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Edwards rode Agreeable, and appear- forward in the race; but it was evied always to be first. S. Chifney, on dent the saddle was put upon the Pigmy, tried every effort of his expe- wrong horse, being made to give rienced mind,and made believe” more 2st. 31bs. to what have been thought than once that he was coming up with decent horses of his own year. one of his mighty rushes : George, do not know how to blame those who however, would neither be diverted put on this enormous weight, but it nor frightened from his purpose, but does not say much in favour of Mr. kept steadily on as he was to the end, Wagstaff's fine feelings in suffering it and made himself agreeable :--if not to to remain there. all, he did to Mr. Henry.

WEDNESDAY.--A Handicap SweepHandicap Sweepstakes of 10 sovs. stakes of 30 sovs. each, 20 ft., for each, for three-year-olds and upwards, three-year-olds, T. Y. C., made exT.Y.C., for which eight started. It pressly for the benefit of those poor was given a length to Mr. W. Chifney's harmless creatures who are not blessed Landrail ; Robinson rode her. These with the gift of picking out winners. united names of course made her the Five decent-looking prads came to favorite. Edgar Pavis tried with all the post (none so bad as to be friendhis honest means and those of Barab- less), and placed as follows :-Mr. bas, but could only come off second Cooke's Incubus first, carrying the best--a pretty race, but rather easy at highest weight (8st. 12lb.), and winthe last.

ning by a length; Whiteboy second, Lord Lichfield's Terry Alt, by Pigmy colt third, Rattler fourth, and Sligo, beat Lord Exeter's Trick, by Muff lasta delightful favorite, but Mountebank, 8st. 5lb. each, T.Y.C. too far behind to look pretty, or infor 50 sovs.

This was not only a spire confidence another time. shameful beating as to running, but A Plate of 50l., for two and threeequally so in a political point of view! year-olds, T. Y. C., was the cause of What could be more galling to the a motley group of seven meeting at Noble Marquis han to hay hi the post; and, when off, looked well Trick discovered and defeated by an to those who admire the straight line : Irish Rebel ?

but Kitty Fisher, despising all order, Handicap Sweepstakes of 25 sovs. and having an honest master, and an each, 10 ft. R. M. (Rowley Mile). innocent boy for a jockey (Parkinson), Nine subscribers to this race, and the went by the post a length first; Sister weights so fairly distributed that seven to Pinwire second, with the Discord came to the post, and out of the two filly and Carwell well up. that paid forfeit Blunderer must have For a Sweepstakes of 10 sovs. eachmade a great one not to have started two-year-olds 7st., three 8st. 7lb. and come in first. As it was, Mr. T.Y.C., the winner to be sold for 80 Forth's Muley colt, 7st. 10lb., was a sovs., seven started. They were no handsome winner, patiently, rode by sooner off than Lioness darted by the Buckle, jun. ; Lord Warwick's Water post in a minute, a length first, finely Witch second. Vestris and Clans- managed, as a matter of course, by Roman had their followers; but giving a binson: and in two minutes more the stone to the winner, and 17 pounds to Lioness belonged to the menage of the second, there was nothing left for Mr. Mills, being claimed for that purthem, although fine horses, but to sub- pose by Colonel Peel. Pavis rode mit to defeat.

Whiteboy, and was second by good Handicap Sweepstakes of 30 sovs. riding. This brought about the above each, 20 ft. for three-year-olds, Last transfer, which must be an advanmile and a distance of B. C., six subs. tageous one to his employers. -This Mr. Payne's Lisette colt won, Sir M. Wood's Galantine (Robinrode by Natty ; the Duke of Grafton's son) soon lowered the crest of Lord Æneas a good second, nicely rode by Orford's Grand Duke, by beating him Pavis. The Saddler, to his credit, ran over the R. M. for 100 sovs. This VOL. IV.SECOND SERIES.No. 20.


Prince, in his pride, tried to give charles's Bassetlaw, &st. 41b. Robin8lbs. in weight; by which arrogance son's great powers could not save it. he has raised the Galantine to great- Lord Worcester's Coulon, 8st. 10lb. ness, and debased his own name: Ar- (Robinson), beat I don't know who's null upon him never had but one Landrail, Ast, as she runs under a chance, and that was to be a humble fresh name almost every day. Buckle, follower.

