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fifth Mr. Osbaldeston took a little was stopped, and when he came refreshment-amouthfulof bread, in (twelve minutes) his rider and some brandy-and-water seemed a little distressed, and trifle stiffer than the last; but he the opposite party once more was again upon Tranby and off had hopes, although the betting in three minutes; and, whether

recovered itself ; and owing to the spur in the head or throughout the day it was a diathe heel, did his work at the mond to a dumpling, or the Lord quickest pace during the day- Mayor's thumb to a tooth-pick, eight minutes.

This is great that the match was done, at least galloping ; Mr. Osbaldeston rode as far as related to the ten hours. Ilst. 21bs., and at racing weights, In the thirty-second round the as is well known, Hambletonian horse El Dorado (a suspicious and Diamond ran the B. C. in looking one in winkers) came in 8min. 25sec.; but we cannot very lame, but nevertheless perjudge from this, as of course this formed his distance in average race was not run from end to time. end. He completed the 30th The thirty-sixth round (144 round (120 miles) in five hours miles) was completed in six hours eight minutes.

seventeen minutes, and the forHe now came up into the stand, tieth in seven hours. and lunched upon a cold par- In the forty-fifth the gallant tridge and brandy-and-water; Tranby went his last round with and, although wet to the skin, undiminished game and speed. he refused a change of clothes The forty-sixth completed the which was awaiting him before eighth hour. the fire, including his own fa- In the forty-eighth a violent vorite jacket, the old Lincoln squall of rain and wind (the green,

which had arrived from weather having before moderated) the North too late to be sported so disgusted Streamlet that he on this occasion—the first time fairly turned round, afraid to he ever

rode out of his own meet it, just at the corner of the colours. He stayed only six fir trees--but two powerful auximinutes and a half: for Harry liaries, Latchford and Crowther, England (bottle-holder pro lem- coon convinced him of his absurpore) was very anxious that he dity; and the fiftieth round was should not get stiff and cold, and performed by Skirmisher as the brushed him off again as soon as finale, at nine minutes before four, he could.

or in eight hours and 39 minutes : In the thirty-second round, as he thus finishing the match with an was going a slashing pace on hour and twenty-one minutes to Mr. Rush's Ikey Solomons, the spare. horse made a flounder, and Mr. Most uproarious salutations Osbaldeston, standing in his stir from all grades of sportsmen rups at the time, shot over his greeted Mr. Osbaldeston, who head*. The Papers stated he came in as gay as a lark, waving did not lose his horse ; but his whip over his head. Some this was not the case; the horse shook hands with him, some ran a hundred yards before he patted him on the back, all

* Not the first throw over that has been perpetrated by the aforesaid Israelite,





shouted, and one old green-coated the help of two hacks, he dined farmer, an importation I guess in Newmarket-sixty-one miles ! from Northamptonshire, gave I thought he was rather weak him a view halloo which still towards the thirty-sixth round, rings in my ear. It was only by and one horse nearly ran him the shouldering of Gully, Tom amongst the crowd before he could Oliver, and Harry England that stop him: but if this were the he could dismount at the Stand, case, he very shortly recovered on ascending which he his second wind; and honored by the congratulations throughout the match did “his of the beautiful Lady Chester- eye lose its accustomed lustre,” field and her fair sister Mrs. G. his voice sink from its natural Anson, who had driven from the pitch, or his hand tremble. Game race-course to witness the close of as a flint he musi be, for fortythis extraordinary performance. four years of age are (or seem to There was no wrapping up in be) twenty years too many to blankets, no carrying to a post- undertake such a frolic. chaise, no salts, smelling bottles, I cannot bear to see or lancets. The Squire jumped placed upon another's knee for on his favorite hack Cannon Ball, rest: itis the most uneasy seat posand, followed by every horseman sible, and with hot breath blowing on the ground, led them at a upon him by no means a refresh, slapping pace to his lodgings at ing one: a chair would be worth Perrin's in Newmarket; where he fifty knees. Gully generally met got into a warm bath, took a nap, him at coming in during the last and in a couple of hours was few rounds, and assisted in stopwide awake, and enjoying him- ping his horse; but in the instance self at a good dinner, to which I above-mentioned he missed the doubt not he did ample justice; bridle: “ why the devil do not particularly if he kept in mind you lay hold of his tail ?" sung his reply to Harry England, out a spectator ; "you're strong who wanted to prescribe a less enough!" palateable, though more salutary The stable was not managed regimen......" D-n your salts with that regularity which one and senna! I am so hungry I might expect to see; and at one could eat an old woman."

