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cannot keep too close to his ride a hack to covert if you can business. Buying of them en- go on wheels: if on a hack, go courages the evil habit of keep- twenty miles an hour; anything ing horses and neglecting their under is deadly slow, and will farms, as they cannot attend to destroy your reputation in the them when out hunting. Besides, bud. When on your hunter, these fellows ride like devils. if a good jumper, lark him over Only consider the bore of follow- the fences before finding; this ing the tail of an animal which will improve your own nerve, has a brown coat on its back! – and make your horse quiet; durit is a nuisance, and ought to be ing the run. If you get a fall, abated. Therefore, I say, buy swear the man nearest, provided your horses in town, of Anderson, he be not “one of us, crossed

dealer who will give you you and made your horse swerve: a long pedigree, and ask a longer damn him a few if he seems price. On


first appearance a quiet fellow. If any unforyou will undergo criticism almost tunate Leicestershire Squire, as keen as “ from the awful bow troubled with goutand good feedat White's.” How triumphantlying, presume to come out on his then do you answer any idle re- sporting pony to see one of his mark about hollow backs, weak own coverts drawn, mistake him loins, or the like, with “Got by for his gamekeeper, and tell him Longlegs, dam by Slug out of to get out of your way, or you own Sister to Stick-in-the-mud, will ride over him. Always push thorough-bredas Eclipse--bought through a gate as soon as it is him of Tom Chous'em-cost me opened, but never endeavour to three hundred!" A stud-groom prevent its falling to; such a prois indispensable: choose one who ceeding is derogatory to a Gentlewill not injure your reputation man, who cannot be supposed by any ill-judged economy; as he ever to have opened a gate for will draw from your purveyor himself. Ride over a man who is of horses on every deal. Never down whenever you have the buy a horse without consulting chance, provided you do not dine him; in this way you put money with him or he with you : always into his pocket without offending hope he is not hurt: this way you his delicacy: a truly good ser- establish your character as a hard vant cannot be too well paid. rider and a good-natured fellow. Don't belong to the Old Club; When out with subscription they are all sportsmen, and would hounds, ride among them at every probably roast, and perhaps they check : if you kill a hound, add a would not have you—'twould be fifty to your subscription. Sir impossible to get on with such a Harry won't stand this; so do not slow set of musty old ones. Take patronise him, unless on a horse a house by all means; the expense you can manage. Sunday is a is nothing; and if your cook is dull day at Melton, but with the really an artist, who dare refuse help of bull-terriers and a badger, your dinners ?

or a lark to Leicester, it may be Having settled these prelimi- got through. If your stud gets naries, let me give a few rules for low, post to town on business. your guidance in the field. Never Enter a horse or two at Croxton

Park, and ride them yourself; fashioned people who do not you will lose, but will have the think that the introduction of all full enjoyment of a north-east the vices of London into a country wind in as bleak a place as Eng- town is compensated by any exland can produce, being duly penditure how great so ever; nor attired in silk jacket, doe-skin can I conceive that Leicestershire breeches, &c. If your ambition is improved by an admixture of soars yet higher, fight a main; town-bred knavery with provinand if you never back the birds cial cunning. your feeder says must win, you But hold hard! I am preachwill not be a heavy loser.

ing, in place of getting over the Any young Gentleman who country; and here is my friend, implicitly follows these directions the curate of Diddle'm, with a must cut a distinguished figure; mount for to-morrow he can't and I trust the New Club, when accept, the Squire's Lady being founded on these principles, will at home, and he not having a servote me a service of plate-an mon but what she has heard halfHonorary Member I shall be of a-dozen times : so when


disIf they do not, I shalļ course is a little amplified, with a not repine, being aware how text at one end and an amen at the seldom the best advice is duly other, I will relieve him from his appreciated.

di lemma. Indeed I am one of those old Adieu ! WILL CARELESS.




For the Gold Cup. -Mr. Best's bik.

p. b. Butterfly, by Balloon, out of Bro. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1831.

card, beat Mr. G. Bower's d. d. Bonbon, WARHAM.

by Belzoni, out of Bonini; Mr. Lowther's FOR the Cup.„Mr. Swann's red and wh. bík.