sen. rode her: there was great betting Handicap Plate of 501. for three both ways, as money came into the year-olds and upwards, A.F.-There Ring. were twelve names to this, but, in Lord Worcester's Haymaker (Roconsequence of the severity of the binson) beat Mr. Greville's Aginhandicappers, five dared not shew, but court (Connolly) for 50 sovs. Criteif they had been less so, others would rion Course. Haymaker made play, have been as much afraid from a dif- as haymakers generally do, and won ferent cause. As it was, the race by a length. was a very interesting one; and no Lord Mountcharles's Clio, 8st. 7lb. sooner did the contest begin than dis- beat by a good length, with ease, Lord comfiture became visible, and the stout Jersey's Alea, est. llb. T.Y.C. for Lucetta one of the first to shew it: 25 sovereigns. towards the end, Zucharelli, who had The Duke of Rutland's Clansman never done anything before (except (a Clansman is but of little use in make a fool of himself and master), these days), at 8st. 12lb. (Robinson), came away in a most extraordinary got beat by Sir Sandford Graham's hurry : judges of pace (the finest part Little Fanny, 8st. 3lb. (Pavis), the of the science of riding) said it was T.Y.C. 100 sovs. a head only. never equalled, except by Sir Charles Captain Rous's Crutch, gst. beat Wetherell when the colliers were Lord Mountcharles's Minster, 7st. after him at Bristol. This made for 50 sovs. Ab. M.a remarkably Greatorex immediately purchase him

easy race.

It really seemed as if no for 200gs., to prove (if there should weight could have brought them togeunfortunately be any commotion at ther. Robinson and Pavis riders. Nottingham) that a horse is not Mr. Scott Stonehewer's Variation, vain thing for safety." Pavis rode 8st. 7lb. beat Lord Wilton's Rough the wonderful animal, and won by Robin, 8st. 4lb. Across the Flat, 200 two lengths. Glenartney was second. sovs. They ran to a head-Robinson It would be wonderful that Lord Jer- on the winner, Arnull on the loser. sey should persevere so long with this A Fifty Pound Plate (Handicap) horse, did not his Lordship wish to finished the day. Nine came to the ascertain how far this handsome crea

post to run Ditch In-as far as a ture can carry his roguery.

The horse ought to go if the pace is a consame distance from each other (two sideration. They came well Across the lengths) ran through the whole lot. Flat, and, to the credit of those who

THURSDAY, a fine day's sport, fixed the weights, even to the distance; principally Matches—where every man when five of them came out a little in has a fair chance of trying the real advance, and really looked as if the qualities of his horse and his own whole five were going to make a dead abilities as a sportsman.

heat of it; but in the last few strides Lord Mountcharles's Carwell, 8st.7lb. Pavis just won on the Duke of Richand Mr. S. Day's Barabbas, 8st. 4lb. mond's Conciliation; Hon. Mr. Ongran a dead heat. This makes the ley's Pandora (Connolly), second; judgment and the horses nearly equal Glenartney third (Robinson), with -the jockeys, Robinson and Arnull, several others well up. some thought, and even said, were altogether one of the best handicaps not so nicely weighed.

I ever saw, and the day's sport both Captain Byng's Dryad, 8st. 3lb. extensive and excellent. (Pavis), beat a length Lord Mount- FRIDAY, a good day's sport of


This was eight races, and all run. The first than this. Arnull rode the winner, was a Match for 25 sovs. T.Y.C. be. Pavis the loser, who would have been, tween Mr. Pettit’s Ipsala, 8st. 7lb. no doubt, most happy to have done (Robinson), an easy winner, and Mr. better for an old master, and I beWagstaff's Streamlet, 8st. Wake- lieve the first he ever had. field rode the loser, who whipped se

The Cavenham Stakes of 100 sovs. verely, when he must have known each, for colts, 8st. 7lb. ; fillies, that he had no earthly chance of 8st. 4lb. T.Y.C.-Four started, and winning :-perhaps he did it to con- one paid h. ft. Sir M. Wood's filly vince his master and the public that by Truffle won it, after a severe conhe was in earnest.

test, by a neck; Mr. Cook's Bedouin Lord Mountcharles's Minster, second. These were all good ones, or 8st. Alb. (Pavis), beat Mr. Henry's otherwise, as the last was not a length Muff, 8st. 7lb. (G. Edwards), T.Y.C. from the first. 30 sovs.-good riding on both sides. The Audley End Stakes of 30 each,

Lord Mountcharles's Bassetlaw, 8st. for horses of all ages (two-year-olds beat Mr. Cosby's Adam Brock, 8st. 7lb. excepted). To this there were sixFirst Half of Ab. M. Robinson on teen subscribers, Audley End Course. the loser ; Wright on the winner- In this affair, which is annual, many quite a canter. It really seems “ let of the best horses are named, and for what will come what may' that his which ten started and six declined ; Lordship will do very well at making not that they save anything by it but matches.