period of the match there was Thus ended this wondrous great uncertainty as to horses undertaking* Mr. Osbaldeston arriving in time: neither until had been in close training at New- after some rounds were any permarket, and riding most of his sons sent to look out for squalls, horses, for a week previously; with spare hacks, to different but his constant severe exercise parts of the course. rendered more unnecessary,

if Many people (myself among not impossible. The manner of the rest) wondered why Mr. his arrival at Newmarket bears Osbaldeston rode his own good me out in this assertion. He quiet light-mouthed horses in the hunted his hounds in Northamp- morning, and delayed mounting tonshire, and afterwards, with the raw, raking, half-broken

* I have no hesitation in saying, had it been a fine day, the ground less deep, and had no fall occurred, the match would have been done in a quarter of an hour less.

930) 9



M. S.
9 0

............ 9 15

8 50 racers until late in the day, when 45. Tranby (4th time) he might naturally be expected 17. Ipsala (24 time) to be weaker. The answer must 48. Streamlet (ditto)

90 be this: Mr. Osbaldeston never 49. Donegani (ditto)

10 15 50. Skirmisher (3d time)

9 40 erpected to be weak or fatiguedand it was this impression, favored by natural power, mens

Mr. Osbaldeston at the close of sana in corpore sano, that brought the day expressed his determithis Crichton of the day to the nation of giving a Plate of 501. triumphant conclusion of a match to be run for by the horses without parallel in the annals of he had ridden on the Monday the Sporting World.

following the Houghton Meeting. As, however, your friend OBSERVATOR will no doubt send



result, I willingly leave the parTHE TIME IN

ticulars to his more powerful pen.

-Those horses to whose names 1. Emma

an asterisk is prefixed started for 2. Paradox by Merlin..... 9 20 this prize. 3. Liberty by Buffalo

9 25 4. Coroner by Magistrate

Yours, &c. Tassel. 5. Oberon

9 44 Nov. 9, 1831. 6. Don Juan...

90 7. Morgan Rattler

9 13

P.S. I cannot allow this oppor8. Paradox (2d time)

9 6 9. Cannon Ball

9 23 tunity to

pass without recom10. Clasher

9 25 mending my sporting University 11. Ultima

9 10 friends to take a look at the 12. Fairy 13. Coroner (2d time)

8 40 splendid new range of stabling 14. Liberty (ditto).

9 21

which Humfrey, the builder, has 15. Emma (ditto)

9 21 16. Don Juan (ditto)..

run up at the corner of Christ's

9 8 17. Oberon (ditto)

8 20

Pieces. On a cursory view they 18. Cannon Ball (ditto) ........9 45 appear all that they ought to be; 19. Ultima (ditto)

90 20. Tranby by Blacklock..

with plenty of room behind the

8 10 21. Fairy (2d time)

8 8 horses, loose boxes or gig houses, 22. Morgan Rattler (2d time)

9 28 cast-iron racks, a covered ride 23. Colt by Tramp

8 58 for exercise, separate dung pits, 24. * Dolly by Figaro 25. *Colt by Acorn

9 2 convenience for saddlery, hot 26. *Colt by Smolensko

8 52 water, &c. I can assure both my 27. Tranby (20 time)

8 0 28. *Skirmisher by Smolensko

readers and Mr. Humfrey that

9 25 29. Guildford by Hampden

my praise of them is quite dis34. Dolly (2d time)

8 45 interested, although I think for 31. Ikey Solomons

12 0 32. Tam o'Shanter

so good a puff I richly deserve a

9 40 33. El Dorado

9 20

three-stall gratis when next I ap31. *Coventry by Tramp. 90 pear at Cambridge.-T. 35. Ringleader by Merlin

8 42 36. Tranby (3d time)

8 15 37. *Ipsala by Sultan

8 20

By way of Addenda to this 38. Skirmisher (2d time)

8 45 39. Guildford (2d time).

