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HYMN 173. 78. M.

Meditations in the Night Season.
1 What though downy slumbers flee,

Strangers to my couch and me;
While with God's protection blest,
Cares and fears ne'er haunt my breast.

2 While the empress of the night

Scatters mild her silver light;
While the vivid planets stray
Various through their mystic way:

3 While the stars unnumbered roll

Round the ever-constant pole;
Far above these spangled skies,

soul to God shall rise.

4 Midst the silence of the night,

Mingling with those angels bright,
Whose harmonious voices raise
Ceaseless love and ceaseless praise ;

5 Midst the throng, his gentle ear

Shall my grateful accents hear :
From on high will he impart

Secret comfort to my heart;
6 Lifting all my thoughts above

On the wings of faith and love :
Blest alternative to me,
Thus to sleep, or wake, with thee !

HYMN 174. L. M.

Morning Hymn.
1 In sleep's serene oblivion laid,

I safely passed the silent night:
Again I see the breaking shade,
I drink again the morning light.

2 New-born, I bless the waking hour;

Once more, with awe, rejoice to be ; My conscious soul resumes her power, And springs, my guardian God! to thee.

3 O guide me through the various maze

My doubtful feet are doomed to tread; And spread thy shield's protecting blaze Where dangers press around my


4 A deeper shade will soon impend,

A deeper sleep my eyes oppress;
Yet then thy strength shall still defend,
Thy goodness still delight to bless.

5 That deeper shade shall break away,

That deeper sleep shall leave my eyes:
Thy light shall give eternal day;
Thy love, the rapture of the skies.

HYMN 175. L. M. Family Duties and Blessings.--Gen. xviii. 19. 1 Blest is the man who fears the Lord,

And walks by his unerring word;
Comfort and peace his days attend,
And God will ever prove his friend.

2 To him, who condescends to dwell

With saints in their obscurest cell,
Be our domestic altars raised,
And daily let his name be praised.

3 To him may each assembled house

Present their night and morning vows;
Their servants and their rising race
Be taught his precepts and his grace.

Then shall the charms of wedded love Still more delightful blessings prove; And parents' hearts shall overflow With joys that parents only know.

5 When nature droops, our aged eyes

Shall see our children's children rise;
Till pleased and thankful we remove,
And join the family above.

[blocks in formation]

Concluding Hymn of General Praise. 1 ONE

One general song of praise arise
To him whose goodness ceaseless flows;
Who dwells enthroned beyond the skies
And life, and breath, on all bestows.
Great source of intellect, thine ear

Benign receives our vows sincere;
Rise then, our active powers, your task fulfil,
And give to him your praise, responsive toour will.
2 Let all of good these bosoms fires,

To him, sole good, give praises due:
Let all the truth himself inspires,
Unite to sing him only true.
To him our every thought ascend,

To him our hopes, our wishes bend.
From earth's wide bounds let louder hymns

arise, And his own word convey the pious sacrifice. 3 In ardent adoration joined,

Obedient to thy holy will,
Let all our faculties combined,
Thy just desires, O God, fulfil.
From thee derived, eternal King,

To thee our noblest powers we bring :
O may thy hand direct our wandering way,
O bid thy light arise, and chase the clouds away.

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