the disgrace of defeat, as it is for all Handicap Sweepstakes of 10 sovs. the money. Sir M. Wood's Lucettaeach, D. M. Nine started, and won having est. 5lb. upon her back, her by Lord Warwick's Water Witch in favorite weight, Robinson her facharming style by nearly a length; vorite jockey, and the course she likes Lord Burlington's Mouse colt se- ---won it; the Cardinal, rather heavily cond: he looked very much like a laden, &st. 7lb., and a year younger, winner, but a false step or stumble second; Sarpedon third, and Anthony seemed to alter his action for the fourth. It was a pretty race to see, worse ; and a deficient stride or two but the winner had decidedly the best made all the difference. There was of it. an extraordinary space between these SATURDAY, eleven races in the list, two and the seven followers; but and ten of them actually run. The whether this was unavoidable, or done first, Mr. Dilly's Lioness, Ost. 7lb. to get into another handicap on better (Robinson), beat Captain Bulkeley's terms, as I cannot see, I will not say. Sister{to Pinwire (Chapple), Ab. M.,

The Nursery Stakes of 25 sovs. for 50 sovs. Pinwire bolted in all each. What a pretty stakes for chil- directions, and nothing short of dren! and how funny that three such making her into pins could make her leading Anti-Reformers should belong go straight. to it as the Duke of Rutland, Lord Sweepstakes of 30 sovs. each, First Jersey, and Lord Chesterfield, and, Half of Ab. M. four started, and as if it were ominous, neither of them won handsomely by a clever little to win it! These three and three creature of Captain Byngos, named others started. Mr. Sam. Day's Gra- Dryad, two years old, carrying more tis came in first at the last momentthan her share of weight, but well finely rode by Connolly, beating Sir rode by Pavis. Though she is small R. K. Dick's Miss Mary Ann, by in size, she is great in promise. Colohalf a length only, and well cons nel Peel's Eccentricity was second, tested.

Conservator third, and Bartolozzi last, Mr.J. Day's Caledonian (late Ba- and least in merit. rabbas), 9st. beat Mr. Forth's chesnut Lord Chesterfield's Titania, 9st. Emilius colt, 7st. 71b. T.Y.C. 100 (Connolly), beat Lord Worcester's sovs. There never was an easier race Haymaker, 6st. 12lb, T.Y.C, for 50

sovs. In spite of the weight, Titania for liking it, and having such an exwas first to begin the fight, and the ample, did the very same thing, allast to decline it, and, by her abilities though a winner by half a length. to carry uright, won by half a The last strides of these horses were length.

measuredl, and, under all the disadSweepstakes of 10 sovs. each-colts, vantages, amounted to twenty-one Ast. 7lb. ; fillies, 8st. 41b.--the First feet each stride, and ending against a Half of Ab. M. the winner to be sold, bill! Connolly rode Protocol, Roif deinanded, for 60 sovs.---Jno. Day, binson the other. upon the Duke of Grafton's black colt Mr. Chapman's The Cardinal, Ebony, polished them off neatly in Sst. 21b. beat Lord Worcester's Couquick time ; Mr. Gratwicke's Grey lon, Est. 11lb. A. F. for 100 sovs. Middleton filly second, who claimed Wright rode The Cardinal, and won the winner, it is said, for Mr. Scott, by more than twenty yards. and as far as the eye goes must be a These last two races and the week's cheap bargain. There were two legitimate sport ended in the midst of others in the race, neither good enough thunder, lightning, hail, and rain. to claim nor be claimed.

Osbaldeston's match finished nearly Mr. Henry, with his Agreeable, at at the same time; so that we had 8st. 7lb. (G. Edwards), undertook to nothing but confusion, “hurly burly,” beat Captain Rous's Crutch, 8st. Alb., and the Devil's Ditch between us the and with such a rider as Robinson whole day. This scampering work was too! Reverse the weights, and then so delightful to those "wot won” that he could not do it. No, no! let those four other races were got up for the beware how they despise a Crutch, as Monday, after the regular October they may in a little while require a and Houghton Meetings had finished. prop themselves.

The first, Captain Rous's Earwig, Mr. Henry's Margaret, 8st. 5lb., &st. 13lb. (Robinson), beat by a length beat Mr. Greville's Landgravine, Mr. Greville's Agincourt, 7st. 131b. 8st. 3lb. T.Y.C. for 100 sovs.--G. (Pavis). Poor Agincourt had seen Edwards on the winner, Connolly on so much of racing that he sought rest the beaten one.

on every part of the course, but could Mr. Pettit's Bravura filly, est. 3lb. find none. T.Y.C. beat very easy Mr. Osbal Lord Portarlington's Bedouin, 8st. deston's Peter Pindar, 8st. 5lb. for (Wright), beat Mr. Pettit's Bravura, 50 sovs. Thus, while Mr. Osbaldes- est. 71b. (Robinson), T.Y.C. 50 sovs. ton was winning, by puff and his Bravura had so much the best great match, his thousands on one of that at one hundred and fifty side of the Ditch, his horse Peter was yards from home, 50 to 1 losing by fifties on the other.