9 10 great undertaking, we give a 40. *Streamlet by Tiresias

8 50 summary of the most memorable 41. *Donegani by Tramp 9 12 equestrian feats of the last two 42. Hassan by Whisker 43. Filly by Emilius-Surprise

ģ 10 centuries, with the comments of 44. Ringleader (2d time)............... 9 30 men well calculated to judge Vol. IV.Second Series.No. 20


8 25

on the several performances—all twixt two and three of the clock, he shewing the extraordinary nerve took his journey forth of York, and of the individuals engaged in

came to London the same day bethem, and at the same time ex

twixt seven and eight of the clock,

where he rested that night: — the hibiting the stoutness, the speed, next morning, being Friday, betwixt and continuance of our Native

two and three of the clock he took breed of horses, of which we are his journey cowards York, and came so justly proud, and which has of thither the same day betwixt the late years excited the admiration hours of seven and eight in the afterof Foreigners. Most of these noon :-so as he finished his appointevents have already been record- ed journey to the admiration of all ed in our pages; but a recapitu- men, in five days, according to his lation will doubtless prove highly promise. And upon Monday, the

seven and twentieth of the same interesting to our readers at the month, he went from York, and came present moment.

to the Court at Greenwich upon 1604. In the reign of King James, Tuesday the 28th to His Majestie, in John Lepton, of Kepwick in the

as fresh and cheerful manner as when county of York, Esq., a Gentleman he first began. of an ancient family and of good re- July 17th, 1720, Mr. Bernard putation, His Majestie's servant and Calvert, of Andover, started at three one of the Grooms of His Most Ho- o'clock in the morning from St. norable Privy Chamber, performed George's Church, Southwark, and so memorable a journey as deserves to rode to Dover; thence crossed the be recorded to future ages; because Channel to Calais; returned to Dover; many Gentlemen who were good and thence back to St. George's horsemen, and divers Physicians, did Church, where he arrived about eight affirm it was impossible for him to do the same evening, fresh and hearty. without apparent danger of his life. April 1745. Mr. Cooper ThornHe undertook to ride five several hill rode three times between Stilton times between London and York in and London (distance 213 miles) in six days, to be taken in one week, 11h. 33m. 52sec.— The Count de betwixt Monday morning and Sa- Buffon informs us, on the authority turday night. He began his journey of a letter from the Earl of Morton, upon Monday the 20th of May in the that Mr. Thornhill used eight difyear aforesaid, betwixt two and three ferent horses in the first beat; in the of the clock in the morning forth of second, six only; and that in the St. Martin's, near Aldersgate, within third he made use of the same horses the City of London, and came to which had already served him, riding York the same day betwixt the hours only seven of the fourteen. of five and six in the afternoon, where

h. m. sec. he rested that night:-the next morn

From Stilton to London (71 ing, being Tuesday, about three of


59 the clock, he took his journey forth of From Stilton to London

Froin London to Stilton... 3 50 57 York, and came to his lovgings in Saint Martin's aforesaid betwixt the

The match was made for a conhours of six and seven in the after

siderable suin. He was allowed as noon, where he rested that night:- many horses as he pleased, and to the next morning, being Welnes perform the task in tifteen hours. “I day, betwixt two and three of the question,” adds Buffon, “ whether clock he took his journey forth of any race at the Olympic Games ever London, and came into York about equalled the rapidity of Mr. Thornseven of the clock the same day,

hill's performance. where he rested that night : -- the A brown mare, thirteen hands next morning, being Thursday, be- three inches high only, the property