Pilgrim, by Pelter, out of Violet, d. Sailor, by Dart, out of Sontag, beat beat Mr. W. Fox's red and wh. b. GaMr. S. Fox's red d. Tickler, by Hercu- zelle ; Sir J. Johnstone's blk. and wh. les, out of Gaylass ; Mr. Best's red b. p. d. Bertram, by Balloon, out of a Der. Gabrielle, by Streamer, out of Gratitude, byshire bitch, beat Mr. S. Fox's red i. beat Sir J. Johnstone's blk. and wh. p. d. Tarquin, by Hercules, out of Minikin ; Bolivar, by Balloon, out of a Derbyshire Major Bower's d. d. Brunswick, by Belbitch ; Mr. Lowther's blk. d. President, zoni, out of Bonini, beat Mr. Swann's by Pelter, out of Violet, beat Mr. G. bl. p. d. Junius, by Marmion, out of Jane. Bower's blk. and wh. p. b. Bobadilla, by First Sweepstakes of five sovs. euch, Boaster, out of Blue Bobadilla ; Mr. for Aged Dogs.--Mr. Best's red and Lowther's blk. b. Vesta, by Phantom, wh. b. Tibby, by Turk, out of Nir. Loft's out of Vesta, beat Mr. S. Fox's red and Marcia, beat Mr. Swann's blk. d. Slim, wh. d. Teazer, by Medlar, out of Glory; by Dart, out of Sontag; Sir J. Johnstone's Major Bower's bík. d. Birmingham, by red d. Capsicum, by a Brother to WarWellington, out of Bobadilla, beat Sir J. wick, beat Mr. Lowther's f. d. Valiant, Johnstone's' blk. d. Rokeby, by Balloon, by Phantom, out of Vesta. out of Rosebud; Mr. Best's red b. Ma. Sweepstakes of five sovs. each, for vis, by Hercules, out of Mite, beat Mr. Bitch Puppies.-Mr. S. Fox's blk. and W. Fox's f. d. Gunshot, by Hercules ; wh. b. Fly, by Ulster, out of Toso, beat Mr. G. Bower's brin. p. b. Brunette, by Mr. Best's red and wh. b. Tiny, by CoxLeatham's Wellington, out of Young Eli- comb, out of Tibby; Mr. Lowther's zabeth, beat Mr. Swann's blk. b. Rosa. brin. b. 'Lisette, by Leatham's Wellinglind, by Miller, out of Rosebud ; Mr. ton, o'it of Young Elizabeth, beat Sir J. Swann's blk. and wh. d. Saxon, by Mil. Johnstone's blk. and wh. b. Blossom, by ler, out of Sontag, beat Major Bower's Balloon, out of a Derbyshire bitch. f. b. Bluebonnet.

First Sweepstakes of five sovs. cach,

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for Dog Puppies.-Mr. Best's wh. d. by Coxcomb, out of Minna ; Mr. W. Transit, by Coxcomb, out of Tibby, beat Fox's bl, and wh. d. Recruit beat Mr. S. Mr. Swann's bl. d. Midas, by Miller, out Fox's blk. and wh. b. Tiny, by Ulster, of Europe ; Mr. G. Bower's brin. d. Bul. out of Toso. let, by Leatham's Wellington, out of Matches.--Mr. S. Fox's Twister beat Young Elizabeth, beat Mr. Lowther's Mr. G. Bower's Bonbon ; Mr. Swann's f. d. Priam, by Phacton.

Maiden agst Mr. G. Bower's Boston-unSecond Sweepstakes of five sovs.each, decided. for Dog Puppies.--Mr. Best's red d.

Champion, by Gilder, out of Clari, beat
Sir J. Johnstone's bl. d. Raby, by Bal-

SECOND TIES FOR THE CUP. loon, out of Rosebud; Mr. Lowther's

Gabrielle beat Birmingham. blk. d. Vampyre, by Dalton, out of Vio. Vesta

Mavis. let, beat Mr. S. Fox's red and wh. d. Rag. man, by Ulster, out of Toso.

Deciding Course for First Sweepstakes Match.-Sir J. Johnstone's Bittern

of five sovs. each, for Ayed Dogs.—Sir J. beat Mr. Swann's Selima.

Johnstone's red d. Capsicum beat Nir.

Best's red and wh. b. Tibby, and won the WEDNESDAY THE 9TH.


Deciding Course for Sweepstakes of LANGTON WOLD.

five sovs. each, for Bitch Puppies. Mr. FIRST TIES FOR THE (UF. Lowther's brin. b. Lisette beat Mr. Gabrielle beat President.

Fox's blk. and wh. b. Fly, and won the
Birmingham Brunette,


Deciding Course for First Sweepstakes

of five sovs. buch, for Dog Puppies.-Mr.

Best's wh.d. Transit beat Mr. G. Bower's FIRST TIES FOR THE GOLD CUP.

brin. d. Bullet, and won the Stakes. Butterfly beat Bertram.