offered as a bet upon her. Here the Lord Jersey's Blunderer (called so extra seven pounds, however, operated from himself or master always making so powerfully upon her, that she could them) beat Lord Orford's Grand bear it no longer, and stopped as if Duke, for 50 sovs. The Grand Duke shot. would have no cloak for his shame, Captain Rous's Earwig, 7st. 4lb. only that he carried six pounds more T. M. M. (Pavis), beat Lord Lowthan his opponent, he never having ther's Bustle, 9st. (Wheatley), a Match won before.

for 50 sovs. This was a beautiful Mr. Henry's Protocol, 8st. llb. beat race, the riding fine, and the finish Sir M. Wood's Captain Arthur, a neck only. 8st. 12/b. Across the Flat, 100 sovs. A Fifty Pound Plate, given by Mr. From the weight, the pace, and the Osbaldeston, to be run for by horses wet state of the ground, the Captain that had contributed to his gratificabecame heartily tired of it towards the tion by winning his Match on the last, hung considerably to the left; Saturday previous.--At the post they and Protocol, having no better reason were, from various causes, a miserably


looking set; but as it was handicap, winner; Donegani second (Connolly). the worst of them thought they had a These made a smart race, but there chance to win, and but few of the were some very sorrowful-looking nags best came to the post. Lord Low in those that came after. ther's Smolensko colt, three years old,

OBSERVATOR, 7st. 10lb.(Chapple), was the fortunate Norfolk, November 10, 1831.


The Turf.

In consequence of this decision, it

is understood that the bets will go to INTELLIGENCE EXTRA.

the second horses, except in the case NEWMARKET Craven Meeting of the Surrey and Middlesex Stakes

at Egham (See our Racing Calendar, staff's br. c. The Saddler, by Waverley, p. 49), where it was agreed by the 8st: 12lb. against Mr. Henry's gr. c. betting men the bets should stand as Protocol, by Partisan, est. llb. A. F. the horses came in.--By this decision 500 sovs.--Sir M. Wood's b. f. Galan- the stakes won by Pilgrim at St. tine, by Reveller, 8st. 5lb. agst Lord Alban's go to Mr. "Gardnor as owner Chesterfield's b.f. Titania, by Merlin, of King William ; the Egham Cup, Sst. 4lb. R.M. 100 sovs. h. ft.

to Mr. Day's Liston; and the Surrey First Spring Meeting 1832. and Middlesex Stakes, to the Duke Munday: Lord Chesterfield's br. f. of Richmond's Conciliation. Kittums, by Abjer, 8st. 7lb. agst The history of the case is shortly as Gen. Grosvenor's b. f. Kitty Fisher, follows :

-In 1829, Mr. John Scott, by Smyrna, 7st. 9lb. D. M. 100 sovs.

the trainer, sold a black colt by Wah. ft.- Lord Wilton's c. by Waterloo verley to Mr. Drage, of Northampout of Gavotte, 8st. 4lb. agst Lord Low- ton, 'for 251 the colt then rising ther's f. by Partisan out of Scratch, 2 yrs old, and standing in the Sst. 2lb. First Half of Ab. M. 100

Hougomont Stakes for two-year-olds sovs. h. ft.

at Pontefract 1829, in Lord Hawke's Second Spring Meeting 1832. name. Mr. Drage then transferred him Monday: Lord Chesterfield's f. by to Messer (Mr. Theobald's trainer), W oful, dam by Cervantes out of Gad who is stated to have locked him about, 8st. 6lb. agst Sir M. Wood's up in the stable for several months, f. by Buckfoot Arabian out of Scarpa, brought out with a rough coat, with 8st. 21b. First Half of Ab. M. 50 sovs. breaking-tackle on him, and then re

presented him as a yearling got by The owner of the horse that ran Don Cossack. Subsequently he ran second for the Cup at Egham this as a two-year-old, being then a year year claimed the Cup, alleging that older; and this year as a three-yearPilgrim, who came in first, was old, of course carrying weight acwrongly and unfairly described. The cordingly, and running at a great matter having been referred to the advantage. Mr. John Scott gave eviStewards of the Jockey Club, they, dence before the Club, that the horse after an examination of such witnesses was foaled in 1827, and that his sire as were produced before them, were is Waverley, not Don Cossack, who of opinion that Pilgrim was proved to had no blood mares sent to him that be 4 yrs old, and consequently was year. It is clear that Mr. Drage had not entitled to any of the stakes for à perfect knowledge that the horse which, when 4 yrs old, he had been was running under false colours; but entered as a 3 yrs old, and that he it is not proved that Mr. Theobald must be considered as distanced in participated in the deception. It is every race for which he had been so curious that, in all the races won by wrongfully entered.

Pilgrim, Pavis rode the second horse.


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