3 52

3 49


of Mr. Daniel Corker, was backed to

In 1761 à match was made between do three hundred miles, on New- Jenison Shafto and Hugo Meynell, market Heath, in seventy-two suc- Esqrs. for 2000gs., Mr. Shafto to cessive hours, which she completed find a person to ride one hundred April 24th, 1754, and had seven miles a-day (on any one horse each hours and forty minutes to spare. The day) for twenty-nine successive days; match was for 100gs. P. P. The to have any number of horses not mare was rode by one boy all the exceeding twenty-nine. The person way, weight 4st. llb., exclusively of chosen by Mr. Shafto was Mr. John saddle and bridle. She went back- Woodcock, who started on Newward and forward from the Six Mile market Heath, May 4th, 1761, at House to the Ending Post of the one o'clock in the morning, and B.C., and did not gallop more than finished his arduous task on the 1st six miles during the match.

of June about six in the evening, Monday, April 22. Twenty-four

having used fourteen horses only : miles, and baited ; 24, and baited ;

viz. 48 without baiting


Mr. Shafto's b. h. once. Tuesday.-- Twenty-four miles, and

Lord Chedworth's ch. m. thrice. baited; 24, and baited; 24, and baited; 36 without baiting

Capt. Windyard's ch. h. twice. 108

Mr. Thistlethwayte's gr. h. thrice. Wednesday.---Twenty-four miles, and Mr. Wildman's bl. m. thrice. baited ; 24, and baited ; and 48

Mr. Woodcock's b. m. twice. without baiting....


Mr. Scott's b. m. twice. (Total...300 miles.)

Lord Montfort's b. h. twice. In April and May 1758, at New

Mr. Surrecolt's ch. h. once. market, Miss Pond rode one horse Mr. Shafto's roan h. twice. 1000 miles in 1000 successive hours Mír. Calcraft's ch. h. once. for a wager of 200gs. - In a few

Mr. Rudd's ch. m. once.

Mr. Weleh's b. b. thrice. weeks afterwards, Mr. P. rode the

Mr. Major's b. m. thrice. same horse 1000 miles in two thirds of the time.

Mr. Major's mare did not begin June 27, 1759. Jenison Shafto,

one day till ten o'clock, Mr. Wood

cock having failed to bring in a Esq, performed a match against time on Newmarket Heath; the condi- horse called Quidnunc, after it had tions of which were, he was to ride

done sixty miles by nine o'clock, and fifty miles (having as many horses as

then tired; so that he rode one hundred he pleased) in two successive hours,

and sixty miles that day, finishing at which he accomplished in 1h. 49m.

about eleven o'clock at night, which 17sec., with ten horses only, viz.

was the latest hour during the whole

performance. Indeed the undertak1. Merry Bachelor, by Tartar ....miles 4 2. Wildair, by Cade, dam by Steady, 4

ing was a much more difficult one for 3. Juggler, by Rib, dam, Sister to Re

the rider than for the horses. The gulus...

4 course was from the Hare-park to the 4. Forester, by Croft's Forester, dam Ditch, making three miles; thence he by Lasby


went a three-mile course round the 5. Rover, by Bolton's Brother.. 6. Jack o’Newbury, by Babraham,

Flat, on that side the Ditch next dam by Lord Halifax's Justice... 4 Newmarket. There were posts and 7. Adolphus, by Regulus out of Miss lamps fixed, Mr. W. choosing to start Layton, Lodge's roan mare....... 3

very early in the mornings, to avoid 8. Jessamy, by Hutton's Spot out of

the heat of the day. Bay Brocklesby.

3 9. Prince T'Quassaw, by Snip out of

September 4, 1780.-Giles Hoyle Dairy Maid...

3 rode from Ipswich to Tiptree and Merry Bachelor, second time ......... 3 back again, for the purpose of obtainWildair ... ditto..


ing leave of absence for Major Clayton Juggler



to attend the election at Clitheroe Rover....


3 10. Hambleton, by Snip

from General Parker, being sixty-six Adolphus, second time..


miles in six hours. On the following (Total...50 miles.)

day he rode with his master from


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