Deciding Course for Second Sweep. Pilgrim Brunswick.

stakes of Hve sovs. each, for Dog PupFirst Sweepstakes of five sovs. each, for Wr. Lowther's blk. d. Vampyre, and won

pies. --Mír. Best's red c.. Champion beat Puppies. Mr. G. Bower's blk. and wh.b.

the Stakes. Bobadilla beat Mr. Lowther's Varna, by

Fourth Sweepstakes of five sovs. each, Dalton, out of Violet ; Sir J. Johnstone's blk. and wh. d. Bolivar beat Mr. Swann's for Aged Dogs.--Mr. Best's red b. Harpy

beat Sir J. Johnstone's bl. d. Romulus; wh. d. Justice, by Marmion, out of Jane.

Mr. $. Fox's wh. d. Twister beat Mr. Sweepstakes of five sovs. each, for All

Swann's blk. b. Rosalind. Ayes.- Mr. Best's f. Malek, by Her.

Third Sweepstakes of five sovs. each, cules, out of Modesty, beat Mr. Lowther's d. d. Virgil, by Phantom, out of Violet; for Puppies.--Mr. Swann's bl. d. Midas

beat Mr. S. Fox's red and wh. d. Rag. Sir J. Johnstone's blk. d. Rokeby beat Mr. Lowther's f. d. Venture, by Phantor,

man ; Mr. G. Bower's brin. b. Brunette

beat Sir J. Johnstone's blk. and wh. b. out of Vesta.

Blossom. Third Sweepstakes of five sovs. each,

Sweepstakes of five sovs. each, for Allfor Dog Puppies.- Mr. Best's red and

Aged.--Mr. Swann's blk. d. Slim beat wh. d. Tartar, by Coxcomb, out of Tibby,

Sir J. Johnstone's bl. d. Raby ; Mr. beat Mr. Lowther's f. d. Priam ; Mr.

Lowther's f. d. Venture beat Major Swann's bl. d. Junius beat Mr. S. Fox's

Bower's d. d. Brunswick. blk. and whi. d. Granby, by Ulster, out of

Fifth Sweepstakes of five sous. each, Toso. Second Sweepstakes of five sovs. each, for dyed Dogs.--Mr. Fox's red d. Teazer

beat Sir J. Johnstone's blk. and wh. d. for Aged Dogs.-Mr. Lowther's blk. b.

Balloon ; Mr. Best's wh. and f. b. MarPinwire, by Pelter, out of Violet, bcat Mr. Best's wh. and f. b. Margery, by Her

gery beat Mr. Lowther's d. d. Virgil.

Match.Sir J. Johnstone's Bittern beat cules, out of Mite; Mr. S. Fox's 'red d.

Mr. G. Bower's Boston. Tarquin, by Hercules, out of Minikin, beat Sir J. Johnstone's bl. d. Romulus, by

FRIDAY THE llTh. Miller, out of Rosebud.

WHARRAM. Third Sweepstakes of five sovs. each, for Aged Dogs.--Mr. S. Fox's red d.

Deciding Course for the Cup -Mr. Tickler beat Major Bower's f. b. Blue. Best's red. b. Gabrielle beat Mr. Lowbonnet; Mr. Lowther's f. d. Valiant beat ther's blk. b. Vesta, and won the Gup; Mr. W. Fox's red d. Tramp.

Vesta the Sovereigns. Second Sweepstakes of five sovs. each, Deciding Course for the Gold Cup.--for Puppies.-Sir J. Johnstone's blk. and Mr. Best's blk. b. Butlerfly beat Nir. wh. d. Vagrant, by Balloon, out of Violet, Lowther's blk, d. Pilgrim, and won the beat Mr. Best's wh, and red b. Milkmaid, Cup.



Deciding Course for First Sweepstakes Johnstone's Varna beat Mr. G. Bower's of five sovs. each, for Puppies.-Sir J. Brandsby ; Mr. S. Fox's Granby beat Sir Johnstone's blk. and wh. d. Bolivar beat J. Johnstone's Rosette ; Sir J. John. Mr. G. Bower's wh. and blk. b. Boba. stone's Larkspur beat Major Bower's Blue dilla, and won the Stakes.

Bonnet. Déciding Course for Sweepstakes of five sovs. euch, for All Ages.—Sir J. John.

THE WENSLEYDALE. stone's blk. p. d. Rokeby beat Mir. Bes f. d. Malek, and won the Stakes.

