi's remarks his task like a workman, and not are served up, leads me at once founder in the mud,” should himto the conclusion of his being one self attempt what in every way of those unfortunate individuals he is so little capable of teaching : whose“ pocket-convenience” got but this is human nature all the so thoroughly “ cleaned out” on world over---so much easier is it the Blandford Race-course-this to behold the mote in the


of being the only way I can account others than to discover the beam for that “ spirit of cayenne” with so plainly perceivable to all bewhich his dish of “ trifle” seems side in our own. seasoned: but then you know,

The next lot, gentlemen sportsSir, it was not my fault if the men, of critical comment that I osses he chose to back did not shall have the pleasure of offerchoose to come in first.......faring to your inspection is a short from it......he should have betted and concise treatise on the infalon the ones that did, and then libility of Vidi's anti-knock-meprobably he would have won. down ideas with regard to racing; You see, Mr. Editor, I do know still retaining my former opinion, something about racing-Q.E.D. although not verging “ on the

When individuals, Sir, rail vale of years," that the running about “ auctioneer's clerks,” they for the Gold Cup was not much should first of all ascertain whe of a race." True, to all appearther or not an auctioneer's ance it might have been; but in clerk” cannot in an hand cảnter, reality it was not. I am quite or may-be in a jog-trot, give them sure Wassailer might have won the go-by in point of pedigree. easier had he chosen it ; and as to Neither is it because Vidi has his being dead beat a quarter of never heard of a

catalogue of a mile from home, that, after all, the running horses,” that at all is a mere matter of opinion. If convinces me, Sir, that such is he had been, not even John Day, not a very correct and orthodox with all his ingenuity and mechaterm, any more than that I doubt nism, could have brought him in the existence of an Egyptian Py first, unless the other horses had ramid, or the source of the Niger, been dead beat too; and then they or the Falls of Niagara, or the would have stood an equal chance North Pole, because he perhaps of a “dead heat” perhaps. Mr. has never seen them! It was not Biggs knew well enough that the two-penny half-penny lists he Wassailer could win, and John alludes to that are bought for Day still better that Wassailer (in three-pence, and which, like the his own way) should win ; and I,

pretty moth” of that lyrical even I, Sir, a native of Greenlover Bayly,

landshire! (shades of the immorOnly dazzle to lead us astray,”

tal Joe! where are ye?) and an

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auctioneer's clerk to bool, not only for so doing. But pardon the knew that he would win, but ac- digression ! tually went so far as to name him The next “ point” on which I at the starting post as the winner; must express my deep regret is, and everybody knew (except that Vipi and myself should have Vidi) who knows anything about differed as to the running for the it that he must win. Now I dety Dorsetshire Stakes--still Vipi, with all his vigilance, to ceiving it to have been a beautiful tell what a horse is with John race. I have seen many a beauDay upon his back; for he pos- tiful run race won without any sesses so many winning ways (I great difficulty ; not that Cowley mean John Day, Sir), and such had the race quite so much in a magical sway over the animal, hand as Vipi insinuates. And I that he has been known, for the am more than ever confirmed as fun of the thing, to bring him up to to Blandford being the most splenthe scratch dead lame, when there did course in England; for, if was nothing on earth the matter other proof than that I have were with him. At other times, just wanting, it is supplied in Vidi's as the whim takes him, he may own words...... because “ it is a be seen starting him on three legs, trying course for the legs of hofor all the world like a sheep-dog liday horses!" the next great essenwith one foot in a sling ; taking tial, in my opinion, to the state of care, however, on these occasions the turf, than which at Blandford always to come in on “all fours" none can be better. first. But probably some of your One word here of Mr. Farqureaders, Sir, have never seen any- harson, whose object in starting thing half so rural as a sheep-dog Bacchanal so frequently is rein that interesting attitude and ferred to by Vipi, I will answer " attitude is everything,” as Ma- for it (in total ignorance as I am demoiselle Quelquechose, of the of the real cause), was not from King's Theatre, says to her pa- any unfeeling motive, but solely, I trician pupils when studying the should imagine, by way of expelight fantastic, by standing for the riment, whether or not severe dishour together with onefoot resting cipline might cure him of his on the floor, the other reclining fault-many a horse having been on the marble mantel-piece! And effectually broke of bolting by this is what Ma'm’selle calls “ disc riding him at the time to a standplaying their agility!”......ex. still. Nothing evidently can be actly what I should call it too! so prejudicial as a jockey (as ......and it is surprising, Mr. many do), on his horse bolting Editor, how much “ agility” all much out of the course, pulling this “ quelquechosing" instils him up, and walking him quietly into the minds and motions of in-a horse possessing sufficient those beauteous beings who are sagacity to know what's what. destined to adorn that world Had Bacchanal been my prowherein the “ light fantastic” is perty, he should have encountered so often followed-nay more, so such a “gruelling” at his first often felt ....... I could not resist bolt, as he would not have forgot

the above-named ten on the second day. He would Lady to yourself and readers, never, I think, have bolted again; she being so fair a subject” or if (as mine) he did, but once.



“My long cock-and-bull story" picion of my "paying greater will require but a few words to attention to the ladies than to the be easily converted into Vidi's racing-a point (being a modest long “ cock-and-bull excuse :” man) I must leave to the fair sex for who ever heard of such an to determine--merely surmising, one for

a jockey's going the that it is an act, which from the wrong side of the post as because tenor of his remarks I never the sun shone? He would have should have accused him of doing! been far more likely to have gone And, Mr. Editor, if I did NOT than if it had not shone. Many allude to the circumstance of a man has run his head against, Blandford possessing a

“ female gone wrong side of, a post clerk of the races .if I did in the dark, but I seldom have not mention the fact of that reheard of a jockey's doing it be- sponsible situation being most cause Sol dazzled his optics... ably and satisfactorily filled by a the more especially when the highly-respectable individual, less post they missed was half as near

you may be assured from choice again I take it as the one they than necessity, who within the did not. Besides, Sol shone equally last few years has, I understand, on both sides the post; so they had the misfortune of witnessing might as well have gone to the that office vacated by her father right as to the left hand side of and brothers, who each in turn, it! And pray did not “ Sol's till summoned to that last account perpendicular rays” dazzle John-which, this life's racing ended, Day's optics as well? But John even Vid himself will one day can see a step or two farther than have to give-performed the part most men, and by this means which the daughter and sister is saved his distance, though the now performing with so much last but one in. Now, Sir, I never credit to herself, and so much to dreamt of attaching any particular the satisfaction of all parties conblame (and certainly not praise) cerned......if I did not before on Cowley for doing this; in allude to this circumstance, it was fact never mentioned his name in because I was unwilling, by so it, which he may thank Vipi for. doing, to wound in the slightest He, Cowley, did what we are all way the feelings of a human liable to do, made a mistake; being the more especially that and I dare say is sorry for it: individual being A WOMAN !...... but, rely on it, he is far too good it was because I felt loath to add a jockey, and has been too often an additional pang to a bosom on the right side; ever I should which has already known and hope to make such an excuse. felt what sorrow is, by wishing A!l I can say, if he did, he should to excite a smile at circumstances never ride for me while the sun over which misfortune seems hi. shone! As to my remarks about therto to have held chief conlifting, they referred to John trol!...... it was because I did Day's mode of lifting his horse not wish to offer remarks, that I said not a word about lifting would, I conceive, have reflected the mare!

as little credit on my head, as I The next thing whereof I am earnestly hope and trust would accused by Vini, is in the sus have been reflected on my heart,

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