John Hutton, Esq. of Marske, and John Deciding Course for Third Sweep. Booth, Esq. of Killerby, Stewards. stakes of five sovs. each, for Dog Puppies. This Meeting took place on Thursday -Mr. Best's red and wh. d. Tartar beat

the 3d of November, on the grounds of the Mr. Swann's bl. d. Junius, and won the Right Hon. Lord Bolton, and the running Stakes.

for the Cup was decided as follows :Deciding Course for Second Sweep. For the Cup.--Mr. Chapman's Tramp stakes of five sovs. each, for Aged Dogs. beat Mr. C. Other's Rex; Mr. Pratt's ---Mr. Lowther's blk. b. Pinwire beat Matilda beat Alr. Willis's Fly ; Mr. Mr. S. Fox's red d. Tarquin, and won the Croft's Sam beat Master Powlett's Swal. Stakes.

low; Mr. T. Hutton's Blue beat Mr. Deciding Course for Third Sweep. Maclellan's Peter; Mr. Wray's Ban beat stakes of five sovs. cach, for Aged Dogs. Mr. J. B. Simpson's Nettle; Mr. Booth's Mr. Lowther's red d Valiant beat M Venus bea: Mr. J. T. Wray's Shanker ; S. Fox's red d. Tickler, and won the Mr. Foster's Smart beat Mr. Hutton's Stakes.

Chance ; Mr. W. W. Fisher's Rosabella Deciding Course for Second Sweep- beat Mr. T. Other's Venus. stakes of five sovs. each, for Puppies.SirJ. Johnstone's blk. and wh. d. Vagrant beat Mr. Wm. Fox's bl. and wh. d. Re.

Matilda beat Tramp cruit, and won the Stakes.'


Blue. Deciding Course for Fourth Sweep.


Venus. stakes of five sovs. each, for Aged Dogs.

Rosabella Smart,
-Mr. Best's red b. Harpy beat Mr. S.
Fox's wh. d. Twister, and won the

Sam beat Matilda.
Deciding Course for Third Sweep-

Rosabella agst Ban-undecided. stakes of five sovs. each, for Puppies.

Rosabella won the toss. Mr. George Bower's brin. b. Brunette beat Mr. Swann's bl. d. Midas, and won

Deciding Course.-Mr. W.W.Fisher's the Stakes.

Rosabella beat Mr. Croft's Sam, and won Deciding Course for Sweepstakes of the Cup. fire sovs. each, for All Aged.--Mr. Owing to the kindness of the Hon. T. Swann's blk. d. Slim beat Mr. Lowther's 0. Powlett, in having the woods beaten f. d. Venture, and won the Stakes. by his gamekeepers for some nights pre

Deciding Course for Fifth Sweep- vious to the meeting, the hares were plen. stakes of five sovs. each, for Aged Dogs. tiful on the coursing ground, but they did -Mr. Best's wh. and f. b. Margery beat not run quite se stoutly as has been noticed Mr. Fox's red and wh. d. Teazer, and on former occasions. In consequence of won the Stakes.

the great satisfaction which is given by First Sweepstakes of five sovs. each.- the Trier (Mr. Terry, of Leyburn) in his Mr. Lowther's blk. d. President beat Mr. decisions, and the excellent arrangements Swann's wh. and blk. d. Saxon; Mr. observed in beating the ground, the Club Best's red and wh. b. Tibby beat Sir J. gains many new Members yearly, and Johnstone's red d. Capsicum.

may now compete with any in the kingMr. Lowther and Mr. Best divided the dom in the number of its Members, and Stakes.

in their heartiness as supporters of the Second Sweepstakes of five sovs. each. long-tails. Mr. Swann's red and wh. d. Sailor beat Timothy Hutton, Esq. of Clifton Castle, Mr. Lowther's d. d. Virgil ; Mr. Best's and George Wray, Esq. of Cleasby, were red p. d. Champion beat Mr. George appointed Stewards for the next year. Bower's brin. b. p. Lisette.

Deciding Course for Second Sweep. stakes of five sovs. each. Mr. Swann's

THE AMESBURY. red and wh. d. Sailor beat Mr. Best's This Aleeting commenced on the 1st of red p. d. Champion, and won the Stakes. November, and terminated on the follow

Matches.--Mír. Swann's Maiden beat ing Thursday, after three days of good Mr. Best's Milkmaid; Mr. S. Fox's Rag- sport. The following was the result of man beat Mr. Lowther's Priam ; Sir J. the running :



For the Cup.-Mr. H. Fleetwood's Heathcote's Harebell ; Mr. Biggs's BeverFountain beat Mr. Biggs's Bluebird ; Mr. ley beat Mr. Hesketh Fleetwood's FaMoore's Marygold beat Mr. Tunno's Tu. lip; Capt. Wyndham’s Wasteful beat Mr. Heathcote's Handy ; Hon. H. Moreton's Mayhap beat Mr. Shard's Seraph ;

Mirth beat Adjutant.
Mr. Etwall's Europa beat Mr. Brouncker's

Beverley - Eurus.
Bill of Reform ; Mr. Agg's Actress agst
Mr. Lovell's Lavinja--undecided (the lat.

Deciding Course for the Tedworth

Stakes.-Beverley beat Mirth, and won ter drawn); Mr. Astley's Ajax beat Mr.

the Stakes. Astley's Aladdin ; Mr. Brouncker's Blossom beat Mr. Agg's Admiral.

Dyke Puppy Stakes.--Mr. Shard's

Sylph beat Mr. H. Fleetwood's Fugitive; FIRST TIES FOR THE CUP.

Dir. Heathcote's Heroine beat Mr. AstEuropa beat Ajax.

ley's Agnes ; Captain Wyndham's Wit. Nayhap Marygold.

tena beat Mr. Etwall's Emma; Mr. Blossom Wasteful.

Biggs's Batswing beat Mr. Heathcote's


Blossom beat Actress.

Wittena beat Batswing.
Europa Mayhap.

Sylph Heroine.
Deciding Course for the Cur.-Blos. Deciding Course for the Dyke Puppy
som beat Europa, and won the Cup; Stakes.-- Wittena beat Sylph, and won
Europa the Sovs.

the Stakes. Stonehenge Stakes of Three Sovs. each. For the First Class of Druid Stakes.-Mr. Biggs's Bird's-eye beat Mr. Shard's Mr. Etwall's Eudora beat Mr. Biggs's Spring; Mr. Etwall's Evenlegs beat Mr. Bittern; Mr. Brouncker's Broomstick Astley's Amelia ; Mr. Heathcote's Hart beat Mr. Heathcote's Hermagild. beat Mr. H. Fleetwood's Furlong; and

Deciding Course for the First Class of Mr. Brouncker's Bona beat Capt. Wynd- Druid Stakes.-Mr. Brouncker's Broom. ham's Wilful.

stick beat Mr. Etwall's Eudora, and won


For the Second Class of Druid Stakes. STAKES.

Captain Wyndham’s Wessex beat Bird's-eye beat Hart.

Mr. Heathcote's Halgow; Mr. Etwall's Bona

Evenlegs. Esprit beat Captain Wyndham's WiniDeciding Course for the Stonehenge

fred. Stakes. Bona beat Bird's-eye and won

Deciding Course for the Second Class the Stakes.

of Druid Stakes.-Captain Wyndham's

Wessex beat Mr. Etwall's Esprit, and Amesbury Puppy Stakes of Three

won the Stakes. Sovs. each (fourteen Subs.) -- Mr. Mo. rant's Mouse beat Mr. Heathcote's

The Figheldean Puppy Stakes.-Mr.

Brouncker's Bob beat Mr. Tunno's Tulip; Horsefly; Mr. Astley's Alva beat Capt.

Mr. Astley's Albion beat Mr. Etwall's Wyndham's Wildfire; Mr. Etwall's Evil

Energy ; Captain Wyndham's Wilful eye beat Mr. Tunno's Tidy ; Mr. Agg's beat Mr. Heathcote's 'Hassan ; Captain Autocrat beat Mr. Shard's Strike ; Mr.

Wyndham's Wildfire beat Mr. HeathH. Fleetwood's Fence beat Mr. Lovell's

cote's Hannibal. Leol-Cwrw; and Mr. Biggs's Bustard beat Mr. Brouncker's Bob.


Mouse beat Buzzard.

Wilful beat Bob.
Autocrat Fence.

Wildfire Albion.
Evil-eye agst Alva--(the latter drawn).

Deciding Course for the Figheldean

Puppy Stakes. -- Captain Wyndham's SECOND TIES.

Wilful beat Captain Wyndham's WildEvil-eye beat Autocrat.

fire, and won the Stakes. Mouse ran a bye.

Millston Stakes.-Captain Wyndham's Deciding Course for the Amesbury Brouncker's Bill of Reform beat Mr.

Wasteful beat Mr. Biggs's Bustard ; Mr. Stakes.-Evil-eye beat Mouse, and won

Heathcote's Horsefly. the Stakes. Tedworth Stakes. -Mr. Agg's Adju. Stakes.-Captain Wyndham's Wasteful

Deciding Course for the Millston tant beat Mr. Astley's Anna;

Hon. Mr. beat Mr. Brouncker's Bill of Reform, and Moreton's Mirth beat Capt. Wyndham's won the Stakes. Witchcraft ; Mr. Etwall's Eurus beat Mr. Wiltshire Stakes. - Captain Wynda

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